Notes on WIC Contracts, Baby Formula Use, and Baby Formula Recall; Sharing the Economic Burden: Who Pays for WIC’s Infant Formula

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(Click to enlarge) “Figure A.2. Breastfeeding Initiation Rates for 7- to 11-Month-Old Infants, 2014-2020

This is about more than baby formula, as can be seen, below. This points to problems associated with the welfare state, which no one wants to talk about. It seems to combine the worst aspects of Soviet-like “communism” with the worst of monopoly capital. In this instance, it calls to mind Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”, which dealt with the meat-packing industry in 1906. Similar issues need discussion for medical care, such as apparent transfer of welfare costs to paying customers through both higher prices and taxation. They used to call this robbing Peter to pay Paul. It impacts the middle classes, who struggle to survive without welfare, as well as those eligible for welfare, but who don’t want to accept it.

Below is a mix of relevant information, so it is entitled “notes”…

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2 comments on “Notes on WIC Contracts, Baby Formula Use, and Baby Formula Recall; Sharing the Economic Burden: Who Pays for WIC’s Infant Formula

  1. Thanks for the reblogs! And, thanks for bringing everyone’s attention to the topic. WIC procurement is on a state level. I don’t know if the illegal migrant facilities are federal procurement. One of the cities with the greatest shortages was San Antonio, so they may have gotten it directly off of the shelves or diverted it. This entire topic warrants a lot of research. For instance, half of the baby formula is free through WIC. WIC is only for at-risk women and children and the way they define it is if you live well and are healthy, despite poverty, you have to pay for formula. But, if you smoke, drink, do drugs or over-eat you are eligible for WIC. While it’s true the babies of alcoholics are more at risk, it’s like subsidizing the alcohol and tobacco industries. If they are going to give free formula it should be for all poor people. There’s a lot here to make us mad. What makes me angry is why they won’t replace the food of Americans after disasters, unless they get WIC or food stamps-SNAP, anyway. A lot of Americans go hungry from power outages. Now SNAP has credit cards. The hearing is on the 25th of May (I think) so some interesting things may be learned.

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