DeLauro: 4+ Months Between Infant Formula Recall & When FDA First Learned of Potential Danger; Report Shows Falsification of Records, Untested Infant Formula, Hiding Information During 2019 FDA Audit at Abbott Facility; Babies Died

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Abbott Nutrition is the exclusive supplier for the majority of state WIC agencies, and this has a serious impact on families served by WIC – over 1.2 million infants served by WIC are limited to specific brands of “contract formula,” like Similac.” (US Congresswoman DeLauro)

Infants eligible for and receiving the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) are less likely to ever be breastfed (76.9%) than infants eligible, but not receiving WIC (83.3%), and infants ineligible for WIC (91.6%).” This is “ever” breast fed with the percentage dropping over time. In 2020, by three months only 1/3rd of WIC participants were breast feeding (32.6%), which dropped to 1/5th ( 22.1%) by 6 months.

Families are still eligible for WIC with earnings at 185% of the poverty level, which accounts for the high percentage of eligible families. WIC buys around half of…

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