Is the White House part of the infrastructure bill? Are the Interior Walls being Prepared for Demolition”

One of my followers asked about walls being installed around the White House, I knew they were temporary walls and discovered they are refurbishing the fountains, they worked on one this pass summer and now they’re working on the other one this winter. They have been doing extensive work on the streets surrounding the White House, they’re digging up the street and laying pipes, etc.

But… I’ve been wondering why Biden has been using a fake White House setting for his press briefings, so I did some digging to find out what else is going on. I found this interesting video…

This is not a wooden structure, the White House was totally gutted in 1953 during the Truman administration and a huge framework of large and strong skyscraper-type I-beams were erected on the inside from two basement levels below all the way to the top. This was extensively documented with black and white photography and an excellent book: “The Hidden White House” by Robert Klara.

This will take quite a bit of work to demolish. One iconic photograph is an inside shot of the gutted interior (no floors remaining, just a huge 85ft by 165 ft space) with a huge bulldozer on the ground floor. Yes, it’s true the exterior walls are the same as when it was first built, but they are only a facade. If it’s true that we are seeing explosions inside the White house, then they must be placed to cut through the steel beams just like any building demolition.

A New Record: Husband Completes Home Improvement Project In Only 83 Trips To Hardware Store

McCOOL JUNCTION, NE—The Guinness World Records confirmed on Monday that local man, Jeremy Humdrum, has set a new record for the least amount of trips by a husband to Home Depot for a single project.

Sources say the project was to replace three outlets in a kitchen. Humdrum had compiled a list of materials he would need, but every time he came back from Home Depot he found himself missing just one more crucial component. “One time I accidentally bought light switches instead of outlets,” he laughed. “But I pulled it off in the end!”

Friends and family of Jeremy gathered to watch as he ascended to “legendary” status before their eyes. The DIY project was completed 9 hours after it had begun and the house erupted in cheers and applause. Friends shook beer bottles and sprayed the contents all over Jeremy in celebration.

Jeremy’s wife, Tracy Humdrum, had a different view of the event. “I kept telling him that if he ordered ahead through the website he would only have to make one trip,” she said, rolling her eyes. “But he kept saying he had to be able to browse.”

Daryl Philman, an adjudicator for Guinness World Records, followed the handy husband around all day to verify the record. “I’ve been out on similar record-breaking attempts,” he said. “It was really hard to bite my tongue when Mr. Humdrum only bought panel covers instead of the full outlet, but my silence was the only way to maintain the integrity of the record.”

The kitchen now has three brand new GFCI outlets and thirty items that were never used. The adjudicator will be staying on for a couple of days to see if Jeremy can beat another world record: most time bragging about a DIY project in a 24 hour period.

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The History Of Photography

File:The giant camera.jpg

Description English: A very large camera designed by George R. Lawrence (1868-1938) and used to photograph a train of the Chicago & Alton railroad on the Chicago-St. Louis line for the 1900 Paris Exhibition. – After the French Consul General had inspected the camera and enormous glass plate, Lawrence was awarded the Grand Prize of the World for Photographic Excellence at the Paris Exposition of 1900 for his 8 x 4 1/2 foot photograph of the Alton Limited train, promoted as The Largest Photograph in the World of the Handsomest Train in the World.[1] Date 1900 Source Historic photo via Author George Raymond Lawrence