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Homeowner Shocked to Find Woodpeckers Stashes Over 700 Pounds of Acorns in Walls of His California Home

By Hailey Kanowsky

A homeowner called an exterminator after they found worms coming out of the wall and assumed there was a dead animal inside the walls. However, what the exterminator found shocked everyone.

Source: ABC7 News Bay Area/Youtube

Nick Castro from Nick’s Extreme Pest Control in Santa Rosa posted photos on the company’s Facebook page showing thousands of acorns pouring out of a hole in the wall of a home. The now-viral video all over social media shows Castro scooping out handfuls of nuts. He repeatedly scoops out more as the stockpile covers the entire floor.

“Bird was a bit of a hoarder,” Castro joked on social media.

In the end, the acorns fille dup eight garbage bags and weighed a total of 700 pounds. Castro told The Press Democrat that he was examining the home for mealworms. He estimated that the acorns were towering 20-25 feet high in the home’s chimney. He thinks that a pair of acorn woodpeckers were building the stockpile for at least two or three years at that point.

“The more acorns I pulled out from the wall, the more there were. It felt like it wasn’t going to end,” Castro told the newspaper.

The acorn collection has now gone viral on social media and people have some hilarious things to say about it.

“Omg these woodpeckers are more prepared for retirement than I am,” one person commented on Instagram.

“The woodpeckers: “I’ll never financially recover from this” another commented.

“Put it back.” another joked.

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Nice Mailman Delivers Joy Each Morning To Cat Who’s His Biggest Fan

“I’m very grateful for their friendship” ❤️

By Stephen MessengerPublished on 11/3/2022 at 3:58 PM

Along with the assortment of letters, bills and packages he typically drops off each day along his route, this particular postal worker delivers something far more warmly received.

He delivers joy to a handsome cat named Zeppelin.Marisa Jaffe

About a year ago, Zeppelin came to discover a recurring event at home. Every morning, around the same time, a man dressed in blue would arrive outside the front door and slip mail through the mail slot — papery playthings Zeppelin grew fond of pawing at.

The mailman, realizing Zeppelin had made a game of his daily deliveries, began making that moment all the more fun for him. And from there, an adorable friendship blossomed.Marisa Jaffe

“Zeppelin waits by the window, and when he sees the mailman coming down the street, he gets so excited and runs to the door!” Marisa Jaffe, Zeppelin’s owner, told The Dodo. “Highlight of his morning, for sure!”

Here’s video of Zeppelin and the mailman in action:

When the mailman arrives with his deliveries, artfully placed with Zeppelin in mind, the cat gets a big, happy boost.

“Zeppelin is as feisty and playful as he seems,” Jaffe said.Marisa Jaffe

For the mailman, it’s no doubt an amusing highlight of his morning also — bringing a little joy to a random cat on his route. Seeing them enjoy their sweet routine, Jaffe can’t help but feel joy as well.

“I’m very grateful for their friendship,” Jaffe said. “And because of it, now I have a friendship with the mailman, too.”

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Cat Meets Terrifying New Halloween Decoration And Falls Madly In Love

naked cat and halloween decoration

By Caitlin Jill AndersPublished on 10/13/2022 at 4:48 PM

“[It’s] like family now, so I’ll be keeping it around all year.”

Roswell is very social, especially for a cat, and absolutely loves making new friends. Recently he met someone who became his best friend almost instantly — and it definitely caught his family by surprise.

Roswell’s mom was out shopping when she spotted a skeleton cat Halloween decoration and decided to buy it. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she loves to decorate, and what better way to do it than with something that pays tribute to her feline friends. She took the cat home and was deciding where to put it, but thought it might be fun to show it to Roswell first to see how he would react to it.Lindsey Kuzmin

And just like that, a friendship was formed.

naked cat and halloween decoration

“He immediately ran right up to it and started sniffing it,” Lindsey Kuzmin, Roswell’s mom, told The Dodo. “Within a few minutes, he was licking it like he was trying to groom it and kept brushing up against it. I wasn’t expecting him to be quite so friendly with the skeleton cat right away, but he absolutely loves it.”Lindsey Kuzmin

naked cat and halloween decoration

Now, Roswell hangs out with his skeleton friend every day. His mom keeps it in her office, which is where he spends most of his time during the day, so it’s always near him, keeping him company.

naked cat and halloween decoration

“He’ll walk by it and brush up against it like he’s saying hi, and will sometimes give it kisses too,” Kuzmin said. Lindsey Kuzmin

The skeleton cat also joins Roswell when he goes for rides in his stroller, which is one of his favorite activities ever, and he loves having his new little buddy by his side.Lindsey Kuzmin

Roswell’s sister, Leela, was not as enamored with the skeleton cat when she first met it, but Roswell has helped her come around a little. After all, he wants all of his loved ones to get along.Lindsey Kuzmin

When Kuzmin bought the skeleton cat, she had no idea that it would become such a fixture in the house, and now, it’s so much more than just a Halloween decoration.

naked cat and halloween decoration

“The skeleton cat is like family now, so I’ll be keeping it around all year,” Kuzmin said.

You can follow Roswell on TikTok.

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Family Finds Dog ‘Frozen’ Among Their New Halloween Decorations

By Stephen MessengerPublished on 10/13/2022 at 4:28 PM

Meet Maverick— a big-hearted dog who loves making friends with people and pets alike.

“He is a super sweet dog. Super loving,” Lilly Ann Flores, Maverick’s owner, The Dodo.

However, when it comes to Halloween figurines, Maverick’s not taking any chances.Lilly Ann Flores

The other day, Maverick was at home with his family in Texas when he unexpectedly caught sight of some slightly eerie new arrivals out front — a creepy(-ish) collection of cardboard-cutout cats.

Turns out, the evening prior, Flores had decided to put the cats there as decorations for Halloween. It wasn’t meant to be particularly scary, of course, but Maverick apparently hadn’t gotten the message.

Upon spotting the cutout cats, Maverick froze like a statue:

“When I turned around, he was standing frozen like that,” Flores said. “I died laughing. I’ve never seen him do that before”

It’s impossible to say for certain exactly what was going through Maverick’s head at the time, but it does appear that he is actually “pointing” — an instinct some pups display when trying to alert their owners to something of interest.

In other words, Maverick was likely just making sure his family was aware of the creepy cat situation going on out front.Lilly Ann Flores

Fortunately, the cardboard cutouts posed no real threat. It’s just spooky season, that’s all.

“I think [the cats] just caught him off guard,” Flores said.

Regardless, Maverick’s family still has his back against scary things, real or imagined — just as he has theirs.

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