Sign Petition: A French Zoo Caused The Death of Four Wolves. It’s Time It Gets Shut Down For Good.

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Barbara Pompili, France’s Minister of the Ecological Transition


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In December of 2021, nine wolves tried to escape their small enclosures at Trois Vallées zoo. They didn’t pose any immediate threat to humans nearby, but simply destroyed safety hatches and climbed a fence. In fact, they never even left the zoo. But four were almost immediately shot dead for “dangerous behavior” by park workers. This is what happens when you run a zoo without animal welfare or safety concerns in mind — innocent animals end up dead.

Sign now to demand Barbara Pompili permanently shut down the Trois Vallées zoo!

This isn’t the first time Trois Vallées zoo has come under public scrutiny. In fact, just over a year ago, the zoo was ordered to close over animal, staff, and visitor safety concerns due to “security breaches,” but a court order allowed it to reopen. There is little evidence the zoo has taken any steps to improve the safety or wellbeing of the animals living at the zoo. Four dead wolves is the final straw. 

Following the incident, the zoo is temporarily closed, but supposed to reopen in less than a month, according to its social media page. Now is the time for the Minister of the Ecological Transition to step up and shut down this dangerous zoo — which repeatedly shows a lack of concern for animal life and wellbeing – for good. 

The blood of four dead wolves is on the hands of the zoo, and ultimately, Barbara Pompili if she does not act to stop this murderous institution from reopening. Sign now if you agree!


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‘The View’ Returns To Isolation As Whoopi Goldberg And Sunny Hostin Test Positive For Coronavirus

Amanda Harding

“The View” was back to filming in studio for a short time and had strict vaccination requirements for all staff. But those measures weren’t enough to keep everyone healthy. 

It was announced during the January 3 show that co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin both tested positive for COVID-19 over the holiday, which forced Goldberg to skip sitting on the panel completely. The rest of the women joined via teleconference rather than going back to the set. Joy Behar stepped in as moderator in Goldberg’s absence.

“Well, they say there’s no place like home for the holidays! And that’s exactly where we are today. So, happy New Year from all of our living rooms,” Behar quipped with a laugh. 

“As you can see, we’re back in boxes and doing the show remotely. Hopefully for just a week. I’m praying that it’s just a week, but you never know, because this Omicron thing is all over the place.”

Next, Behar explained why she had to step in for the normal moderator.

“Why am I here instead of Whoopi? Well, Whoopi unfortunately tested positive over the break,” the panelist continued. “But she’ll be back, probably next week. Since she’s vaxxed and boosted, her symptoms have been very mild. We’re being super cautious here at ‘The View,’ and we’ll be checking with her soon, so you’ll see Whoopi too.”

The other co-hosts went on to document their own experiences with COVID-19 over the holidays. Sunny Hostin said she tested positive right before Christmas and had to spend the holiday alone. “I was isolated alone, I FaceTimed with my family for Christmas and New Year’s,” Hostin shared. “It was extremely difficult.”

Ana Navarro, who lost her mother recently, told the audience how her father had to miss his scheduled visit because of testing positive. “Since losing my mom wasn’t enough, and having Christmas 10 days later wasn’t enough, my father tested positive for COVID and wasn’t able to come for Christmas or my birthday,” Navarro said.

She continued, “I got stuck with rentals and linens for 20 people and a catered meal for 20 people that’s been exploding out of my refrigerator,” Navarro said. “Here’s the good news: my father finally tested negative for COVID and was able to fly in New Year’s Day.”

These infections of the vaccinated come weeks after “The View” hosts shut down Jedidiah Bila for saying that anyone can get or transmit COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status.

Bila was discussing how she disagreed with vaccine mandates and then said that the existing COVID-19 vaccine “does not prevent you from getting COVID and does not prevent you from transmitting COVID.”

“Oh my goodness!” Behar exclaimed. “No, that’s not so. You’ve been at Fox TV too long,” which made the audience applaud. After the appearance, Bila posted a clip of CDC director Rochelle Walensky acknowledging that “breakthrough infections” of COVID-19 for fully vaccinated people are possible.

Due to weather the launch will be January 6th

Petition · Save the innocent street dogs of turkey ·

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Earlier this week, Turkish President Erdogan has ordered all innocent street dogs to be captured and thrown into government shelters, where they will be locked and starved to death! Since his order, the dog catchers all around the county has been busy capturing dogs illegally and taking them to their death cells!!!

Turkey is a holiday destination for millions of Europeans! Let’s raise our voice for the street dogs and tell Erdogan that we are refusing to ever holiday in Turkey again if the massacre doesn’t STOP NOW‼️‼️

Pls share this post and tweet/email Erdogan ,  asking him to stop the dog massacre now!!! Please help! 

Thousands of street dogs have already been captured in the last two days alone!!! We cannot just watch and stay silent

You can contact them here let them know we will not stand for this

First is contact for their gov and second two are yhe authorities who are capturing and killing these animals 

This treatment of animals is deplorable, it is not an acceptable way to deal with innocent street animals. The laws on animal rights there need attention. We can not as a nation let the country treat animals this way. By holidaying there and giving their gov money we are condoning their actions. We must take a stand and tell them NO! We do not allow this and we will not be visiting a place that does this to their animals.  

 They need tougher laws to deal with those who hurt animals so that less animals end up abandoned and abused on the street instead they send the worst abusers who they call the dog catchers onto the streets to capture, torture and abuse these animals.

This is not the way to deal with street aninal problems. This had to end. The poor animals suffering because of bad human behaviour.  They didn’t choose to live on the streets 

 We need our gov to stand up and tell them to stop. We will not support this and our nation will not visit till this slaughter ends  

Email and tweet them at

Thousands of Animals Dead After Being Shipped in Cardboard Boxes Without Food or Water Deserve Justice – Animal Petitions

Cameron Jenkins

Target: Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transportation, People’s Republic of China

Goal: Improve and enforce animal transportation regulations.

China has some of the most lax animal welfare laws in the world. This insufficiency in animal rights has recently led to the death of thousands of animals that were left to die at transportation depots. Five thousand animals were shipped from a breeding farm in China in cardboard boxes where they were left without food or water for over a week until they starved to death in their cardboard coffins. Only 200 animals were saved and sent to a local animal shelter. Transporting animals in this manner is illegal, yet there is no enforceable penalty for perpetrators.

Sign this petition to urge the Chinese authorities to implement new animal transportation regulations and make sure they are enforced.


Dear Minister Li Xiaopeng,

Nearly 5,000 animals were left to starve to death at a shipping depot in China. The perpetrators of such a heinous act of animal cruelty will go unpunished as regulations in your country do not adequately protect animals. This is shameful and must not be allowed to continue. In this most recent tragedy, the thousands of animals that died were stuffed in cardboard boxes and left without food or water for a week. This intentional neglect and willful abuse must end.

I urge you to improve your current regulations governing the transportation of animals and ensure stiff penalties are enforced.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Voyagers 2010