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Dolphins have evolved over millions of years, adapting perfectly to life in the ocean. They are intelligent, social and self-aware, exhibiting evidence of a highly developed emotional sense.

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Christine Gau

Christine Gau

Dolphin Project

To: Sponsors of Captive Dolphins Shows & Politicians
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I have taken the pledge NOT to buy a ticket to a dolphin show.

No Dolphin Parks.
No Swim With Dolphin Programs.
No Hotels and Lodges that feature captive dolphins on the property.
No Dolphin “Trainer For A Day” programs.
No Dolphin “Research” facilities that charge to interact with dolphins.
No Cruise lines that feature stops at Swim With Dolphin Parks.

Dolphins Don’t Belong in Captivity!

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We are also paying 5 million a day to contractors to NOT build the wall

Tarjeta Informativa Guardia Nacional


Guardia Nacional 2 minutes

The National Guard reports on the incident registered in the municipality of Pijijiapan, Chiapas.

Mexico City, November 4, 2021

The National Guard (GN) reports the following regarding the incident recorded in the municipality of Pijijiapan, Chiapas:

When they were in support of the activities carried out by the National Institute of Migration (INM), elements of the National Guard were attacked with stones and sticks in the Pijijiapan – Tonalá road section, by between 100 and 150 migrants, belonging to a group of more than 1,600 of different nationalities.

As a result of the attack, five national guards (four men and one woman), resulted with considerable injuries in different parts of the body, to whom the required hospital care is already provided.

It is important to specify that the elements of the institution never responded to the aggression.

The National Guard rejects all forms of violence as a means to achieve any personal or group objective, and reiterates its commitment to regulate its actions with strict adherence to human rights.


‘It’s a death trap’: ICE officers file OSHA complaint over illegal immigrant COVID-19 risks – Washington Times


Stephen Dinan 6 – 8 minutes

The labor union for ICE officers has filed two workplace safety complaints about the Biden administration’s handling of illegal immigrants and COVID-19 at the border, saying federal employees processing and releasing the migrants face conditions that amount to “a death trap.”

The complaints say many of the federal workers are contracting COVID-19.

A Texas processing facility designed to hold fewer than 1,000 people at times has topped 4,000 per day. Employees have been falling ill after spending time in close quarters with illegal immigrants, who generally aren’t tested for coronavirus infection, according to the complaints.

The ICE employees work in a space right next to the sick ward, separated only by plastic sheeting. The facilities aren’t sterilized after a COVID-19 diagnosis, the National ICE Council told the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

“Many ICE officers are testing positive for COVID, in addition to lung infections, viral infections, diarrhea, etc.” the complaint charges.

At the Anzalduas Port of Entry, officers share port-a-potties with migrants who have not yet been tested for infection, the second complaint says.

Filing the complaints with OSHA was an attempt to use the Biden administration’s regulatory machinery against itself. The ICE union hopes to force the government to follow some of the same standards in handling illegal immigrants that President Biden has attempted to impose on American workers and businesses.

“It’s an absolute act of desperation on our part,” Chris Crane, president of the council, told The Washington Times. “We’re just trying to save officers’ lives down there.”

The National ICE Council, the bargaining unit for thousands of ICE officers, said OSHA replied with a request for names of people at the facilities who could shed light on the situation.

OSHA confirmed it received the complaints and had open inspections at the Donna facility and the port of entry. The agency said it has six months to complete the inspection and no additional information will be available until afterward.

In late October, after the OSHA complaints were filed, ICE officers’ space was relocated inside the Donna facility. The officers no longer have to mingle with the busloads of migrants arriving.

Still, Mr. Crane said, the rest of the unsafe conditions are unresolved.

The presence of ICE officers at the two Texas locations is unusual. Border Patrol agents normally would handle all the duties at Donna, and Customs and Border Protection officers would work at the port. ICE would pick things up when custody has been transferred.

With migrants arriving in record numbers, however, the Homeland Security Department deployed ICE officers to help at CBP facilities.

The Donna facility was set up in February, early in a migrant surge that has plagued the Biden administration. The Border Patrol made about 98,000 arrests that month. It made more than 200,000 in July and more than 185,000 in September.

All of those arrests have to be processed through Border Patrol facilities, and roughly half are expelled back across the border under an emergency pandemic border shutdown order. The others are either caught and released or turned over to ICE or other federal agencies.

Homeland Security’s handling of migrants with COVID-19 risks has been controversial from the start.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ early claims that migrants were being tested turned out to be false. Facing criticism, the department reached agreements with local nonprofits and, in one case in Del Rio, Texas, signed a contract with a company to conduct testing.

That usually happens after Border Patrol processing and after government authorities determine whether to expel the migrants or allow them to stay in the U.S. — either in custody or in communities.

When migrants are turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE is supposed to be quarantining and testing.

If Border Patrol agents are catching and releasing the migrants at the border, the nonprofits do the testing. They also are supposed to handle quarantining, but they say they don’t have the power to enforce quarantines if migrants want to leave.

One of the new OSHA complaints asserts that migrants released from the Donna facility who test positive for COVID-19 are turned over to the local Catholic Charities chapter, which shelters them in a hotel for three days before releasing them.

Mr. Mayorkas told Congress this fall that 20% of migrants were ill.

Mr. Crane said the lack of precautions for federal employees at the border contrasts with the Biden administration’s moves to impose vaccine mandates on employees and contractors.

“It’s infuriating to us to see the lies from this administration in that vaccine executive order that they are using all these ‘science-based measures,’ is how they’re referred to, to save the lives of these federal employees, and down there [at Donna], science-based, common-sense-based protection is out the window,” he said.

“This is why they won’t let the media in there: because they don’t want the media to see how extremely inhumane this is to the aliens and to our employees. It’s a death trap,” he said.

Mr. Biden’s vaccine mandate applies to federal employees and contractors. 

Declaring that “our patience is wearing thin,” the president also ordered OSHA to come up with a mandated rule for corporations that employ more than 100 people. Those rules, revealed Thursday, offer employees a choice of either vaccination or weekly testing and mandatory masks.

The ICE Council isn’t the only union to object to the administration’s handling of operations.

The American Federation of Government Employees units that represent federal Bureau of Prisons workers nationally and in Miami filed a lawsuit arguing that the mandate violates their constitutional rights and short-cut procedural steps.

The ICE Council is also part of AFGE.

Their OSHA complaints say ICE has been made aware of the conditions its employees face.

The Times reached out to the agency for a response. It’s not clear how many ICE employees are fully vaccinated.

Before their relocation last month, ICE officers at the Donna facility were assigned to a workspace next to the sick ward with no negative pressure rooms or other ways to seal off the sick area’s ventilation.

Every 45 minutes, newly arrived migrants were marched through the ICE officers’ workspace, the complaint said.

In addition to COVID-19 risks, the two OSHA complaints cite water leaking under the walls and running over electrical conduits.


Biden’s Build Back Better Bill Bars Religious Schools From Using Infrastructure Funds To Renovate, Rebuild


Hank Berrien

The Build Back Better Act pushed by President Biden and his Democratic Party has a provision that bans religious schools from using infrastructure grants to improve their facilities.

In a section dealing with child care headed, “Facilities Grants,” the bill states:

From a portion of the quality child care amount, a State shall provide support, including through awarding facilities grants, for remodeling, renovation, or repair of a building or facility to the extent permitted under section 658F(b) of the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 9858).

Additional Uses:

For fiscal years 2022 through 2024, and in subsequent years with approval from the Secretary, a State may provide such facilities grants for construction, permanent improvement, or major renovation of a building or facility primarily used for providing child care services, in accordance with the following:

(AA) Federal interest provisions will not apply to the renovation or rebuilding of privately-owned family child care homes under this subclause.

(BB) Eligible child care providers may not use funds for buildings or facilities that are used primarily for sectarian instruction or religious worship.

“Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., offered an amendment to strike the provision called the Religious Freedom Amendment, but it failed during the Ways and Means Committee’s markup in September,” Fox News noted.

Kelly’s press secretary, Matt Knoedler, stated to Fox News, “The congressman was disappointed that Democrats wouldn’t grant such a simple request to help our children during previous negotiations. His Religious Freedom Amendment was an inclusive bill that would have given parents greater choice and allow them to pick a child care service that was best for them.”

Biden’s apparent hostility to religious organizations follows in the footsteps of his former boss, former President Barack Obama. As The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board recalled in January 2019:

One of the sorriest episodes of the Obama Presidency was the assault on the Little Sisters of the Poor for resisting ObamaCare’s contraception mandate. The sisters had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to protect their religious liberty. But anyone who thinks they are home-free underestimates the cultural imperialism of today’s American left. 

The Obama Administration tried to force the Catholic nuns and other religious groups to provide their employees with contraceptives, including abortifacients, in violation of their beliefs. In 2016 the Supreme Court removed the millions of dollars in fines the Obama Administration had threatened to impose on the nuns and kicked the issue back to the courts. The Trump Administration has since expanded the religious exemption to include the sisters and like-minded groups.

That should have been it. But progressives can’t abide that someone somewhere might not be following their cultural orders, so in December Democratic attorneys general in 13 states plus the District of Columbia sued to block the Trump exemption. On Sunday, the day before the rule was to take effect, federal Judge Haywood Gilliam of California issued an injunction to stop the exemption in the 13 states and D.C. On Monday federal Judge Wendy Beetlestone in Pennsylvania issued a nationwide injunction. … Most of this is blue-state political grandstanding designed to frustrate the Trump Administration until the next Democratic President comes to town. 

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