Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Printer – For Just $99

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Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Printer – For Just $99

As technology grows, we find ourselves now able to print 3D objects. Usually this is a complicated task and involves several math equations performed on a special software on a computer. However, researchers and engineers have created a new device that allows you to print 3D objects right from your smartphone. The best part is, it is completely affordable…Like only $99!

This device is compact and light weight; the entire printer weighs just under 2 pounds. This is achieved due to the fact the major hardware of the application is actually your smartphone.

The biggest key element of OLO is within the resin of the device that it utilizes to create prints. The company of OLO labels this as daylight resin, a brand new technology designed to react to the type of light that is being emitted by your smartphone touchscreen.

In order to use OLO, simply download their…

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Home | PETA Kids’ Cutest Vegan Kids Contest 2016

See the winners of PETA Kids’ 2016 Cutest Vegan Kids contest!

Source: Home | PETA Kids’ Cutest Vegan Kids Contest 2016

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Don’t Suspend Students for Protesting Fossil Fuels

Students protesting toxic fossil fuel investments may be punished with suspension at Columbia University. Tell the university not to punish students who are nonviolently fighting for their future.

Source: Don’t Suspend Students for Protesting Fossil Fuels

Don’t Let Timber Companies Burn Down Forests

Congress is ignoring scientific evidence that burning down forests produces massive amounts of carbon emissions and other pollution. Demand the government protect our climate and woodland habitats rather than intentionally destroying them.

Source: Don’t Let Timber Companies Burn Down Forests

Dolphin Escapes Captivity, Finds Her Family In The Wild And Has A Baby


In an unprecedented tale of survival and hope against all odds, a formerly captive dolphin named Sampal has given birth to a healthy calf after finding her own way back to her family and freedom in the open ocean.


Sampal’s story began in 2009, when she was accidentally netted by fishermen off the coast of South Korea. Rather than returning her back to the water, as the law dictates, those who caught her instead did the unthinkable — they sold her to a local marine park featuring dolphin shows.

It’s there that, for nearly four years, Sampal languished in a tiny pool where she was forced to perform tricks for entertainment. Though thoroughly robbed of any semblance of a natural life, she evidently never stopped longing for her life in the wild.


Fortunately, reprieve from her captivity came in 2013 when, at the behest of animal activists, a Korean high court ordered Sampal be set free. Along with other wild-caught dolphins held captive, she was moved to a sea pen to begin months of rehabilitation to ready her for release.

Sampal, however, had no interest in waiting. Months ahead of schedule, she slipped through a tear in the pen and disappeared into the ocean beyWikiped
Though there were concerns initially that Sampal was not yet reequipped with the skills needed to survive at sea, those were soon quelled. Just days after escaping, she was spotted 60 miles away, swimming with a pod believed to be her original family.

Sampal was finally home — but her story doesn’t end there.


Last month, a team from two Korean universities started seeing her again, only this time she was in the company of a calf.

“We have spotted Sampal and her baby swimming in a mother-calf position many times during the recent three weeks,” researcher Jang Soo-jin told the news agency Yonhap. “Strict criteria applied show that they are parent and child.”


This is believed to be the first time a dolphin freed from captivity has gone on to start a family in the wild, and it need not be the last.

While Sampal’s offspring will hopefully never know the sad life her mother had to endure, there are countless others like her in marine parks around the globe — all eager to overcome imprisonment to forge their own new legacies of freedom.

Petition · Tell the FCC to Unlock The Box! · Change.org



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Protect Vulnerable Parrots From International Trade

African grey parrots have been dying out due to the international bird trade, which remains largely unregulated and often operates illegally. Sign this petition to demand greater protection for this vulnerable species.

Source: Protect Vulnerable Parrots From International Trade

Stop Cattle Ranchers from Destroying Amazon Rainforest

Cattle ranchers want to convert a wide swath of rainforest into ranches that would decimate the environment. This would destroy the habitat for an extraordinary amount of wildlife and plant biodiversity and release 12.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. We must take action now to stop these destructive cattle ranches.

Source: Stop Cattle Ranchers from Destroying Amazon Rainforest

Justice for Goslings Shot With Pellet Rifle

One gosling was killed and another was injured when a man allegedly shot at them with an air rifle. Demand he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Source: Justice for Goslings Shot With Pellet Rifle

Stop the Slaughter of Thousands of Rhinos

Endangered rhinos are further threatened by a plan to legalize the trade in their horns. Don’t open the floodgates to more rhino poaching.

Source: Stop the Slaughter of Thousands of Rhinos

Petition · Alaska Governor: Stop Fracking the Kenai · Change.org