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Animal Shelter #charity Post: “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap” by Paulette Mahurin


logo-mainI’m currently collaborating with several great authors on a project in aid of the Santa Paula ‘No Kill’ Animal Rescue Center. 
While our project is getting off the ground, let me introduce you to Paulette Mahurin, who got us all on to this idea through her own generosity and kind nature. All profits from her bestseling and award winning book “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap”

go to help The Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center: SPARC:

Buy a book – save a life!

Buy a book – save a life! 

SPARC is the first and only no-kill animal shelter in Ventura County, CA.

In June 2011, Santa Paula became “host” to the first and only no kill animal shelter in the Ventura County, providing humane care and treatment for the stray and abandoned animals of the city as well as educational, spay/neuter, vaccination, licensing and other services. Pet over…

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31 Hilarious Photos Only Cat Owners Will Understand


Burn baby burn

Fight for Rhinos

I spoke to Chinese visitors who were astounded to see these mountains of ivory. After explaining where the tusks come from and the burn they agreed to pose with a tusk. It’s raw form is not beautiful or shiny; it is smelly, dirty and has hack marks on it. I explained why. At first she had no words. she just stared at the stacks. Then she called her friend and said, “I will tell Chinese people not to buy ivory”.

This was the experience of Paula Kahumbu, conservationist and CEO of Wildlife Direct, discussing Kenya’s upcoming ivory burn.

10000 dead elephants keny burn

The largest burn in history: 106 tonnes of ivory, 10,000 dead elephants (or to put in in perspective a 30 mile train of elephants trunk to tail) will be destroyed April 30th in Kenya

More than a “display”, the burn will transpire after a much larger event, the Giant’s Club Summit. African leaders…

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The story of a tusk … KG / VOI RIVER / 30/5/14

Mark Deeble

The Ivory Burn is about to happen and for days the internet has been full of pictures of the pyres being built, conservationists having their pictures taken with tusks, and heart-felt video pleas.

Despite the piles of tusks rising above the plains in some grotesque parody of a rural village, I’ve found it hard to contemplate the significance of what they mean in terms of individual lives. There are so many that it is overwhelming.

We’ve tried. We worked out that the number of tusks in the pyres represents a procession of elephants over 30 miles long, and while it creates a powerful mental image, it gets us no closer to the individuals.

Procession : Burn

I was looking through images of the piles of tusks, posted by Salisha Chandra, cofounder of KUAPO (Kenyans United Against Poaching), when one close-up caught my eye. What first drew my attention, was a spiral bound notebook…

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Nearly 50 Labradors Rescued From Puppy Mill With No Food Or Water

Petition update · More executions to be scheduled for next week! ·


Greg Abbott: Fire Carter Smith!
by Alan Warren · 3,091 supporters
Petition update
More executions to be scheduled for next week!
Alan Warren
San Antonio, TX

Apr 28, 2016 — Do you want to attend?

Carter Smith’s TPWD is planning on another round of unnecessary deer executions next week about 1 hour from San Antonio.

Would you like to join me at the ranch when the Death Squad arrives and the executions take place?

I hope so!

Be advised that these executions will sicken you and you will never be the same again. Never.

Want to see healthy deer killed, have their heads cut off like Isis Terrorists do to humans and see how they dispose of the deer bodies?

How will you react? Will you cry? Will you throw up? Will you plead to the Death Squad to NOT do the unthinkable?

Or will you sit back and do nothing and allow the Reign of Death from Carter Smith to continue to march through rural Texas?

It will be bloody and emotional for all (except for the Government appointed executioners).

For them? It’ll be business as usual. As they say… “It’s nothing personal. I’m just doing my job.”

This may be your only chance to show your disgust in person. There is strength in numbers and I’m hopeful we can get an Army of people that tell Carter Smith (and Governor Greg Abbott) that Enough is Enough!

Carter Smith MUST see that the rogue actions of his TPWD are unacceptable and they must stop now!

Carter Smith and Governor Abbott….You know that there is a LIVE TEST alternative to killing these animals! The deer did nothing wrong.

Your monstrous and inhumane acts must stop immediately!

If you want to see first hand, just how our “trusted State Agency” continues to kill healthy deer and relentlessly assault Texas landowners, please Post in the Comment section of this Petition and include your email address.

Once a date and time for next weeks executions is set, I will let you all know.

Thank you for caring and for standing up for what is right.

I await hearing from you.

Alan Warren


Carter Smith doesn’t think you are aware of what is going on
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