‘Why I don’t eat red meat or white fish’ ~Prince — Vegan Future

No member of the animal kingdom ever did a thing to me It’s why I don’t eat red meat or white fish Don’t give me no blue cheese We’re all members of the animal kingdom Leave your brothers and sisters in the sea – PRINCE –

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1 million endangered sea turtle hatchlings safely to the ocean. Celebrate !!

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


turtle earth day

This did arrive with us on 22/4 but it is only today, 23rd that we have published.  SAV.

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Dear Mark,

Today is Earth Day.  And since 71% of the Earth is covered in oceans, we consider this Oceans Day as well!

It’s a chance to celebrate all of the marine animals that we are working to protect.

And to say thank you. Your actions — and those of all of Turtle Island Restoration Network’s community members — are saving sea turtles, whales, dolphins and other ocean animals:

  • You have supported nesting beach protection projects in Texas, Nicaragua and Costa Rica that have returned more than 1 million endangered sea turtle hatchlings safely to the ocean.

  • More than 25,000 people so far have signed our petition calling for an end to the whale and dolphin-killing California Driftnet Fishery.  Legislation to phase out the fishery is currently…

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Saying Goodbye Can Be the Hardest Thing

Pure Love 💞 Heavenly 👼

My Good Time Stories

Abbey1 Photo Credit: Unknown

I recently came across an incredibly heartwarming story on USHumor.com (not a funny story), that will melt your heart and maybe bring a tear to your eye. There are millions of people who have pets. Their pets become like another person in their family. They go to stores, walks, car or truck rides, trips, and a host of other things together. Pets grow up with their owners and become an integral part of their masters lives.

For many people, when their pets die, it can be absolutely devastating. There are some people that I know (and I am 53 years old), that still claim to this day, that losing their pet was one of the hardest and saddest time in their lives.

Thus, today’s story and the sweet response that someone decided to do to help mend a broken heart…..

Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died…

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MOLD, The Silent Killer! Are You Sick With No Answers? Could This Be You? A Must See For Everyone! Includes videos.

Lyn Leahz

ATTENTION: I have supplied this information in order to help you figure out if this is your problem or not. This is in no way meant to diagnose you, for I am no doctor. I can only share information on what I’ve personally been through and what has happened to me.


Some links about mold exposure, symptoms, and treatment: BIO SIGN LABORATORY CORPORATION, CDC GOV Mold Web,MOLD SYNDROME WEB (Extensive! Very Good!), MOLD SICKNESS: THE TRUTH, MOLD ALLERGY, MOLD REMOVALCOMPANY (BTW, all mold is toxic to humans if in large quantities in your home; not just ‘toxic’ black mold!)

Your illness, if caused by mold,will worsen over the years if you ignore it and could be fatal. So it is important to rule this out.

Nine years ago I lived in a place that had mold. That’s when it all started. I felt sick…

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Earth Day: Burying Radioactive Waste and Dumping it into the Oceans

Mining Awareness +

April 22nd is Earth Day.
NASA, Image # : 68-HC-870, 12/24/1968 Earth-rise Christmas Eve 1968
NASA Earth-Rise Christmas Eve 1968
parting of waters 1493 Chronicles
Schedelsche Weltchronik or Nuremberg Chronicle Date 1493
While browsing on Google, the Earth Day web site kept forcibly opening. And, who is among the Earth Day sponsors? Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) located in Woods Hole Massachusetts: http://www.earthday.org/earth-day/earth-day-2016-partners/ Wikipedia tells us that Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) should not be confused with the nearby (and now infamous) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). And as late as 2002 the founder of WHRC, George Woodell, raised concerns about the impacts of nuclear war on the environment, http://whrc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/2002-04-TooSmallForWar.pdf , whereas WHOI appears to have been long been tied in with the military. However, the two have recently been joined together in a consortium: http://www.woodsholeconsortium.org/news/consortium.html They are also listed as a WHOI funder-partner.

We turn then to the now infamous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) with its tainted funding ties and home to nervous…

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petition: EARTH DAY ACTION: Tell Burger King to Stop Destroying Rainforests