Versatile Blogger Award, thanks marjma2014!

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Versatile Blogger Award

Blogger marjma2014 of the blog Kyrosmagica has been so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you so much for this generous gesture!

Here are the rules of this award:

• First of all, give the link and name of the blogger who nominated you, in your post.
• Secondly, tell 7 facts about yourself.
• Lastly, nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

Seven things about myself:

1. Where did most visits to my blog come from so far today?

United States FlagUnited States88
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom25
Australia FlagAustralia13
Germany FlagGermany10
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand6
Netherlands FlagNetherlands6
France FlagFrance4
India FlagIndia4
Japan FlagJapan3
Canada FlagCanada3
Italy FlagItaly2
Spain FlagSpain2
Belgium FlagBelgium2

2. Where did most visits to my blog come from this quarter?

Top Views by Country for 90 days ending 2015-05-03 (Summarized)

United States FlagUnited States39,292
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom5,964
Jamaica FlagJamaica1,890
Netherlands FlagNetherlands

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