Applaud Marisa Miller for Standing Up Against Sea World

Applaud Marisa Miller for Standing Up Against Sea World.

Feds agree to help diversify Outer Banks’ wild horses

Tuesday's Horse

Corolla wild horses. Google image. Corolla wild horses. Google image.

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WASHINGTON — As the summer tourist season approaches on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, there’s a growing hope among horse advocates that the iconic wild horses of Corolla can be saved from a fate of inbreeding and deformities.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Logo

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which considers the horses “nuisance animals” that compete with federally protected birds for habitat, has loosened its stance and is allowing the introduction of new horses into the threatened herd in order to bring in fresh genes.

“It’s almost too good to be true,” said Karen McCalpin, executive director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which protects the Spanish mustangs.

The horses have survived on a narrow barrier island in the northern edge of North Carolina’s Outer Banks for some 500 years, believed to be descendants of colonial mounts that…

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Scientists investigate effects of Fukushima radiation on Pacific Ocean animals


text ionisingUS university testing animals in Pacific for Fukushima radiation — Photos show bodies riddled with tumors, eyes bleeding, covered in lesions — Some are missing testicles, eyeballs — Skin disintegrating, peeling off, turning yellow — Mammals affected by diseases never seen in species (WARNING: Graphic Pics)

Colorado St. Univ.
, Apr 13, 2015 (emphasis added): CSU partners with Fukushima University to study radiation effects… Many CSU faculty and researchers are contributing to radiation research in Japan… including Thomas Johnson… professor of health physics, who is testing trace radiation samples in seal populations in thenorthern Pacific Ocean, where radiation from the Fukushima disaster was released.

Alaska Marine Science Symposium presentation, Raphaela Stimmelmayr (Dept. of Wildlife Management, North Slope Borough) & Gay Sheffield (Univ.of  Alaska – Fairbanks Marine Advisory Program), 2014:

Incidental Gross Necropsy Findings in Subsistence-Harvested Ice Seals and Walruses

• Reproductive system: adnexal cysts [uterus]…

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Up to 592 Trillion Bq of Plutonium equivalent involved in disaster at US nuclear dump


PuFlag-USAGov’t Analysis: Up to 592 Trillion Bq of Plutonium equivalent involved in disaster at US nuclear dump – Over 5,000 times amount in waste drum blamed for WIPP release — Official: “We thought for sure” there were multiple ruptured drums — “It actually was measured” in city many miles away (VIDEO)

DOE Town Hall in Los Alamos on WIPP Leak Findings (mp3), Apr 23, 2015 (emphasis added):

  • Question (at 1:43:15 in): So you’ve come up with an amount that you think was in the drum, and you’ve been able to forensically track that. The underground is pretty contaminated at this point, the walls are contaminated, the filters are contaminated — andit actually was measured in Carlsbad 30 miles away. So that’s a significant quantity of plutonium or other isotopes. How is that quantity matching with what is in the drum?
  • Ted Wyka, US Dept…

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Petition: Tell the U.S. Department of Energy: Stop the bias against renewable energy


Tell the U.S. Department of Energy: Stop the bias against renewable energy

63%   We’ve reached 47,466 of our goal of 75,000.

sign-thisSign the petition Tell the U.S. Department of Energy:

“The Energy Information Administration chronically overestimates the cost of renewables like solar and wind, while underestimating the cost of fossil fuels.. This constant bias hurts clean energy investment and development, which is vital to the U.S. economy and our effort to combat climate change. End the Annual Energy Outlook’s bias against renewable energy.”

You’ll receive periodic updates on offers and activism opportunities.

Every year, the U.S. Department of Energy releases the Annual Energy Outlook, an important report about the future of energy in America. It forms the basis of energy policy and investment for both the government and businesses by providing projections and cost estimates for various sources of energy.

But here’s the problem: This report chronically overestimates the…

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