Vegan Guide to Omega-3s | Vegan Food | Living | PETA

Vegan Guide to Omega-3s | Vegan Food | Living | PETA.

Eva Mendes’ New CIRCA Beauty Line: Fun, Affordable, and Cruelty-Free | Blog | PETA Latino

Eva Mendes’ New CIRCA Beauty Line: Fun, Affordable, and Cruelty-Free | Blog | PETA Latino.

California oil spill takes toll on marine mammals, birds (USA)

The ocean update

Oiled California sea lion Oiled California sea lion

May 27th, 2015. LOS ANGELES — More than two dozen marine mammals and nearly 40 birds, most of them pelicans, have been collected dead and alive from along California’s oil-fouled coastline near Santa Barbara in the week since a petroleum pipeline ruptured there, wildlife officials said yesterday (May 26).

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Hundreds of red crabs wash up on Tijuana beach (Mexico)

The ocean update

mass-stranding-red-crabsMay 26th, 2015 (John Carroll). TIJUANA –  A big stretch of Tijuana beach turned bright red today as hundreds of crustaceans washed up on the sand. The creatures are a kind of crab, better known as Langostino.

The scene Tuesday afternoon on Playas de Tijuana was surreal as hundreds of the small creatures dotted the sand, most of them dead. “I thought first of all it was like all that polluted water we have around here, especially in Tijuana, but then another theory they say is that they (were brought here) by the currents,” said one woman on the beach.

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Sergeant Shane & Julia

Untold Animal Stories

I’m going to let Sgt. Shane tell you about Julia. But first you should know that Sgt. Shane is not asking us to make the trip to Egypt to rescue her. He is insisting that he do it himself – he doesn’t want to put anyone in danger on his behalf.You should also know this: Sgt. Shane serves in the National Guard and was deployed to Egypt in 2012. He came home to Lexington, NC in 2013. And he’s been trying to adopt Julia ever since then — only to be stopped each time by the military bureaucracy. Not once, not ever has he given up hope of reuniting with her. Now, after two long years, he finally has the chance to save her. And you have the chance to help make it happen. We are coordinating the travel and rescue logistics for Sgt. Shane. It’s a complicated…

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Mediterranean Diet Tied to Lower Odds of Uterine Cancer

Vegan Diet Might Ease Diabetic Nerve Pain