NYPD officer critical after being shot in head in Queens; Most send prayers (and a ‘boo-hoo’); Update: Suspect in custody

Baltimore police officers ‘did nothing wrong’ with Freddie Gray, lawyer says

Ricky Gervais Blasts Trophy Hunters…..

Howling For Justice

Trophy hunting a giraffe_Random storydotorg

Ricky Gervais is having none of trophy hunters BS they like to throw around, to defend their indefensible behavior and blood lust by killing innocent animals for sport.

Keep it up Ricky, you have their number and the courage and platform to call them out. Trophy hunting is not a sport, its animal cruelty and should be banned worldwide.

“These psycho trophy hunters always have stuff about their family being everything to them on their profiles. Elephants love their family  too.”…..Ricky Gervais Tweet April 18th 2015


Ricky Gervais blasts trophy hunters trying to excuse ‘grim sport’ by saying they ‘provide a service’

Comedian has been embroiled in a debate over hunting
 Wednesday 22 April 2015

Ricky Gervais has condemned trophy hunters for “exploiting the needs of the poor” following a protracted debate over hunting sparked by the controversial activities of female huntress Rebecca Francis.

Francis had…

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Agenda 21, Rex — The works — Jade Helm Exposed – Special Ops Whistleblower Chip Tatum / Jade Helm and the American Massacre

$73m compensation deal from USA govt to New Mexico, over radiation leak


New Mexico radiation accident: $73m compensation deal struck over leak
Federal government pays for infrastructure as alternative to fine after mishandled radioactive waste including plutonium leaked from burst drum 
The US energy department is to fund $73m in road and other infrastructure projects in New Mexico as compensation for radiation leaks at a nuclear laboratory and underground dump.

The deal struck between the department and New Mexico forgoes fines and instead applies funds to upgrade federal nuclear facilities and surrounding communities in the state, according to settlement documents.

Projects include construction of a $5m emergency operations centre in Carlsbad, near where the nuclear waste dump leaked radiation in February 2014……http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/may/01/new-mexico-radiation-accident-73m-compensation-deal-struck-over-leak

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AGAIN: Snopes is a Disinformation Operation Website

a12iggymom's Blog



Do you ever ask yourself one question.. why does Snopes say many of the alternative media articles are false and tries to discredit them? I mean who is ‘Snopes’? and why do people base their judgement on a website that is run by a woman and a man that uses Google search engine to discredit article, and what gives them the authority to say what article are true and what articles are not? Well this article will open your eyes and see who is behind the Snope website!

For those of you that put your trust in Snopes… you are about to wake up !!

Many of the emails that have been sent or forwarded that had any anti Obama in it were negated by Snopes. I thought that was odd. Check this out.

Snopes, Soros and the Supreme Court’s Kagan. We-l-l-l-l now, I guess the time has come…

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Massive Military Convoy With More White Buses Seen In Indiana As White House Tries To Tamp Down Jade Helm 15 Martial Law Concerns

Are we seeing part of President Lucifer’s end game?

Australia: Killing To Start Tonight – Please Take Action for Kangaroos.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)




Kangaroos are the victims of the largest land-based wildlife massacre in the world. Every year the kangaroo industry kills millions of kangaroos for their meat and skins to make pet food, footwear and meat for human consumption. Their joeys are wrenched from their pouch and bashed to death, decapitated, shot or left to die as orphans from starvation, dehydration, stress or predation. Hundreds of thousands of joeys are dying this way every year in Australia due to the kangaroo industry.

Please send the​ plea

​ ​ aus kanga




ACT Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury

and Greens Leader Christine Milne,

Pleading for mercy for the Canberra Kangaroos and Joeys.

Shooting begins tonight in ACT Nature Parks.

Please share

this email with your friends​​.​

Thank you


Australian Society for Kangaroos

Ph:  0417354408


PO Box 524 Castlemaine Vic 3450


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Outspoken Law Officer Says Freddie Gray Charges Like ‘Duke Lacrosse Case All Over Again’

Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores

Law Professor: Baltimore Officers Were Overcharged, Charges Will Likely Be Dismissed

Nwo Report

“I think a prosecutor is going to have a hard time proving that the actions did in fact cause death.”

Law Professor: Baltimore Officers Were Overcharged, Charges Will Likely Be Dismissed

Source: Daily Caller | Chuck Ross |

Charges filed against the six Baltimore police officers for their involvement in the death of Freddie Grey will be dismissed, a George Washington University law professor predicted in an interview with The Daily Caller.

John Banzhaf, who teaches public interest law, says that the charges announced by Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby on Friday “go too far.”

“I think a prosecutor is going to have a hard time proving that the actions did in fact cause death, since they seem to have no theory as to how it occurred,” Banzhaf said in a phone interview.

Gray was arrested on April 12 after a foot chase with police. He was transported in a police van to a processing center, where he was found unresponsive…

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Fukushima PACIFIC GENOCIDE breaking news; Whales showing up dead along central CALIFORNIA COAST

UK: (London) – Victory! – 39 Rescued Circus Animals Returned to the Jungle

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


Congrats to Jan and the crew at ADI (London) for their excellent work – watch the video by clicking on the following link:


Contact us

UK / Europe
Animal Defenders International
Millbank Tower
Tel: +44 (0)20 7630 3340
Fax: +44 (0)20 7828 2179
Registered company number: 04741708

6100 Wilshire Boulevard, #1150
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel: +1 323-935-2234
Email: usa@ad-international.org

South America
Apartado Postal 359888 BOGOTÁ, Colombia.
Email: infolatam@ad-international.org


ADI UK –  http://www.ad-international.org/adi_uk/

ADI Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/AnimalDefenders

ADI International – http://www.ad-international.org/adi_home/

Victory! 39 Rescued Circus Animals Returned to the Jungle

In another victory for circus animals rescued in Peru, 39 of them are now free from their past lives and enjoying their new home in the Amazon rainforest.

The animals, including several native species of monkeys, coati mundis and kinkajous, were rescued byAnimal Defenders International (ADI) in partnership with…

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Charity Mews: Pets of the Homeless is a Cause for Paws

Kind-hearted girl saves calf’s life with life savings

Vegan Future

Be inspired to Go Vegan for the animals.

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Millennials don’t trust anyone

Stop Making Sense

Chris Cillizza reports for The Washington Post:

Of 10 major societal institutions, just two — the military and scientists — garnered majority support from millennials on the question of whom they trust to do the right thing most of the time. That’s according to new polling by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics of this most-written-and-talked-about generation, which encompasses those ranging in age from 18 to 29.

The lack of trust in longtime pillars of society among millennials is striking both for its depth and its breadth. No one is spared their side-eyed looks.

The media gets its worst — with 88 percent of millennials saying they only “sometimes” or “never” trust the press. Wall Street doesn’t fare much better, with 86 percent of millennials expressing distrust. Congress is at 82 percent. Three in four millennials (74 percent) sometimes or never trust the federal government to do the right thing, and two in three (63…

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Smartphone app from ACLU of California aims to preserve videos of police – LA Times


via Smartphone app from ACLU of California aims to preserve videos of police – LA Times.

dropped w (heavy)hen George Holliday recorded grainy footage of Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King outside his apartment in 1991, he sold the video to KTLA for $500 and watched it become a worldwide sensation. This year, a man used his cellphone to record a fatal LAPD shooting on skid row and uploaded the footage to Facebook, where it drew millions of viewers.

Now, in a sign of how amateur video has heightened scrutiny of police conduct, the American Civil Liberties Union has created an app for that.

The ACLU of California on Thursday unveiled a free smartphone app that allows users to send video of questionable police activity directly to the organization, protecting the recordings even if officers confiscate or try to tamper with the phones.

“We want to multiply the number of…

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JADE HELM 15: Psychological Warfare

WCS at 120: Then and Now, Conservation Action Takes a Movement

Emilio Cogliani

In 1907 the American Bison Society arranged for 15 bison donated by the New York Zoological Society (NYZS) to be shipped by railway from the Bronx Zoo to the Wichita National Forest and Game Preserve in Oklahoma to begin the work of restoring the Western Plains’ depleted bison population – reduced in the preceding half-century from well over 20 million to a mere 23 animals in the wild.

In the late 19th century, bison numbers in the American West plummeted from well over 20 million to a mere 23 animals in the wild. Photo by Jeff Burrell ©WCS.

The shipment was an extraordinary achievement – the start of what would become the first successful organized conservation effort to save a species from extinction. In the ensuing decades the wild bison population would rebound to close to 25,000, with another quarter million maintained as managed herds in every state in the…

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Fukushima disaster killing many birds

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called Singing Bird (Japanese Bush Warbler).

From Smithsonian.com in the USA:

Birds Are in a Tailspin Four Years After Fukushima

Like the proverbial canary in a coalmine, avian abundances may paint a grim picture of the effects of nuclear disasters on wildlife

The first time Tim Mousseau went to count birds in Fukushima, Japan, radiation levels in the regions he visited were as high as 1,000 times the normal background. It was July 2011, four months after the Tohoku earthquake and subsequent partial meltdown at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant, and the nation was still recovering from massive infrastructure damage. Still, when Mousseau and his research partner rented a car and drove up from Tokyo, they encountered little resistance on the road.

“I knew we had to get there and capture as best we could the early effects [of radioactive contamination] that nobody…

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