Is That Dog Fur on Your Canada Goose Jacket?

Emilio Cogliani

This morning, I was struck by the irony of a young woman walking a dog while wearing coyote fur on the collar of her Canada Goose jacket (yes, coyotes and domesticated dogs are part of the same Canis family). Although I let blissful ignorance prevail, I imagined a conversation.

Me: Cozy jacket, huh? Love the fur lining.
She: Thanks.
Me: What’s your dog’s name?
She: Fido.
Me: He’s really cute. He really adores you, huh?
She: I’m his momma.
Me: Think Fido knows your secret?
She: Not sure what you mean.
Me: (whispering) You know, the fur lining. Its almost like you’re wearing Fido around your neck. I don’t know Fido but I’m guessing he’d be hurt, maybe even a bit concerned.

I’m guessing the interaction might end there.

Canada Goose, on the other hand, is proud of this fact. Although they lather on the lipstick, the pig-ness lurking behind…

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