Walruses brutally slaughtered for “impotency cure” (Russia)

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Some carcasses of the walruses were taken away by villagers and eaten, it is understood. Picture : Andrey Gynon Some carcasses of the walruses were taken away by villagers and eaten, it is understood. Picture : Andrey Gynon

December 2nd, 2015. Carcasses of 19 beheaded mammals found on the coast of Beringia National Park – with their penile bones cut out.

The walruses were shot then beheaded, suggesting they were also killed for their tusks. The bulucums of the Pacific creatures had been extracted – penile bones which are used as an amulet to boost potency. Tusks can be used for carving. 

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Is That Dog Fur on Your Canada Goose Jacket?

Emilio Cogliani

This morning, I was struck by the irony of a young woman walking a dog while wearing coyote fur on the collar of her Canada Goose jacket (yes, coyotes and domesticated dogs are part of the same Canis family). Although I let blissful ignorance prevail, I imagined a conversation.

Me: Cozy jacket, huh? Love the fur lining.
She: Thanks.
Me: What’s your dog’s name?
She: Fido.
Me: He’s really cute. He really adores you, huh?
She: I’m his momma.
Me: Think Fido knows your secret?
She: Not sure what you mean.
Me: (whispering) You know, the fur lining. Its almost like you’re wearing Fido around your neck. I don’t know Fido but I’m guessing he’d be hurt, maybe even a bit concerned.

I’m guessing the interaction might end there.

Canada Goose, on the other hand, is proud of this fact. Although they lather on the lipstick, the pig-ness lurking behind…

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Another wolf killed in Utah

The Wolf Preservation Blog


Wednesday, December 02, 2015 2:27pm

“An 89-pound female gray wolf was killed in Utah last month in a strangulation snare intended for a coyote.

She was the second wolf killed in Utah in less than a year and the third in the southern Rockies.

The most recent killing occurred around Nov. 7 in northeastern Utah, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The previous wolf killed in Utah was shot on Dec. 28, 2014 by a hunter who claimed he thought it was a coyote. That wolf, nicknamed Echo, had been the first wolf documented at the Grand Canyon since the 1940s.

The third wolf was killed in Colorado on April 29 by a hunter making the same claim. All three wolves had migrated south from the Northern Rockies wolf population found in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

An analysis conducted by the Center for Biological Diversity…

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Three Easy Ways You Can Help Wildlife This Holiday Season

Emilio Cogliani

WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital treats nearly 4,000 ill, injured and orphaned wild animal patients from over 200 species every year. In our hospital, we see too many animals injured in avoidable ways, including animals admitted with injuries and issues resulting from the holidays.

Below are three easy ways you can keep the holidays safe for wildlife!

Feeding ducks. WildCare photo by Susan Miller1. Don’t Feed Holiday Treats to Wildlife

Although it may be tempting to share your carbohydrate-rich treats with the animals like ducks or other animals that enjoy them so much, you’re not helping the animals by feeding them.

Like human children offered candy instead of vegetables, birds that eat bread fill up on calories with no nutritional benefit. This leads to obesity (in birds too!), and poor nutrition that can cause potentially-fatal metabolic health problems.

Deer in the back yard. WildCare photo by Barbara Wong
Deer love corn and other treats, but like ducks, they will fill up on this poor-nutrition food and ignore the…

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Stop Animal Cruelty at Holiday Attraction

Animals are being exploited and suffering at a holiday attraction that is very popular with local children. Tigers are allegedly beaten during training and ponies are forced to walk for hours on end. Demand that the abuse stop and the animals be released to sanctuaries.

Source: Stop Animal Cruelty at Holiday Attraction

Cat Covered in Concrete and Left to Die Deserves Justice

A cat suffered and nearly died after being doused with concrete and left for dead. His fur had hardened to his body and his eyes could no longer open. Demand an investigation into this heinous attack.

Source: Cat Covered in Concrete and Left to Die Deserves Justice