What Is the Biggest Star in the Universe?

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(Joannie Dennis, CC BY 2.0)

Look up at the night sky and it is filled with stars. But only a microscopic fraction are visible to the naked eye. In fact, there are estimated to be 100 billion stars in 10,000 billion galaxies in the visible universe. This means that there are roughly 1024 stars out there.

These spectacular powerhouses come in an array of different colours and sizes – and many make our own Sun look like a mere pipsqueak. But which is the true giant of the heavens?

Well, we have to start by defining what we mean by giant? Is it the one with the largest radius, for example, or the greatest mass?

(Mike Durkin, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Galactic Bohemoths

The star with possibly the largest radius is currently UY Scuti a variable bright red supergiant in the constellation of Scutum. Located around 9,500 light years from Earth, and composed of hydrogen, helium and other…

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Is This The Dogs Stocking??


Please Take Action Nosey the Elephant Needs Your Help Now.

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox


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