Success: Woman Who Threw Dog Out of Car Convicted

A woman who threw her dog from a moving car will serve time in prison. Her dog sustained life-threatening injuries and nearly died. Praise the judge for his decision to grant justice for an innocent dog.

Source: Success: Woman Who Threw Dog Out of Car Convicted

Save Newly Discovered Parrot Species From Extinction

A rare species of parrot, once thought to be extinct, has been re-discovered in Australia. Demand that the government do everything in its power to protect these critically endangered birds.

Source: Save Newly Discovered Parrot Species From Extinction

Save Dolphins from Proposed Entertainment Complex

A proposed entertainment complex would take wild-caught dolphins and other marine life and confine them to small pools and tanks. Urge the city of Da Nang to reject the project and allow the animals to live freely.

Source: Save Dolphins from Proposed Entertainment Complex

Rescue Tiger Caged at Truck Stop

iTony the Siberian tiger has been locked in a cage at a roadside truck stop for 13 years. He has suffered physically and mentally and deserves a chance at a better life. Demand authorities rescue Tony the tiger.

Source: Rescue Tiger Caged at Truck Stop

Family Finds A Frozen Kitten, Then Brings Him Back To Life | The Dodo

Life or Lunch?

There’s no greater instrument for good than a caring heart — in fact, that’s what sets the stage for miracles. Just ask the Bingham family, and the little creature who’s alive today because of them.

The Binghams were gathered outside the family’s cabin in Utah on a white Thanksgiving morning, when they discovered a lifeless stray kitten who had gotten buriedbeneath the freshly fallen snow. Despite the fact that he appeared to be frozen, with no detectable heartbeat, the family rushed him inside to try to coax the kitty back to life.

What happened next is nothing short of amazing.

Incredibly, after being warmed by the fireplace and resuscitated with some gentle CPR, the kitten slowly but surely began to recover — an outcome the Binghams are calling a miracle.

They named the cat Lazarus.

We may never know what led little Lazarus to become abandoned and left…

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Domestic Violence & Pets

Making Waves 🌸utreach

Abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans. Nearly half of the victims who stay in violent households do so because they are afraid for their animals. Countless more never leave the home for this very reason. Companion animals like cats and dogs may be threatened or harmed; the vulnerability of other animals like horses may also make it difficult for victims to escape in emergencies. The “link” between violence against humans and animals is clear. But there are resources that can help.

🔗 Source: Animal Cruelty & Domestic Violence

🔗 Domestic Violence & Pets

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Petition update · Negotiating with the DA ·

Dog’s Reaction to Seeing Her Soldier Human Return From Afghanistan Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye! (VIDEO) | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

Military personnel go through an enormous amount of work, and sometimes trauma, to keep us safe. They put their lives on the line and go months at a time without seeing their loved ones. So when they finally do return, they definitely deserve a big welcome!

Gracie, the pup in this video, had the right idea when welcoming her hooman back from Afghanistan. When she sets eyes on her long-missed BFF, she absolutely explodes with happiness. The gravity of her reaction is enough to bring a tear to our eyes! We bet that she didn’t leave his side for at least a week after this video was shot!

An update in the video description confirms that Gracie and her family are all doing well. Gracie’s 12 now, but she’s still an amazing friend to this brave soldier. In honor of this sweet reunion, be sure to give…

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Feeling Nostalgic? Bring Back Classic Games in Windows 10

Funny and Interesting Stuff People Have Sent Me

(So nobody actually sent me this – I went looking.  If you’re on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 and are missing the old classic games as last seen on Windows 7 – Solitaire and the rest – here’s how you can get them back.  Ed.)

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What’s wrong with Palm Oil?

The Freddie Gray Case, Update 26.2: Reversible Error?

Stately McDaniel Manor

A common police transport van configuration. credit: A common police transport van configuration.

The first week of the trial of Officer William Porter ended without the prosecution making any obvious headway. In cases such as this, what is often most interesting and important is not what is said, but what goes unsaid, and so it is thus far in this case. The SMM Freddie Gray archive can be found here. 

As I said in Update 26, it’s important to remember that I have no direct information sources, and am relying on the media, primarily The Baltimore Sun, for information about the case. As a purveyor of The Narrative, it is remarkable that The Sun’s coverage has been as negative toward the prosecution as it has, however, there is probably no real way around reporting reality in this case. If The Sun tried, there would be little to report, so weak is the prosecution’s…

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North America’s West Coast getting record levels of Fukushima radiation


Fukushima toiletRecord levels of Fukushima radiation detected off West Coast — Massive plume stretches for more than 1,000 miles — Reuters: Contamination is spreading off U.S. shores — Radioactive cesium reaches 11 Bq/m3 at multiple locations

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Dec 3, 2015 (emphasis added): Higher levels of Fukushima cesium detected offshore — Scientists monitoring the spread of radiation in the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear accident report finding an increased number of sites off the US West Coast showing signs of contamination from Fukushima. This includes thehighest detected level to date from a sample collected about 1,600 miles west of San Francisco. The level of radioactive cesium isotopes in the sample, 11 Becquerel’s per cubic meter… is 50 percent higher than other samples collected along the West Coast so far… Working with Japanese colleagues, [Ken Buesseler, a WHOI marine radiochemist] also continues to independently monitor the 

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