Why Solar Power is Useless in Winter

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Paul Homewood




Today, when there has been very little wind power, how much has solar power provided?




Just let that soak in.

In total we use about 840 GWh a day at this time of year. So solar has contributed less than 1% of our power, and little at the times of peak demand in early morning and evening.

Solar capacity is not 14 GW, which means that today all of the solar farms up and down the country have worked at just 1.6% of their capacity.

A chocolate teapot would be more useful.



November 29, 2022 at 12:39PM

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2 comments on “Why Solar Power is Useless in Winter

  1. It really depends on the location, as well as season. Most of the UK really has an energy problem, which is why they really don’t need more immigrants. They are very far north and overcast. They need a smart mix of wind, mini-hydro, kitchen waste/biofuel, and whatever else. They can’t use just one source of energy. Most of that region, though, is very windy. One Scottish town bought a wind turbine as their economic development plan — they sell the energy. Some places are sunny, even in the winter. It also varies from year to year. I once spent a lot of time arguing about if one place was more or less sunny than the other. It turns out that I had lived in the location a sunny, cold winter, but there were also overcast, warmer winters. As long as the poorer countries refuse contraception and we keep letting them send us their surplus population, even trying to save the environment is a lost cause. If they stayed at home, near the equator, they wouldn’t need as much energy and could use solar panels or hydro. Instead they come to where they need heat.

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    • Same in parts of PA and Northern East Coast. In all the years that I’ve lived here, the weather seems to be the same as it always been, I remember when I was a kid,we went to visit relatives in Connecticut in July 1962, when we drove into Hershey it was 90° and we had 4″ of snow dripping off of our car , we came through Chocolate Ave with our windows open, you should have seen the tourist in their shorts, stopping dead in their tracks and pointing at our car. 😄🤣😄

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