Sign Petition: Spay and Neuter Surgeries Aren’t Affordable. States Should Help Cover the Cost.

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: U.S. State Governments

Every year, millions of healthy cats and dogs are euthanized in the United States. Animal shelters and rescues are overcrowded and there simply aren’t enough adoption opportunities. While there are plenty of amazing nonprofits and programs dedicated to tackling this problem, it’s affecting families with pets, too. The cost of spay and neuter surgeries for cats and dogs varies, but it can run between $50–$500 – a cost that cuts many families and their pets off from this vital care! Some states have implemented successful programs that help cut the cost of spay and neuter surgeries, but not every state provides this kind of access.

Sign the petition to urge all U.S. states to create affordable spay and neuter programs!

There are a few ways to make spay and neuter programs more affordable. Some states – like Vermont – have incentive programs funded through a small pet registration fee. Other states – like New Mexico – have passed a law that charges large pet food manufacturer’s a fee upon product registration, then reallocates that funding to spay and neuter programs. 

The states that have implemented the law have all seen life-saving success – with euthanasia rates dropping drastically. It’s clear from the success and affordability of these programs that implementing an affordable spay and neuter program works. If spay and neuter surgeries become more affordable, it will allow more pets to stay with their families, and could save countless pets from spending their lives in shelters!

Sign the petition to urge all U.S. states to pass affordable spay and neuter programs to save millions of cats and dogs!

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SIGN: Shut Down Dog Gas Chamber in Wyoming Animal Shelter

SIGN: Shut Down Dog Gas Chamber in Wyoming Animal Shelter

Image via Adobe Stock.

Lady Freethinker

PETITION TARGET: Green River Mayor Pete Rust

UPDATE (9/27/2022): Shelter animals are still being gassed to death despite a local city’s announcement, in January, that they’d replace an inhumane gas chamber with a more humane injection option, according to Sweetwater Now news.

Members of Wyoming Against Gas Chambers demanded answers about the transition’s progress during a Green River City Council meeting and were informed by Police Chief Tom Jarvie that the city had consulted veterinary experts, received recommendations for alternatives, ordered equipment and an “injector,” and were upgrading a room in the shelter for injected euthanasia.

Meanwhile, the shelter is continuing to kill animals via gassing, according to the news reports. We will keep watching this case to make sure the changes are implemented.–Lady Freethinker Staff


The horrors for an unsuspecting dog forced into a gas chamber start with the loud and frightening noise of deadly gas.  Then come muscle spasms, as coordination fails. Convulsions are common during the excruciating and painfully prolonged process that follows — with studies recording heartbeats for up to 20 minutes after animals are exposed to carbon monoxide.

Death by gas chamber has been deemed so inhumane that the cruel practice is only legally allowed in animal shelters in four states — and most of those states have no existing chambers, although the laws are still in the books.

But Green River Animal Control, in Wyoming, is still operating a brutal carbon monoxide gas chamberand it is high time they replace this cruel killing machine.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause significant distress to animals, cannot be relied on to deliver a rapid or even certain death, poses significant physical health risks for shelter staff, and is a more expensive method than euthanasia by injection (EBI).

Sign our petition urging Green River Mayor Pete Rust and the City Council to outlaw the use of any cruel gas chambers within his jurisdiction and to transition to humane methods for euthanizing animals.

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Protect Rescue Animals From Alleged Neglect at Shelter – ForceChange

Tiffany White

Target: Michelle Cooley, Founder and President of Kaaawa K9 Rescue

Goal: Ensure health and safety of rescue animals at seemingly neglectful facility.

Five dogs allegedly had to be rescued from a rescue facility in Hawaii. The Hawaii Humane Society took custody of the dogs from Kaaawa K9 Rescue after abuse allegations were made online and to local authorities about the organization. The accusations stated that animals were in poor health and possibly being neglected.

The owner of the organization claims the issues are due to a landlord dispute and a recent alleged arson on the property. While the local humane society found no outright evidence of abuse, the fact that they felt compelled to remove nearly half a dozen animals from a property charged with the care of these animals is disturbing. Even the owner herself reportedly admits difficulty in keeping up with care of these animals.

Sign the petition below to urge closure of an aid facility that has seemingly become a danger itself.


Dear Ms. Cooley,

No matter the source of your recent troubles with Kaaawa K9 Rescue, you have reportedly admitted that these issues are impeding your ability to care for at-risk animals. The mission of a rescue organization should always put the vulnerable living beings under its care first. Please honor this mission.

Close Kaawa until this organization can live up to its billing.


Photo Credit: Helena Lopes

Don’t Steal Healthy and Safe Animals for Display in Zoos – ForceChange

Carey Jameson

Target: Kevin Shea, Administrator, U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

Goal: Demand zoos use only rescued animals for human display.

Zoos can be a wonderful place to visit. They give us exposure to animals we may never see otherwise in real life. Through these experiences, people can learn more about all the creatures found on the planet and their habits and connections to one another. Zoos also offer opportunities for animals who are endangered or injured and will not survive in the wild. Not only does this give us a chance to fulfill curiosity about other creatures, it gives those animals a second chance at life.

Unfortunately, zoos do not operate so altruistically. Out of the estimated 800,000 animals in zoos, those that are bred in captivity also end up behind bars with generations after them never getting to run free. While it is understandable zoos have an invested interest in staying stocked with animals, they should not lose sight of their goal to operate in the best interest of wildlife under their supervision. Using all or mostly animals rescued from unsafe circumstances is the best way to improve zoo operations.

Rescued animals can include those that are injured or healthy animals close to extinction. Injured animals who may die in the wild can live safely in captivity given they have care sympathetic to the adjustment from their natural habitat. Those facing extinction can be protected, too, chiefly in the event any safely bred in zoos are correctly reintroduced to the wild. According to PETA, animals facing extinction only make up 18% of those in zoos, evidence there is much work to be done to make these establishments a place to sustain species the world may lose otherwise.

Sign the petition below to urge Administrator Shea towards an understanding for how important it is for zoos to be about animal conservation, not just human recreation.


Dear Administrator Shea,

Every year, animal welfare is more important to people than in previous generations. U.S. zoos have always operated on a platform revolving around conservation, though not much has been done to improve animal welfare efforts at a reasonable pace. Their cages are stocked with wildlife that may not need human help whether from injury or endangerment. Those who do face extinction are bred more for entertainment rather than their survival. This is where APHIS needs to step in.

Because zoos will always be popular for children and interested adults alike, they still can survive with a shift in business model. Plenty of animals with permanent injury can be sourced from the wild and nurtured in captivity given fair and understanding care. In addition, with more animals facing endangerment and extinction every day, zoos have a fabulous chance to not only facilitate the survival of these poor creatures, but maintain a population for people to enjoy and learn about. Remember, zoos are first and foremost for the animals.

We urge you to reevaluate the guidelines governing zoos and to enforce a more animal-centric approach to their operation.


Photo credit: Andrew King

Stop Whipping and Abusing Horses for Carriage Rides – ForceChange

Sydney Shaffer

Target: Mamata BanerjeeChief Minister of West Bengal

Goal: Put an end to horse-drawn carriages.

Horses being used for horse-drawn carriages in India are suffering. They are forced to pull heavy carriages full of people, even when physically wounded, sick, and hungry. Some horses are whipped as well. These animals pull the carriages in extremely hot weather and have also been seen standing in their own waste. The carriage rides are usually long, which causes exhaustion for the horses and means they go a long time without food and water. PETA India is demanding the end to these cruel conditions.

An investigation found cruel conditions for the horses. Many of them had injuries which could be from being struck by cars, likely while navigating through heavy traffic. It was discovered that they are left to find their own food, and some are abandoned after they can no longer work. They receive no veterinary treatment, leading to painful deaths. They went far too long without food, leaving them extremely thin.

Sign below and demand that horse drawn carriages be banned in India and the horses given proper treatment and care.


Dear Mamata Banerjee,

You must put a stop to the tourist attraction of horse-drawn carriages. The horses being used for this are put through harmful conditions like lack of food and water. This leads to exhaustion and can even lead to their deaths. They are not receiving proper medical treatment and are being forced to work.

Horses do not deserve to work in these harmful conditions. We demand alongside PETA India that the cruel conditions these horses are suffering from the carriage rides are stopped.


Photo Credit: Jim & Robin Kunze

Sign Petition: A Tragic Fire Burned Down This Dog Meat Trade Rescue Facility!

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: South Korean Government


65,000 GOAL

An important dog rescue organization in South Korea has suffered a devastating loss. This August, a terrible fire broke out at Jindo Love Rescue, which saves dogs from the country’s dog meat trade. The fire tragically killed thirteen dogs, with many others wounded and missing. Now the organization has 60 dogs in their care who need shelter, food, medical attention and love. On top of that, the entire rescue center needs to be rebuilt. We must support Jindo Love Rescue and help the amazing organization get back on its feet!

Sign now to demand the South Korean government provide funding to help rebuild this foster center and help dogs affected by the fire!

The cause of the fire is unknown, but the impacts have been devastating. There are dozens of dogs who need immediate veterinary care and attention, and the entire building has been destroyed.

The South Korean government — including President Yoon Suk-yeol — have been promising to move forward with ending dog meat consumption in the country for years. There is even a 2018 law on the books that technically makes the slaughter of dogs and cats illegal, t but every year, many dogs are still slaughtered. And one of the crucial ways South Korea must step up and protect the innocent dogs who are horrifically killed in the practice is by supporting organizations like Jindo Love Rescue, who care for dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade.

In the past 5 years alone, Jindo Love Rescue has teamed up with In Defense of Animals to save over 700 dogs from the meat trade and place them in forever homes. Clearly this amazing organization needs all the support it can get after such a tragic event. If you want to donate and support the rebuilding and immediate veterinary efforts, you can do so by clicking here. Make sure to also sign the petition now to tell the South Korean government: step up and support Jindo Love Rescue now! We must protect dogs and protect the vital organizations that shelter and care for them!

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