SIGN PETITION: Justice For Dog Found Skinned & Mutilated Near Idaho Murders

Buddy (Photo Credit: Pam Colbert/Facebook)

PETITION TARGET: Moscow Police Chief James Fry 

Lex Talamo

A sweet senior dog was killed and skinned outside of a family home, and his bloody and mostly hairless corpse left for his distraught guardian, just three miles away from where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death, according to news reports.

Buddy, a 12-year-old mini Australian Shepherd, was let out into the yard surrounding his 10-acre home in a peaceful community in Moscow, Idaho, in October. His guardians, Pam and Jim Colbert, said the intelligent dog never left their property – but that night he never returned.

A neighbor later found the dog, raised a community alarm, and alerted the Colberts that someone had skinned Buddy – leaving fur only on his face and his legs.

“They cut him around the neck and just skinned him,” Pam Colbert told the Daily Mail. “The other side of him was as though they had filleted him like they were about to eat him.”

The bereaved couple found Buddy’s collar, but not his stolen skin. Jim Colbert also discovered the corpse of a rabbit nearby whose head had been cut open and brain exposed.

Moscow Police have determined that Buddy’s killer was human. While the department hasn’t definitively linked the dog’s death to the students’ stabbings 23 days later, the community is living in fear, according to news reports.

This heinous act of fatal animal cruelty must be taken seriously. Numerous studies have linked cruelty against animals to future cruelty against humans. 

This sweet dog did not deserve such a torturous death, and a thorough investigation into the killing may lead to information that could relate to the University of Idaho murders; or, it could allow police to apprehend a separate individual who may cause additional harm to other innocent animals or people.

Sign our petition urging the Moscow Police to use all available resources to identify Buddy’s killer and hold the individual(s) accountable for this act of serious and intentional violence. 

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Nearly All Skincare Labeled “Natural” Contains Allergens, say dermatologists

Chemical Free Life

We have published pieces in the past warning consumers about the unregulated use of the term “natural” on packaging by manufacturers of food and personal care products. We have published similar warnings about the plethora of ingredients in so-called “natural” skincare products that have led to an increase in consumer allergic reactions. Now, a team of dermatologists have examined the ingredient lists of 1,651 products on the U.S. market, including lotions, soaps and moisturizers, and revealed that the vast majority of skincare products labeled “natural” contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. More specifically, nearly 90 percent of the personal skin care products studied contained at least one of the top 100 most common allergens known to cause contact dermatitis*.

Study overview

Researchers examined product ingredient lists from the websites of three US retailers and checked them against the American Contact Dermatitis Society online database that lists…

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Petition: Stop Torturing, Asphyxiating and Decapitating Animals for Cosmetic Products – ForceChange

Photo Credit: Understanding Animal Research

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Victoria Paige

Goal: Prohibit the sale of animal-tested cosmetic products and help save hundreds of thousands of animals from unethical, unnecessary laboratory procedures.

Despite majority public opposition, the use of animals in cosmetic testing is still widely legal in parts of the U.S. Cosmetic tests typically involve exposing animals—mostly mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs—to irritation tests, where animals have potentially toxic chemicals rubbed on their shaven skin and dripped into their eyes. Other common procedures include force-feeding ingredients to animals to determine the long-term effects, or injecting them with chemicals to observe the bodily response. These sentient creatures suffer tremendously throughout the testing process, and once they are no longer of use are brutally killed by means of asphyxiation, neck-breaking or decapitation.

Not only is cosmetic testing cruel, but it is entirely unnecessary. We already know of thousands upon thousands of safe ingredients that can be mixed and morphed into millions of new and improved formulas. Plus, due to advancements in technology, tons of other viable alternatives to direct animal testing now exist. The Humane Cosmetics Act of 2021 was introduced to the House as a way of limiting cosmetic animal testing in the U.S. While many other countries, including Israel, India, and the European Union have all banned the sale of any cosmetics that have been tested on animals, these products and ingredients are still entirely available at mainstream stores and sites throughout America.

The U.S. is lagging behind so many other nations in our treatment of animals. Demand an end to the sale of animal-tested cosmetics.


Dear Representative Pelosi,

The continued use of animals in cosmetic testing throughout the U.S. is rather appalling. Animals—including mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs—are force-fed substances, injected with toxins, and have potentially lethal chemicals dripped into their sensitive eyes. In the face of equally successful alternative methods of testing, cosmetic animal-testing is antiquated and unnecessary. Not to mention there are already hundreds of thousands of ingredients we know to be safe for human use.

The Humane Cosmetics Act of 2021 was recently introduced to the House in hopes that the U.S. would follow the lead of many other countries—such as Israel, India, and the European Union—in banning the sale and distribution of animal-tested cosmetic products. We are asking you, Speaker Pelosi, to support this act and help reduce the number of animals used in cosmetic testing. No being should suffer for our physical preferences.


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Reckless Antibiotic Use in Beef Sold by Fast Food Giants, Grocery Chains, Walmart

Chemical Free Life

A new investigation has revealed that suppliers of beef to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Kroger grocery chains and Walmart are sourcing meat from US factory farms that use antibiotics linked to the spread of dangerous superbugs. More specifically, unpublished US government records obtained by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Guardian show factory farms producing beef for meat packing firms Cargill, JBS, and Green Bay are risking public health by still using antibiotics classed as the “highest priority critically important” to human health (HP-CIAs)*. A warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that such drugs are so essential to human medicine and that their use in livestock farming should be stopped. The HP-CIA drugs are often the last line or one of limited treatments available for serious bacterial infections in humans. The overuse of such antibiotics means they can become less effective.

“Antibiotic resistance is one…

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Alarming Manatee Deaths Prompt Calls for Endangered Status


The deaths of almost 2,000 manatees in Florida’s coastal and inland waterways over the last two years has provoked an alliance of environmental groups to demand an urgent reclassification of the species to officially endangered.

The advocates, led by the non-profit Center for Biological Diversity, insist the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) made a critical error in 2017 by prematurely downgrading the status of the giant aquatic mammals from endangered to merely threatened*.

The alliance, which includes Harvard Law School’s animal law and policy clinic, the Save the Manatee Club and Miami Waterkeeper, has petitioned the interior secretary, Deb Haaland, and FWS director, Martha Williams, for the change. (source)


“With Florida’s manatees dying by the hundreds, it’s painfully clear that the 2017 federal decision to down-list the species was scientifically baseless.

“The Fish and Wildlife Service now has the opportunity to correct its mistake and protect…

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