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Sugar Recalled in Ohio, Kentucky, for Containing Metal Wire

Monday, November 7, 2022

Jeremy Newman

Ohio – Domino and C&H Granulated Pure Cane Sugar Easy Baking Tub packaged in 3.5lb plastic tubs 6 tubs per case.

Over 6,000 cases of sugar were included in a 22 state recall including Ohio and Kentucky for sugar containing metal wire.

The recalled items can also be identified by the following lot numbers: 52362, 52363, 52364, 52365, 52371, 52372, 52373, 52374, 52375, 52411, 52412, 52413, 52414, 52415. The product numbers on the products were 533031 and 433478 and are best by 09/06/25 through 09/09/25, 09/12/25 through 09/16/25, 10/10/25 through 10/14/25.

There have been no reports of injuries or illnesses connected to the recalled sugar.

If you have recently bought any of the items included on the recall, you should stop using them or you could risk serious injury or illness.


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