West Indian Manatee, Bahamas (BMMRO / Charlotte Dunn / Keith Salvesen)



Manatees are apex ‘gorgeous marine mammals’. Gentle, inquisitive, brave, long-distance-but-rather-slow-swimming, grass-grazing miracle ur-elephant descendants. They never made it out of the sea in the Miocene epoch.

West Indian Manatee, Bahamas (BMMRO / Charlotte Dunn / Keith Salvesen)

Incongruous in a world of fast sharks, snappy ‘cudas, large whales and leaping dolphins, they contentedly mooch around the seagrass beds. No one in the world has ever objected to or dissed a manatee. They bring only delight to the sea-world, and offer only charm to mankind.

Manatee Awareness Graphic (Peppermint Narwhal)

West Indian Manatee, Bahamas (BMMRO / Charlotte Dunn / Keith Salvesen)

In the past, I’ve written about the small number of manatees that inhabit the turquoise inner waters of the Bahamas. They were carefully recorded with individual identifying features – usually nicks in the paddle, or scarring. Usually they were named and, where possible, fitted with a tracker. Their friendships and amorous hook-ups were noted. Despite a 16-month birth cycle, manatee-lets were born. Then Dorian struck, and the situation for manatees (as…

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2616 Days Left For The Planet

Instead of Killing Stray Dogs, the Authorities Should Build Animal Shelters. They Are Homeless Animals, Not Wild !

World Animals Voice

Instead of killing stray dogs, the authorities should build animal shelters

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Regards Mark

In relation to my stray animal campaigning work in the Balkans, I have always argued that current money spent killing strays should instead be put into NO KILL sterilisation and vaccination / health check issues for all strays By sterilisation, over a period of short time, you will see stray numbers REDUCING, not increasing.

Rounding up and killing strays is a very good but very ineffective way for authorities to present the image to0 the public of them ‘doing something’; when in fact they are killing and killing, but not seriously addressing the real issue as it should be addressed.

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SIGN: Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten and Choked by Veterinarian

Representative image. (Photo credit: PxHere)

PETITION TARGET: Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney Peter J. Lucido

A terrorized dog was reportedly beaten, choked, slammed on a hardwood floor and possibly bitten by a veterinarian in Detroit who allegedly committed the atrocious acts in front of his two children.

The video, reportedly recorded by the veterinarian’s son, went viral online, prompting authorities to remove three dogs from the household and file animal cruelty-related charges. Authorities also have voiced concern about the aggressive behavior, the Detroit News reported.

Violence against animals is also a precursor to violence against people,” an animal control officer said at the veterinarian’s arraignment.

While the dog showed no lasting injuries on examination, and the veterinarian’s defense counsel has argued the recorded actions were appropriate discipline measures, a judge said during court proceedings that the veterinarian should have acted more compassionately.

“You had an obligation, sir, to de-escalate,” the judge said at the arraignment hearing. “You have an obligation, not only pursuant to your training and expertise, but as a human being to de-escalate a situation and not make it worse. You did not do that.”

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior also has discredited the technique that the veterinarian’s counsel described as an “alpha roll” — saying the cruel technique makes animals fearful, anxious and more aggressive rather than obedient.

Authorities have charged Wayne Gilchrist, 52, with one count of animal cruelty that could result in up to 93 days in jail, a $1,000 fine and 200 hours of community service, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Aggression against animals is not “training” and is not “discipline.” The individual responsible for these callous actions must be held fully accountable — and his treatment of the other animals routinely in his care must also be investigated.

Sign our petition urging prosecutors to treat this case with the severity it deserves, including obtaining sentencing that requires additional professional training in non-aversive disciplinary techniques and intervention services, such as anger management therapy and psychological counseling, to prevent additional acts of unnecessary violence.

vet alleged abuse

(Photo credit: Macomb County Executive Office)

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