A Look Back at American History

5 comments on “A Look Back at American History

  1. Look at the cool cars back then made to last and like trucks which I like having gotten used to driving big rugged vehicles as a semi commercial operator, one of my professions over the years! That Howard Hughes was a bit eccentric as the story goes but as a young kid I was so fascinated by this accomplishment of building the biggest aircraft. I wanted to be a military pilot because of such stories of inspiration but was not allowed only because of color perception defect in my eyes or I would have been a pilot though I tried all branches of the armed forces to get a waiver and even went to aeronautical college for a bit to try another approach to getting in. I really like looking back at some interesting history like this and thanks for the reminder! The H-4 had eight Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major wing-mounted engines; big powerful radial engines that are so amazing to hear when starting up or cranking over; to hearing them drone above as an aircraft with such engines flies overhead! Wow I would love to ride in such a giant old plane!


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