After Trump Blocks Pelosi Trip, Trump Buddy Lindsey Graham Pops Up In Turkey – Art Of The Oil & Gas Con?

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Shortly after Trump blocked the now Democrat-led US House delegation trip to visit with NATO, and with US troops in the Middle East, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham popped up in Turkey, meeting with its autocratic leader Erdogan. It appears that the Trump administration, with Lindsey Graham help, is likely swapping oil and gas blocks with Erdogan. They will let Erdogan take over petroleum rich northeast Syria and probably kill the previously US supported Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish led secular mix of people, including Christians. Meanwhile, perhaps Erdogan will stop making offshore oil and gas claims in Cyprus. It was only around October 2015 that Lindsey Graham was bemoaning that Putin-Russia wouldn’t like the cancellation of his pet, dangerous, MOX project. Graham is a radioactive snake in the grass from back yonder.

Drew Hammil stated regarding the US House delegation: “The United States Congress is a co-equal branch…

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3 comments on “After Trump Blocks Pelosi Trip, Trump Buddy Lindsey Graham Pops Up In Turkey – Art Of The Oil & Gas Con?

  1. Thanks for the support-reblogs. Interesting that family who owns the palm plantations where the little Guatemalan girl lived is the Tjurman family from the former Ottoman (Turkish) Empire – probably Syria or Jerusalem. They were court translators in the empire. The region where she lived was mostly Germans. The oil pipeline nearby has been French owned.

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