Vegan Chocolate Biscuits

Richard Church UK

Forgive my lack of posts recently. Launching my Vegan Cook School around the Christmas period has certainly taken up the majority of my time. Now that the school is open for business, it’s great to be back to writing recipes again.

This is the start of Veganuary and the beginning of a vegan adventure for many. Some will be unsure of how to proceed, so I hope that websites like mine will be of help.

I’m starting the new year with chocolate (we’ll have to get to healthy eating resolutions later). These are easy to make chocolate biscuits, that are similar in taste to the digestive biscuit here in the UK. They are made with oats that have been ground up in a food processor to a flour-like consistency, then blended with self-raising flour.

The biscuits are light and sweet all by themselves, so the extra step of coating them…

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