Help us scale back pangolin trafficking! | African Wildlife Foundation

When a predator approaches, pangolins rolls up into a ball and relies on it scaly armor for protection. But those skills have proven to be its greatest vulnerability. Up to 2.7 million pangolins are killed annually, because their scales fetch a high value in countries like China where many people mistakenly believed that the scales possessed magical healing properties. Legal trade in pangolins have been banned in China. But the demand persists, in part because China’s government hasn’t released an official statement educating consumer that pangolin scales possessed no magical healing properties in traditional medicine.

If Your Reblog Bottom Has Disappeared From WordPress


    You have probably noticed by now that the reblog button has disappeared. I contacted WordPress yesterday and they answered me this afternoon. 

FromWordPress support…Thank you for letting us know! We have seen several reports that the reblog button is not appearing on some sites right now, we are working to find a solution and getting that back up on all sites. We thank you for your patience and we’ll have this problem fixed as soon as possible.