Serbia: Time To Make The Press Accountable – Your Assistance Required.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

A campaign has now started in Serbia which is aimed at getting the Press and media to adopt a different attitude to the way they deal with the issue of stray dogs.

Their approach has always been very negative; yet they do very little, if anything, to show up the Serbian governments attitude of what they should be doing under Serbian constitutional law – providing stray dogs with care.

Below is a copy of the letter which has been submitted to the Journalists Association of Serbia.  It fully describes how people are feeling about the Serbian press / media coverage regarding stray dogs.

Action – This is where we need your (international) supporter help with this campaign.

These are the e mail addresses to which we would like you to send mails.

You could send a copy of this post by selecting and copying the post link at the top…

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Cat Reportedly Beaten with Baseball Bat Deserves Justice

A family’s cat was viciously attacked with a baseball bat after spraying the apparent attacker. Police reportedly found the cat in a pool of blood next to a bat with the cat’s hair on it. The horrific injuries included a protruding eyeball and puncture wounds to the back of the throat. Sign this petition to demand authorities take this case seriously and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Source: Cat Reportedly Beaten with Baseball Bat Deserves Justice

Man Who Kicked and Threw Dog Into Traffic Must be Severely Punished

Biscuit the golden retriever was reportedly kicked and punched by his owner, then thrown in front of traffic. The dog survived but this act of cruelty must not go unpunished. Demand justice for Biscuit.

Source: Man Who Kicked and Threw Dog Into Traffic Must be Severely Punished

Don’t Kill Homeless Pets Before World Cup Event

Russian cities may perform a cull of homeless pets before the FIFA World Cup this summer. Demand the country not follow through on this barbaric plan.

Source: Don’t Kill Homeless Pets Before World Cup Event

Teen Accused of Hurling Kitten Into Lake to Drown Must be Punished

A kitten may have died when the poor animal was allegedly thrown struggling into a lake. A viral video appears to show a teenager smiling as he hurls the terrified young cat. Demand justice for this innocent kitten.

Source: Teen Accused of Hurling Kitten Into Lake to Drown Must be Punished

Petition update · Jim & Happy are warm and safe! ·

Permanent housing for Jim and Happy

271K supporters
Petition update
Jim & Happy are warm and safe!
Emanuela Visone
Brooklyn, NY

Feb 8, 2018 — I’m very happy to announce that Jim and Happy are doing great in their safe haven. They are one step closer to a permanent home. If it wasn’t for the nearly 300,000 people that took the time to sign this petition, this wouldn’t be happening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

270,763 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!

Department of Homeless Services:…

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Taiwan Animal Shelter Cares For Over 3,000 Stray Dogs – The Dodo

Family Dedicates everything to care for $3,000 dogs This place is every dog lover’s dream 💞
By Kristen Warfield
Published On 02/06/2018

It’s a scene that dog lovers would only dream of: over 3,000 dogs of all shapes and sizes, with countless wet kisses and happy tail wags to offer around the clock.

But at one animal shelter in Taiwan, it’s a reality.
shelter taiwan stray dogs

The outdoor dog yard at the shelter | Angel Wang

At Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary, a family-owned shelter opened five years ago, dogs outnumber people. Due to the country’s overabundance of stray dogs, the Hsu family slowly began taking in a small population of strays — and that number kept growing until, eventually, a Good Samaritan donated a large facility to serve as a proper shelter.

Now over 3,000 dogs live there as they await their forever homes.
taiwan dog sanctuary

An indoor section for the dogs | Angel Wang

Like the many volunteers who devote countless hours to the dogs, Angel Wang started volunteering at the shelter four years ago because she, too, noticed how many dogs in her community were homeless.

“I really love dogs, but especially the stray dogs,” Wang told The Dodo. “Because there are so many, our shelter has become the largest one in Taiwan.”
taiwan animal dog sanctuary

Wang with some of the sanctuary’s residents | Angel Wang

Last February, Taiwan became the first country in history to ban the euthanization of stray dogs as a means of population control. Instead, shelters, including Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary, are putting a greater focus on spay and neuter programs — a welcomed change that will hopefully raise more awareness about the impacts of breeding.

While a majority of the dogs at the shelter came in as strays, many were rescued from car and motorbike accidents or gin traps, which are steel spring traps put out by farmers to keep animals away from crops. They usually end up snaring unsuspecting dogs in the process.
dog sanctuary taiwan

Angel Wang

“We have a vet in our shelter, but if the dog has an injury that is too critical, they’re brought to a local animal hospital,” Wang said. “We have a number of dogs with missing legs or paralysis in the back legs.”

In addition to an array of full-time employees and volunteers, the shelter also has a special supporter who builds custom, low-cost wheelchairs for any dog resident who needs them.
dog sanctuary taiwan

Pan Chieh, the man who builds the wheelchairs, checks on a dog. | Angel Wang

In addition to veterinary care, the shelter also offers a large-scale grooming room, a night room for the dogs to sleep in and a special room just for cats.
dog sanctuary taiwan

Dogs resting in the sleep room | Angel Wang

Since many of the dogs are strays and are used to the company of other dogs, they generally spend daytime out in the “park,” which gives them opportunity to play with one another and go for walks with volunteers.
dog sanctuary taiwan

Volunteers working in the grooming room | Angel Wang

Wang especially enjoys the one-on-one time with the dogs — and has even met her best friend in the process. One day in December 2015, Wang spotted a shaggy, sweet-looking gray dog who had just been brought in as a stray.

“She was immediately very kind to me and wanted to sit on the floor and play all day,” Wang said. “Everytime I’d go in to volunteer, she would spot me and would walk beside me for the rest of the day. I eventually started calling her Huei Huei, which means ‘gray.’”
taiwan dog sanctuary

Angel Wang walking two of the shelter’s dogs, including Huei Huei (right), whom she adopted in 2017 | Angel Wang

As the months rolled on, the time Huei Huei spent in the shelter turned into years. But Wang continued paying special care to her — and in March 2017, she officially brought her home.

“She touched my heart,” Wang said. “We became such good friends.”

dog sanctuary taiwan

Huei Huei after being adopted | Angel Wang

While the amount of dogs surely outnumbers staff members and volunteers, people throughout the community work around the clock to care for the dogs — and are fully funded by the donations of local people who believe in their mission.

taiwan dog sanctuary shelter rescue adoption

A three-legged dog going home with her new family | Angel Wang

“I love being with the dogs and seeing them happy,” Wang said. “Their smiles are my favorite part.”

dog sanctuary taiwan

Angel Wang

To keep up with their work, you can follow the shelter on Facebook.

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Attention People Who Eat Dog Meat! Here are 3 Major Health Concerns You Should Know About – One Green Planet

Sara Farr
June 30, 2015

Although the concept of eating dog meat is completely unheard of in the U.S., in other parts of the world, it is regarded just the same as eating chicken or cow. In Vietnam, for example, approximately five million dogs are killed every year for meat, other places dog meat is eaten include Europe, Russia, Africa, Latin America, China, the Philippines, and South Korea.

The Yulin dog meat festival recently garnered international outrage as celebrities and animal activists joined together to raise awareness and call for an end to this faux “tradition.” Photos of dogs stuffed into cages and huddled in absolute fear before slaughter for the festival illustrate the cruelty involved in the dog meat trade. While the suffering of these animals is undeniable, there are also major human health concerns arising from the consumption of dog. The issues highlighted are critical concerns that could have a negative impact on human health if they are not addressed by ending the consumption of dog meat.
1. Rabies

One of the largest dangers of dog meat is the spread of rabies to both animals and people. In the Philippines, approximately 10,000 dogs and 300 people are killed by rabies each year. Despite efforts by the World Health Organization (WHO) to mass vaccinate dogs to prevent the spread of rabies through the processes of sourcing, slaughter, and sale of dogs, the dog meat trade moves tens of thousands of dogs across international borders making rabies prevention enormously difficult.

Workers can easily be infected with rabies during slaughter and spread the disease to other dogs and humans alike. In 2008, 20 percent of dogs in slaughterhouses in Hoai Duc, Vietnam were found to have rabies. The previous year, Vietnam suffered from a rabies outbreak with approximately 30 percent of the deaths attributable to the slaughter of dogs for meat. According to the Center for Disease Control’s records, only 10 people have ever survived this horrific disease. This is clearly a major concern when such a dangerous and deadly disease can be so easily spread.
2. Other Diseases

There are many other diseases and infections associated with dog meat that can endanger human health. The regional director of the Philippines National Meat Inspection Commission admitted that they do not inspect dog meat. Unfortunately, this is also the trend in China, according to Qin Xiaona, President of the Capital Animal Welfare Association.

Possible infections include parasites such as E. Coli 107 and salmonella. There is also a danger that bacterial infections like anthrax, brucellosis, hepatitis, and leptospirosis can be spread through the meat to people.

The bacteria associated with Cholera is also easily spread and propagated through the process of mass transporting and slaughtering dogs for consumption. Following a massive outbreak of Cholera in Vietnam, WHO’s representative Jean-Marc Olive, warned that eating dog meat, or other food from outlets that serve it, is linked to a 20-fold increase in the risk of becoming infected with the bacteria.

Trichinellosis is a zoonotic parasite that can be easily transmitted from dogs to humans through infected meat consumption. Once these parasites are in the human body, they can cause inflammation in blood vessels which leads to hemorrhaging in the nail beds and eyes, in addition to severe muscle weakness. If left untreated, trichinellosis can be fatal.
3. Antibiotic Resistance

There are many parallels to be found between dog meat farms and factory farms in America, unfortunately, antibiotic resistance is one of them. According to Change for Animals Foundation, “On dog farms, large numbers of dogs are living in close confinement, under stressful conditions, and are usually being fed insufficient, poor quality food. These factors result in increased levels of infectious disease and high mortality rates. In an effort to try to control the spread of disease and maximize productivity, there is evidence of farmers resorting to the indiscriminate overuse of antibiotics and vaccines.”

Dogs in these dirty farms are given large amounts of antibiotics and vaccines to fight the disease-ridden conditions on the farms. This influx of antibiotics is leading to a rise in superbugs. Superbugs present an enormous threat to global human health as a recent study conducted by the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance found that drug-resistant infections could kill an additional 10 million people a year by 2050 if steps aren’t taken to reduce the overuse of antibiotics. While the dog meat industry is not the only one contributing to this increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, its contribution should not be overlooked.
How to Stop the Dog Meat Trade

There are many options available if you want to help stop the cruel dog meat trade. First and foremost educating yourself and others of the dangers associated with eating dog meat is critical to bringing and end to this practice. Humane Society International has a wealth of information and resources to help and they also run large campaigns encouraging country leaders to take action to ban the trade altogether. Many people are not aware of the cruel practices and dangers or even the existence of the dog meat trade, so your best course of action is to educate yourself and others to expose the truth of this industry!

Image Source: amayaeguizaba/Pixabay

How to Choose the Right Winter Gear for Your Pets – One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

Surprising Sea Turtle Facts

Record Level Of Dying, Sick, Injured California Seals, Dolphins And Sea Lions, Mass Die Offs Continue, Started In 2011 After Fukushima, Getting Cancer At 20 Percent Rate Per Year, Bones Turning To Mush, Insides Filled With Yellow Tumors | A Green Road Journal

AGR Daily News

The mass seal and sea lion die off of young pups in the Pacific ocean continues. The number of deaths is equal to or worse than last year, with this mass die off starting in 2011. This all started with Fukushima, the worst mega nuclear accident in history, which was almost totally covered up and is still being denied.

For the first time in human history, starfish have gone extinct, after dissolving in seawater, as shown in the video below. Scientists blamed a ‘virus’. So how did a virus spread all the way from Alaska down to Mexico, in just one year, while causing the death of all of the hundreds of species of starfish, except for one purple species, which managed to survive in isolated pockets and lone individuals here and there?

via Record Level Of Dying, Sick, Injured California Seals, Dolphins And Sea Lions, Mass Die Offs Continue…

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Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest 7/2/18 – Can You Help Samson ?

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Website –

Samson is unwell 😞

Samson is a huge FIV+ stray kitty boy which was probably between six and seven years old when we first took him in at the end of 2016.

He’s been having respiratory and eye problems on and off since he arrived at the shelter and has already been under treatment several times, but he’s constantly had copious eye discharge and used to hold his head down and low, like a mole.

We had the impression that something was wrong with his eyelids from the very beginning, but whenever we intended to deal with his problems once and for all, some other kitty needed to be taken to the vet more urgently and we simply couldn’t run into more debts.

However, he began to breathe heavily last week, his nose was stuffed up and his eyes were glued shut with pus, and we clearly…

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