Fishermen Protest In Vietnam Over 2016 Formosa Plastics Toxic Spill (Compensation Inadequate)

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Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics is polluting the US as well as Vietnam, as discussed after the article.
From RFA:
Fishermen Again Protest in Central Vietnam Over 2016 Toxic Spill Payout 2018-01-24

About 100 mostly fishermen from central Vietnam’s Quang Binh Province have held three days of protests over what they say is inadequate compensation for lost livelihoods caused by a toxic waste spill that occurred along the country’s central coast in April 2016, a priest from the village told RFA.

The fishermen from Van Dong village in Quang Hai commune were affected by the spill that polluted more than 125 miles of coastline along four coastal provinces, including Quang Binh, killing an estimated 115 tons of fish and leaving fishermen and tourism industry workers jobless.

Two months after the spill, Taiwan-owned Formosa Plastics Group acknowledged it was responsible for the release of the chemicals from its massive steel plant…

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The Dog Meat Industry: South Korea’s Dirty Little Secret amid the Winter Olympics – FIREPAW, Inc.

The Winter Olympics is shining a light on a common practice in South Korea that many people outside the country fine reprehensible. Horrific conditions for dogs followed by torturing killings, in order to meet the demands for dishes containing dog meat. The Humane Society International puts the figure at 2.5 million dogs bread and slaughter every year as food for South Koreans, who believe that dog meat has special medical properties. Reports from inside reveal that family pets also end up on dinner plates.

Wildlife officials stunned and outraged after the Trump administration guts the Migratory Bird Act

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Donald Trump and his Republican allies are turning over every element of our government and governance to lobbyists and big industry. A Big Pharma executive put in charge of Health and Human Services, an anti-public school billionaire crusader in charge of the nation’s public schools and on and on. In another big gift to big polluters, the Trump administration has rolled back elements of the 1918 Migratory Bird Act that have been in place for nearly 50 years and is credited with helping hundreds of species survive and thrive since then. They’ve “re-interpreted” parts of the Act to help their pollution-pumping friends. From Audubon:

In December, the Department of the Interior released an interpretation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act that eliminates its ability to hold industries accountable for bird deaths. Reversing decades of practice by administrations under both political parties, this legal opinion drastically limits the law and puts hundreds of…

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More than 130,000 signatures to ban cruel horse evisceration fiesta in Yucatan

Straight from the Horse's Heart

from Humane Society International/Mexico

Mexico City—More than 130,000 people are joining with Humane Society International Mexico in calling for a ban of Torneo del Lazo, a horse evisceration spectacle in Yucatan, Mexico.

Torneo del Lazo is a bloody and archaic spectacle that takes place throughout the year in various Yucatán municipalities. In it, horses are chased, severely injured and often killed by bulls. When the bulls attack, they usually wound the horses by gutting them. Horses experience a long and painful death in front of crowds that frequently include children as spectators.

Join us in calling for this cruelty to end.

Humane Society International launched a petition campaign to garner public opposition to the event and has been pressing for an amendment to the Yucatan Animal Protection Law to explicitly ban this horrible practice. The group delivered the 130,000 signatures in favor of banning Torneo del Lazo to the Congress…

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(FONTANA, CALIF.) FPD REPORT: Fontana Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty After Allegedly Placing Kitten in Freezer Then Throwing Her Off Balcony #AceNewsDesk