70 Years In Prison: Woman Faces Brutal Jail Time After Revealing What Migrants Did On Her Street

Nwo Report

Asia Mayfield

A 70-year-old Swedish woman is the latest victim of the left’s maniacal commitment to “tolerance.” The elderly woman faces up to four years in jail for complaining on Facebook about migrants fouling her neighborhood. Migrant men have been caught defecating in the streets. Cars have been torched as migrants attempted to incite a riot.

In a post from 2015, the unnamed woman commented on the effect migrants were having in her city. Liberals drudged up the post two years later and are now attempting to hurry the woman into court. The entire case rests on a screenshot of an old Facebook post.

Migrant violence, on the other hand, usually goes unprosecuted. The moral relativism espoused by most liberals allows them to excuse almost any ill on cultural grounds. A Muslim migrant sexually assaulted a young woman? It must be because he hasn’t learned how to treat women. A…

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