Save Shelter Animals With School Service Program


Thousands of animals at understaffed shelters need more help from the community. Volunteering at an animal shelter would teach kids to care for another living being and to work together to achieve a common goal. Please sign this petition to help create an animal shelter community service project.

Source: Save Shelter Animals With School Service Program

Shelter Dogs for Hospitalized Kids

Therapy dogs provide important services to people everywhere. For hospitalized children, these dogs could truly make a difference by providing them with unconditional support and companionship. Please sign this petition to help create a therapy dog program for hospitalized children.

Source: Shelter Dogs for Hospitalized Kids

Save Animals in Need of Emergency Help


When animals find themselves in dangerous situations, they need special consideration when it comes to saving them. Most emergency response teams aren’t set up to properly handle animal emergencies. Sign this petition to save our animals.

Source: Save Animals in Need of Emergency Help

Fight for International Ban on Captive Orca Breeding


Captive orca and dolphin breeding is now banned in France. Sign this petition and praise France for making this groundbreaking decision to help and protect animals trapped within the entertainment industry and encourage other countries to do the same.

Source: Fight for International Ban on Captive Orca Breeding

Save 2500 Animals Dying of Thirst


More than 2500 animals at a zoo in India are slowly dying of thirst. The government has totally cut water to the zoo due to water shortages. Demand the government turn the water back on, and save these animals from slow, excruciating deaths.

Source: Save 2500 Animals Dying of Thirst

Petition: Why is a church exploiting animals for money?