Speaking of wolves

OK, while this may not be exactly breaking news, it is STILL HUGE! I FINALLY received an answer about M1396 GUARDIAN albeit late:

Hi Mr. Lopes,
M1396 was removed from the wild/Luna Pack in May, 2016. At the time of his removal, M1158 was also traveling with the Luna Pack and we believe likely functioning as the alpha male. At the end of 2016, the Luna Pack consisted of 5 animals: M1158, F1487, and 3 surviving offspring (one of which was confirmed to be sired by M1158).
After a brief stay at the Ladder Ranch Wolf Management Facility, the Mexican wolf Species Survival Plan group recommended M1396 be transferred to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, for breeding to help maintain the genetic health of the captive population. This transfer occurred in October, 2016. M1396 and his mate have settled in and are doing well at Fossil…

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