Biden Admin Proposes Green Cards & Welfare for Unknown-Unvetted Afghans; Refuses to Reimburse Hurricane Victims for Food (Meaning Hunger for Many)

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The proposal would give better benefits and less stringent screening to completely unknown Afghans than to our Afghan allies and interpreters” (US Sen. Cotton).

These are the ones caught, as of August 25th. There must be many where biometric data is lacking: “Up to 100 Afghan evacuees flown out of war-torn Kabul are on intelligence agency watch lists, US official warns, as it’s revealed one passenger flown out to Qatar has potential ties to ISIS

Now remember that Biden’s butt kissing advisor-surrogate, Cedric Richmond, represents Louisiana; Louisiana has a Dem Governor. Yet, in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida: “He went three and half days without electricity, losing about $500 worth of food. “We lost all the contents in our refrigerator and freezer,” said Tirante, who applied for assistance from FEMA but he was denied… FEMA spokesman Nate Custer said, “We don’t reimburse for lost groceries or…

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