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Biden State Department Issues Terrifying Response to Americans Trapped in Afghanistan – Says They Do Not Have Resources To Rescue Trapped Flights In Afghanistan

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The Biden administration is claiming that they have “no resources” to rescue trapped Americans and flights in Afghanistan.

The U.S. State Department claimed that it has few resources available to facilitate the evacuation and that they have no “reliable” information about the trapped flights.

“Individuals associated with an organization handling the flights that the State Department is the only obstacle to the chartered planes leaving the airport, but sources close to the situation told the Daily Wire Sunday that while the State Department is not negotiating landing zones, the Taliban is also making significant demands, effectively creating a “hostage situation” on the ground in Afghanistan,” the Daily Wire reported.

A State Department official reportedly said their hands are tied and that they do not have any resources on the ground to get trapped American home.

“We do not have personnel on the ground, we do not have air assets in the country, we do not control the airspace—whether over Afghanistan or elsewhere in the region,” the official told the Free Beacon. “We understand the concern that many people are feeling as they try to facilitate further charter and other passage out of Afghanistan.”

A spokesman added, “Given these constraints, we also do not have a reliable means to confirm the basic details of charter flights, including who may be organizing them, the number of U.S. citizens and other priority groups on-board, the accuracy of the rest of the manifest, and where they plan to land, among many other issues.”

The ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee said Sunday that the Taliban were holding Americans “hostage” by preventing them from leaving aboard a half-dozen planes that are ready for departure because they “want something” in return.

“We have six airplanes at Mazar Sharif Airport, six airplanes with American citizens on them as I speak, also with these interpreters, and the Taliban is holding them hostage for demands right now,” Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said during an interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

“State has cleared these flights, and the Taliban will not let them leave the airport,” he continued, referring to the State Department.

Wallace continued to press the Texas Republican, which led McCaul to declare that the development is “turning into a hostage situation.”

“Well, they are not clearing airplanes to depart. They’ve sat at the airport for the last couple days, these planes, and they’re not allowed to leave,” McCaul said. “We know the reason why is because the Taliban want something in exchange.”

“This is really, Chris, turning into a hostage situation where they’re not gonna allow American citizens to leave until they get full recognition from the United States of America,” McCaul added.

The ranking Foreign Affairs Committee member is not the first Republican to broach the subject.

McCaul’s Texas colleague, Rep. Ronny Jackson, formerly the White House physician, also said that the Taliban was currently blocking Americans from flying out of the country.

“They’ve already been manifested on flights,” he told “Greg Kelly Reports” before adding that the Taliban leadership wants something in return for allowing the Americans and their Afghani allies to leave, such as cash or recognition as the country’s legitimate government, which would be a major public relations feat.

“The airplanes are there. Everything is ready to go. They can’t get out, and the reason they can’t get out is because the Taliban won’t release the flight until Sept. 9 because they want to be recognized as an official government,” Jackson said.

“They want to be officially recognized as a legitimate government,” he continued.

“And I guarantee you these hostages, they’re hostages right now, are being held until the American, until the United States, until the Biden administration recognizes the Taliban as a government,” Jackson noted further.

Poll: 1 In 5 Democrats, Likely Voters Regret Voting For Joe Biden

Dylan Housman

A poll found that one-fifth of likely voters, and roughly one-fifth of Democrats, said they regretted their vote for President Joe Biden in 2020.

The poll from Zogby Analytics of 2020 Biden voters found that 20% of likely voters said they regretted their choice, compared to 76% who did not. Among Democrats, the number was 21%, compared to 29% of Republicans who crossed the aisle to vote for Biden and regret it.

The poll, published Monday, surveyed 2,173 Biden voters online between Aug. 5 and Aug. 13, with a margin of error of 2.1%.

Biden’s support waned more among younger demographics than the elderly; 27% of his voters aged 18-29 and 30% aged 30-49 said they regretted their decision, but only 10% of those aged 50-64 and 6% of the elderly said the same.

Men were twice as likely to regret their vote than women (27% vs. 13%), and Hispanics were the most likely ethnic group to regret their choice at 33%. Black Americans followed at 25%, while 16% of white Biden voters felt regret.

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The poll was conducted prior to the completion of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in hundreds of Americans being left behind under Taliban control. The withdrawal has corresponded with a sharp drop in Biden’s approval rating.

U.S. Military Leaving Behind PFAS, Other Highly Toxic Chemicals in Afghanistan

Chemical Free Life

Some of the military bases the U.S. are leaving behind in Afghanistan are filled with toxic chemicals that can pose serious health and environmental problems.  What is worse: these toxic sites may never get a full cleanup.

“The U.S. has operated some of these facilities for almost 20 years. As part of the sites’ routine functioning, the American military and its allied partners generated waste, including substances that increase the risk of cancer and other diseases. These materials can produce long-lasting environmental hazards in and around such sites as they seep into the ground, remain exposed in uncovered landfills and—when some items are incinerated—drift into the air as smoke particles…For example, open-air burn pits are often used to dispose of waste in the field. They are common across areas where the U.S. has fought, despite the fact that an official Department of Defense policy prohibits them “except in circumstances in…

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Rodent Takeover

The residents of a gated community in Argentina are struggling to get along with some unruly new neighbours: hundreds of the world’s largest rodents. Local residents have reported that the robust rodents, which can reach over 4 feet (1.2 meters) long and weigh up to 174 pounds (79 kilograms), have been pooping in gardens, destroying flower beds, causing traffic accidents and allegedly biting pet dogs.

Environmentalists say the capybaras are not invading the area but rather taking back their natural home from the multimillion-dollar development, which, in the late 1990s, was built on top of ecologically important wetlands surrounding the banks of the Paraná River, the second-largest river in South America, which was their home.

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