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Petition 路 SFPD Chief Bill Scott : Grant Concealed Carry Permits in San Francisco 路

Cyan Banister started this petition to SFPD Chief Bill Scott

Dear Chief of Police – Mr Scott,

I, and other citizens of San Francisco would like our second amendment rights restored and want to know the process for getting our concealed carry permits. We believe the current environment is dangerous enough that we need to protect ourselves and that by being armed, it will also serve as a deterrent to crime, thus helping the police force.聽

We currently have the right to defend our homes, but I want this to extend to our cars, our churches, our stores and our ability to walk freely.聽

In addition to these rights, we need the ability to practice safely indoors. We ask that you help open an indoor range within city limits where law abiding citizens can train on how to use guns safely and effectively for self-protection, as well as how to safely store them.聽

This petition requests that you publicly address this inquiry and give concrete steps on how we can get our 2A rights that are constitutionally granted to us by being citizens of the United States of America.聽

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Petition 路 Sea to Sky Residents: Create a No Shooting – No Hunting zone along highway 99 between Squamish & Whistler. 路

Lawyer Says He Has Fool-Proof Method for Dealing With DUI Checkpoints


Warren Redlich says keep your windows up and remain silent when stopped.

A Florida criminal defense attorney has gone to war against DUI checkpoints, saying the compulsory traffic stops by police violate state laws and civil rights.

Attorney Warren Redlich, a former Libertarian candidate for New York governor, says drivers are not required to roll down their windows at checkpoints to talk to police. Redlich says drivers open themselves up to problems when the police have direct access to them.

Redlich posted a YouTube video on New Year鈥檚 Day, which has received nearly 2.4 million views. It has spawned several copycat videos by supporters who have filmed police officers after they were stopped at checkpoints in various states.

In the video, Redlich identifies a DUI checkpoint run by the Florida Highway Patrol and Levy County Sheriff鈥檚 department and drives to鈥

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