Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
1 minutePetition update

Apr 28, 2018 — After a four and one-half hour debate, the Kansas Senate rejected a bill to bring back dog racing to state. The Woodlands, Wichita and Camptown Greyhound Parks will remain closed. #Woofs to everyone who helped protect the dogs!

Abilene’s “Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame” must now be called the “Greyhound Racing Hall of Shame” #DyingIndustry #TimeToMoveOn #KeepDogsSafe Read more at


Petition update · Victory! No Goliath Grouper Hunt! ·

60K supporters
Petition update
Victory! No Goliath Grouper Hunt!

Apr 26, 2018 — The FWC Commissioners are keeping protections in place for goliath groupers. So many wonderful groups and people came together to take a stand and protect these giants. The FWC mentioned this petition in the beginning of the meeting! Your signatures made a difference.
Thank you! and hold the link to copy it

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Apr 18, 2018 — Please Click Here To Sign This Petition:

The Tennessee Walking Horse is the ONLY equine breed in the World which shows TWO YEAR OLDS wearing approximately EIGHT POUND SHOES with CHAINS hitting the sensitive skin above the horse’s front hooves.

We have over 25,000 signatures supporting the end of this.

Let’s get to 50,000 signatures!!!

Please Sign and Share With Everyone You Know.

Here is the “Story of CCABLAC, “WE, The People”, (Citizens Campaign Against “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty … Speaking FOR “The Horses”

Petition update · Victory for Florida greyhounds! ·

Repeal the law requiring Florida gambling facilities to offer greyhound racing.

219K supporters
Petition update
Victory for Florida greyhounds!Marilyn Varnberg for Greyhound Adoption of Florida and GREY2K USA

Apr 18, 2018 — The Florida Constitution Revision Commission has just approved a November ballot question that will allow voters to prohibit the cruelty of dog racing in the Sunshine State. Learn more:
Constitution Revision Commission approved a ballot…

218,796 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000

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Petition update · ABAL IS HOME! ·

Apr 16, 2018 — Early this morning we braved the hard rain and weather to go pick up K-9 Abal. As he was coming out of the truck to come inside our house I was lucky enough to snap a picture of him giving my husband a kiss. ( I guess all is forgiven, at least for Abal).
These past 12 days have been some of the longest and hardest days for us. The worry for K9 Abal was intense at times not knowing where he was, how he was feeling, and how he was being treated. All that is over now thank God! We can now concentrate on making sure he is happy and healthy. I think I may even start a Facebook and Twitter page for him (now that I have learned how to use it).
When I started this petition I was hoping for maybe at least 500 signatures. I figured I would be lucky to get that. I really didn’t know if I could get K9 Abal back. Needless to say, I am blown away that when all is said and done 169k people signed and supported us! So, THANK YOU! we could NEVER have done this without all of you!
Special thanks to Congressman Bob Brady, who spoke out publicly in support of K9 Abal and our family. Thank you Sen. Sweeney who took the time to write a beautiful letter to Chief Nestel in our defense. Thank you also to the National Police Association,, K9 Chip, and his family, and K9 Poseidon and his family. Thank you to the FOTP FOP Lodge 109. A big thanks to the 99% of SEPTA Police who supported us! Thank you to the members of the press who put this story out there for the public to hear. And again to all of you who signed, wrote, called, tweeted, and shared our story. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts❣️

Petition update · Adopted from Pets at Home to be fed to a snake! ·

Apr 14, 2018 — This is Joey. Joey was about 3 months old when he was adopted from Pets at Home last summer. His new owner brought him home and put him in a hamster’s cage next to a vivarium containing a 6ft Burmese python. He had no hay, no water. He wasn’t given a name. He just sat there, waiting to be fed to the owner’s pet snake.

When the time came the owner lifted him out of the cage to put him in the vivarium but Joey bit him out of sheer terror. The owner also got bitten by the snake.

At that point, his girlfriend got cold feet and they decided they couldn’t do it.*

Luckily they contacted Baby Blue Bee Bunnies rescue centre who were able to take the poor terrified rabbit.

Joey was given a name and rehabilitation started. However, due to his traumatic experience, he was very aggressive and it took months to get him to finally relax. Joey was in good hands. The rescue centre gave him the time, the love, the care and the life that he truly deserved.

Joey was adopted and now lives happily with three other bunny friends.

Pets at home claim they have a ‘vigorous system for checking potential pet owners’. Once again they failed. Joey was purchased to become snake food.

Please share Joey’s story and urge Pets at Home STOP selling rabbits!

Rabbits should NOT be sold in pet shops! They should only be adopted from reputable rescue centres who carry out home checks and make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Rabbits need our help. Thank you for giving them a voice. Thank you for supporting this cause.

Isabelle Rineau for the BaBBA Campaign (Ban all Baby Bunny Ads)


Video on YouTube:

*live feeding is illegal in the UK.

Petition update · Victory! ·

April 10,2018 – The LaValle Village Board agreed to rewrite their ordinance to allow mini pigs within the Village limits! My unending gratitude for all the support and kind words we’ve received.

Petition update · CASE UPDATE ·

Petition update · CASE UPDATE ·

Apr 7, 2018 — Per casenet: Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for May 22, 2018, 9:00 AM
**It looks like he did enter a plea of “NOT GUILTY” this morning.

Preliminary Hearing Scheduled: Scheduled For: 05/22/2018; 9:00 AM ; JOSEPH LESLIE GOFF JR; St. Francois

Initial Arraignment Hearing Held. State appears by Assistant Prosecutor, Ben Campbell. Defendant appears in person and by counsel Michael Hackworth.

Defendant waives formal arraignment and enters a plea of Not Guilty. Cause called and case is set for Preliminary Hearing on May 22, 2018 at 9am. State to issue subpoenas.

Petition update · 4/5/2018 News Article on Ponce’s Law SB 1576 ·

April 7,2018 -be sure to listen to the speech given by Governor Scott in regards to Pounce’s Law.

Just click on the link and then click on the pic in the article to watch the video!

Petition Updates · Maximum Sentence for Jason Hampton

Morgan Tucker started this petition to Saint Francois County Prosecuter

In Febuary 2018 Jason Hampton, of Farmington MO shot a yellow lab known as Trooper and paralyzed him. He then hit him over the head with a hammer, dumped him, and left him for dead. Trooper laid paralyzed and alive for weeks, sitting in his own feces and urine for so long it began burning through his flesh. Trooper has a long road ahead of him, and will most likely never fully recover from his injuries. He will need around the clock care, daily vet visits, and someone to dedicate their entire life to him. People from around the country have donated towards his $10,000+ vet bill. We also ask the defendant make monetary donations to animal rescues as part of his sentence, and be fired from his position with St Francois County. He admitted to the Crime, but when charged he recanted his statement and placed blame on the dog. We are asking that you file charges and pursue the maximum penalty allowed under the law.


For those asking how you can help Trooper:

For updates, please follow Team Trooper and Missouri K9 Friends on Facebook. If you would like to donate to his cause, there are several ways to do so:

� Free Funder:

� Buy a tshirt:

� PayPal:

Email and ask for the maximum penalty for Jason Hampton or call 1-573-756-3623 to reach the St Francois County Prosecuting Attorney.

Get more details about Trooper and his recovery at

Petition update · Man Armed with Semiautomatic Rifle Guns Down Family of 10 Wolves Outside Denali National Park ·

Petition update

Apr 6, 2018 — Although it’s illegal to hunt and trap wolves within Denali National Park, wolves are vulnerable as soon as they cross the park’s invisible boundary. A man armed with a semiautomatic rifle recently gunned down a family of 10 wolves near the park’s border, and brags about it online:

It’s too late for these 10 wolves, but we can still protect the others who call Denali National Park home. Please take action today.

Petition update · Update on elephant Anna Louise (+ important info for FL residents) ·

Petition update

Apr 4, 2018 — Dear Friends,

Yesterday, CWI received information from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regarding the elephant Anna Louise, after we submitted a request for follow-up from them.

As you may recall, CWI filed an emergency complaint with the USDA on behalf of Anna Louise last May. We found abnormalities in her gait, and were concerned about her well-being, as well as the safety of the public who were riding her.

Within two weeks of filing of the complaint, to the best of our knowledge, Anna Louise was taken off the road and has been residing at her “home base”, which is located on the property of her “owner” in Florida.

The FWC promised us late last year that they would in fact inspect the property and follow-up on our USDA complaint. We are pleased to report that they did in fact complete the inspection, which was done extremely thoroughly.

The report showed that Anna Louise is suffering from arthritis in her right elbow and appears to be overweight. While she is under regular care from a veterinarian, it was suggested to Anna Louise’s “owner” Tom Demry that she should lose some weight.

We were pleased to note that Mr. Demry stated that he is considering retiring from circus performances with Anna Louise. CWI encourages Mr. Demry to follow that pursuit, and hopes he will further consider retiring Anna Louise to a sanctuary environment where she can have contact with other elephants and not live out her life as a solitary elephant on his property.

CWI has written to the FWC requesting some additional information. We will keep you apprised of any advancements for Anna Louise.

If you are near Lakeland, FL, tomorrow evening you have a tremendous opportunity to speak out for elephants like Anna Louise. The FWC is holding a public meeting seeking comment on their guidelines for elephant riding, and we strongly encourage you to speak out against elephant riding, which is a danger to both humans and elephants. The meeting details are: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on April 5, 2018 at Hampton Inn & Suites, Lakeland South- Polk Parkway, 3630 Lakeland Village Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33803.

Though the successes for animals confined to the circus continue, we still have much work to do. Please email us at if you are ready to protest a circus heading to your area. You can also visit our site: to learn more about taking action against circus cruelty.

To support CWI’s actions for Anna Louise and other efforts to end circus cruelty, please visit

Again, thank you for all you do for Anna Louise, and for all animals confined to the circus!

For the animals,

Carrie LeBlanc, M.A.
Executive Director
CompassionWorks International

Ps. You can also follow our work for animals at:


Petition update · Locals Reaction To Sentencing of Kiya’s Torturer·

421K supporters
Petition update
Reaction to sentencing

Mar 29, 2018 — Locals react to the sentencing of Kiya’s torturer.

Justice for Puppy Doe: Tell Craigslist to Help Stop Violence Against Pets.

420,513 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000!

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Ridiculous Easter Sheep Race Canceled Thanks to Activist Pressure!

Aleksandra Pajda
Thanks to a campaign by animal activists, a zoo in Shropshire, England has abandoned its annual Easter sheep race. A petition urging Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom to call off the senseless event was signed by more than 52,000 people concerned about the practice and the animals used in it.

The zoo’s Grand National and Gold Cup is seen as one of the biggest days in the sheep racing calendar and had been held for nearly 30 years, The Times reports. This year, however, the organizers had to give in to the overwhelming opposition to the race and to campaigners from the Lambentations group which focuses on sheep racing.

Pressure from activists has successfully shut down four other sheep racing events, as well as a pig race. As the campaigners emphasize, the practice is unnecessary and cruel, and it is aimed solely at human entertainment, which is not an end animals should be used for.

In the event, eight sheep leap over two-foot-tall fences with teddy bear “jockeys“ on their backs. The animals run to reach food at the finish line and the race is surrounded by a live commentary and betting.

Activists’ concerns have been backed by the RSPCA which said the practice is “largely unregulated” and questions “the methods of encouraging sheep to run.” Moreover, the British Veterinary Association stated that even though running towards food was natural for the animals, races could be “stressful and frightening” for the sheep when taking place in front of large crowds.

According to the organizers, the race is no different to dog agility events. This, however, is a very dubious comparison, since dogs taking part in agility competitions are trained for that purpose and again mistakes the animals’ agency with conditioning.

The end of this race marks another success for concerned animal advocates who spoke up for animals who do not have a voice. If you think this is great news, pass it on! And remember, we can all make a difference for animals, so don’t give up!

Image source: 12019/Pixabay

Petition update · Animal Supporters Needed to Help Stop BSL/Pitbull Bans ·

Mar 27, 2018 — We need to have animal supporters follow our page, as we will soon be posting animals at high risk shelters in need of forever homes, as well as pets that need help.

Please Follow us on Instagram @rrtapets and tell your friends to do so by doing a post on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

Your efforts would mean the world to us, as Instagram is quickly becoming a very popular platform for animal rescue.

Please Sign Petition

Petition update · Delaware County Fair 2018 ·

Petition update

Mar 19, 2018 — Since its getting closer to summer and the county fair, I hope we can get the fair board to cancel the Rodeo event for this year if they have it added, and to not allow it and add a better event that could bring in far more people from even surrounding states to visit, spend money at the fair, and join the event.

So please let them know that events harming animals is way in the past and that with a city/county riddled with crime, drugs, and violence, adding to it by hosting violence to animals events won’t help it’s image. Something with no violence and fun for all is a much wiser way to go this year.

Some suggestions for new events this year

Demolition Derby; I’ve seen many in the derby event asking for the event to be held two nights.

Motocross; instead of having a motocross show, have the event with local and surrounding riders. Charge an entry fee like with the derby and have a prize for 1st & 2nd place.

Bring the Dirty Dash to the fair, it’s like the tough mudder.

The Dirty Dash is a mud run obstacle course where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old’s fantasy and subsequently converts boy to man and then man to swine. All you’ll need is a complete lack of shame to wallow in pits of mud and a smile to show through at the end! It’s your enhanced pig wresting event without harming any animals and is muddy fun.

So tell the fair you want them to hold events that don’t involve harming animals and instead provide non violent fun for all ages.

Showing a child they can complete a muddy boot camp type course is far better, and better character building than teaching them violence by harming animals. Same for adults.

If there’s an event you’d like to see held this year instead of the rodeo and so they don’t sneak the pig wrestling events back in, please leave your ideas in the comments and send them to the fair board.

Do Better For Chickens ·

Do Better For Chickens ·
ShaRhonda Dawson started this petition to McDonald’s
My two kids love McDonald’s. They especially love the chicken nuggets. As a busy mom, sometimes I need a fast, convenient meal…but I don’t want to compromise on my family’s values. I was pleased to see that McDonald’s committed to 100% cage-free eggs, and that they recently reduced the calories in their Happy Meals. But I was shocked and upset to learn that when it comes to the treatment of chickens raised for their menu items, McDonald’s is lagging behind.

Please join me in asking McDonald’s to stop using chickens who are bred to suffer.

Chickens on factory farms are bred to grow so big, so fast, that they often collapse under their own weight. Many live in constant pain, and they are vulnerable to broken legs and heart attacks. These smart and social birds spend their entire lives in crowded, dimly-lit sheds without even a perch to rest on.

Restaurants like Subway, Burger King, Sonic, and many more have already committed to criteria that reduce the suffering of chickens. They are switching to healthier breeds and giving chickens more room to roam.

If all of these other companies can do it, why can’t McDonald’s?

McDonald’s actually had the chance to do better for chickens in their latest animal welfare policy. They chose not to. Please sign my petition to tell McDonald’s that we don’t need empty promises. We need real change.

I have learned a lot about how animals raised for food are mistreated, and I am deeply saddened by the harsh realities they face. But I still have hope, because I believe that big companies have the power to do the right thing and change things for the better.

As someone who cares about social justice issues, I want to show my children that they really can do something positive in the world. This could be a rare win at a time when our communities are facing so many complex—and often overwhelming—challenges.

I know we can create a kinder, more compassionate world if we raise our voices together. That’s why I’m asking McDonald’s to step up. Not just for my family—but for the millions of living beings who are suffering right now.

If you agree that McDonald’s should do better for chickens, please sign and share my petition today.

Petition Update · Sentenced to 8-10 years ·

Mar 27, 2018 — News Report here:

Breaking news: Radoslaw Czerkawski convicted on 12 counts of animal cruelty yesterday has been sentenced to 8-10 years in prison with two years probation.

While the conviction, announced yesterday, is unprecedented and great news for the animal welfare community, the sentence announced today pales in comparison to the suffering Kiya endured.

Czerkawski’s lawyer stated that there is no reason to believe his client’s behavior could happen again.

Kiya was starved, beaten, cut and burned over a period of months. Someone who is capable of such merciless cruelty will clearly not be fit to will be ready to rejoin society in 8 years.

Petition update · Puppy Doe Trial Verdict In! ·
Petition update · Puppy Doe Trial Verdict In! ·
Mar 26, 2018 — GUILTY on all 12 charges of animal cruelty!

Thank you for supporting this petition for the past 4 1/2 years. As you all know, the trial of the man accused of brutally torturing and starving “Puppy Doe” is underway in a Dedham, Massachusetts courtroom and just this very moment we have learned that a verdict was announced!

Radoslaw Czerkawski is GUILTY of ALL 12 charges of animal cruelty!

Through daily testimony, we’ve learned more horrific details and information about Puppy Doe’s injuries and how she found herself the victim of a Craigslist pet ad.

Czerkawski admitted to purchasing Puppy Doe from a Worcester Massachusetts couple after responding to their Craigslist ad selling a young small pit bull named Kiya. That couple, according to their testimony, previously purchased Kiya from her original owner also via a Craigslist pet ad.

Kiya changed hands TWICE via Craigslist. That would mean that Kiya was passed off twice through a classified ad website ultimately ending up in the hands of a monster. If either owner had worked with a state approved rescue, or had conducted a thorough background check on potential adopters, instead of posting her on Craigslist like a piece of furniture, she might be alive and well in a loving home today.

Since Kiya’s death in August 2013 Craigslist have made zero changes to their policies for posting a pet ad. Simple changes might have prevented similar incidents where pets have fallen into the hands of abusers. Just as in 2013, Craigslist’s current position is that they do not allow the sale of pets on their site. The terms of this policy are the following: “no animal sales or breeding – rehoming with small adoption fee is ok.” Those of us in the rescue field know that these policies are not being enforced. There are countless ads posted by “backyard breeders” and others hoping to profit on the sale or transfer of an innocent animal. Craigslist appears to do nothing to stop this.

FEND will continue its efforts to represent the signers of this petition until Craigslist makes concrete changes to their policies.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported this petition since 2013 and for embracing FEND ( In addition to our Craigslist campaign, another important goal for 2018 is to raise funds to cover the costs to become an approved rescue organization in Massachusetts. This will help us grow our foster network and continue to expand our efforts to rescue and rehome displaced pets, many of whom we find via Craigslist.

We will post another update as soon as details on sentencing are released.

To see local news reports, including video, please visit the link below:

Petition update · 3/23/18 Governor Rick Scott signs the bill on National Puppy Day! ·

87K supporters
Petition update
3/23/18 Governor Rick Scott signs the bill on National Puppy Day!
Debbie Taylor Darino
Daytona Beach, FL

Mar 24, 2018 — Today, on National Puppy Day, Governor Rick Scott signed into law our bill Ponce’s Law!!! We are just waiting to hear on if he will also do a ceremonial bill signing also…will keep you posted!!! It’s a great day for Ponce and all the animals here in Florida!!! And it’s a VERY HAPPY DAY 🐕🐈

3/24/18 Article on Ponce’s Law

86,922 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!

Debbie Taylor Darino: Harsher punishment…

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Petition update · One Year Ago the US-Senate Voted to Kill Wolf Pups and Hibernating Bears. The Law is still in effect ·

Stop Under Armour from killing wild Animals – Please Sign

40K supporters
Petition update
One Year Ago the US-Senate Voted to Kill Wolf Pups and Hibernating Bears. The Law is still in effect
Salty Dog
Pacific Palisades, CA

Mar 21, 2018 — One year ago today, the US-Senate passed S.J. RES. 18 by a vote of 51 to 47 to allow the Killing of Denning Wolves and their Pups, Hibernating Bears, and other Predators on National Refuges Land in Alaska. Trump signed it into law without hesitation.
All 51 Republicans and one Independent voted in favor, all 47 Nays were Democrats and 1 Independent.

Vote them out of office coming November.
Breaking – Senate Votes to Allow Killing of Wolves on National Refuge Lands in Alaska
Breaking – Senate Votes to Allow Killing of Wolves on National Refuge Lands in Alaska
We will not give up. The greatest danger to the future of wolves and all wildlife is apathy. As always…

Help to stop Under Armour from killing wild Animals:
Help this petition win

Stop Under Armour from killing wild…

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Petition update · Last Days to Support My Campaign- Over 50 % to Goal! Thanks Everyone!!! ·

Revise Article 26 353-B to Protect Pets from Inclement Weather NY

505K supporters
Petition update
Last Days to Support My Campaign- Over 50 % to Goal! Thanks Everyone!!!
Stacey Cobb
Franklin, MA

Mar 10, 2018 — Story behind the campaign:

As a HUGE Animal Advocate, I spend much of my time trying to save animals. Years ago I became involved with trying to help animals at the NYC ACC, after learning just how many were killed daily. This prompted me to start my Facebook page: which promotes animals in shelters needing homes. Each night the NYC ACC gives many animals, just 18 hours to be reserved before being euthanized, each one is posted on my page. Being so involved in the rescue community, I made many friends and learned of many horrors placed upon animals. This lead me to create a petition for animals left out in inclement weather in NY, that has gained close to 500,000 signatures… I plan to follow this through until the laws change to protect animals in NY.

Along with my animal advocacy, I have also become a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. This is strictly volunteer and can at times be a full time job. Taking in injured and orphaned wildlife can be very time consuming & expensive. For me, the reward of seeing these animals treated and released is immeasurable. As of right now, I have limited space to keep animals, as I currently do this from home. My dream in the future is to have enough land to have my own sanctuary for shelter pets and wildlife. However, what I currently hope for, is to build/buy more enclosures and caging so that I can expand the amount of animals I can take in at one time. It pains me to turn animals away, due to lack of adequate caging. Please feel free to follow my rescues here:

Linked below is a tee or sweatshirt option, promoting animal adoption. However, I have also created a design promoting my wildlife rescue, which can be seen here:

If you’re not interested in a t-shirt but would still like to support my rescues, I always have an Amazon wildlife rehabilitation wishlist going:

Thank you all! Your support is appreciated more than you know ❤️. Extra special thanks to those who helped out already!
Click here to support Stacey Cobb for building/purchasing extra caging, enclosures and other supplies to support rehabilitating wildlife from my home
Click here to support Stacey Cobb for building/purchasing extra caging, enclosures and other supplies to support rehabilitating wildlife from my home
Help Raise Awarness for Adopting/Fostering Shelter Pets, While Also Helping To Save WildlifeThrough…

Last Couple Days to Support My Campaign- Just About 50% to Goal. Thanks to all!

504,665 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000,000!

Senator Marty Golden, State of New York…

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Petition Update · Puppy Doe Trial Begins ! ·

Justice for Puppy Doe: Tell Craigslist to Help Stop Violence Against Pets

416K supporters
Petition update
Puppy Doe Trial Begins TOMORROW!

Mar 6, 2018 — The long awaited, much delayed trial of the man accused of torturing Kiya, aka: “Puppy Doe” begins tomorrow in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Read more here:

416,246 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000!

Justice for Puppy Doe: Tell Craigslist to Help…

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Debbie Taylor Darino
Daytona Beach, FL

Feb 13, 2018 — Ponce’s Law, SB 952, passed the Judiciary Committee this afternoon unanimously. We have one last committee to pass and then we’re on our way to the “floor” to make it a LAW. This law will apply to the entire state of Florida in ALL aggravated animal abuse cases!!

2/6/2018 SB 952-PONCE’S LAW passes unanimously in Criminal Justice Committee!!

84,299 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!

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Petition update · Jim & Happy are warm and safe! ·

Permanent housing for Jim and Happy

271K supporters
Petition update
Jim & Happy are warm and safe!
Emanuela Visone
Brooklyn, NY

Feb 8, 2018 — I’m very happy to announce that Jim and Happy are doing great in their safe haven. They are one step closer to a permanent home. If it wasn’t for the nearly 300,000 people that took the time to sign this petition, this wouldn’t be happening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

270,763 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!

Department of Homeless Services:…

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Petition update · The fight for Nosey unfortunately continues… ·

Please help to rescue an abused elephant named Nosey

The fight for Nosey unfortunately continues…
CompassionWorks International

Feb 3, 2018 — Friends,

This morning we learned the unfortunate news that yesterday the Liebel family filed an appeal in Lawrence County, Alabama courts.

The Liebels have filed the appeal in an attempt to regain custody of Nosey from Lawrence County, which placed Nosey at a sanctuary in Tennessee following her seizure last year.

While, yes, the judge did find in Nosey’s favor and Nosey won her court case last January, Nosey’s case will now be heard by a jury. The family has secured a new lawyer and have filed the appropriate paperwork with the courts, as is their right under the law.

This does mean that Nosey’s ability to remain in sanctuary is in jeopardy and will be in the hands of a jury. However, there is no action you can take as this matter will now be decided by the court system.

If you have questions about Nosey’s case, we encourage you to read through the other updates we have made to this petition, as we have provided a thorough and detailed summary of Nosey’s situation via these regular updates over the last three years.

The best way to ensure that Nosey and NO animal suffers inside the circus is to continue to protest the circus, work toward passing local laws in your community, and spread awareness about circus cruelty with your family and friends.

At CWI, we fight against circus cruelty every single day and already this year have staged dozens of circus protests. Please visit to continue to support our work and to stand beside us as we fight for Nosey, Anna Louise, Bo, Cindy, Jenny, and numerous other elephants still suffering behind the big top.

Thank you once again for all of your actions for Nosey, your vigilance in notifying us when you have seen her or any traveling performing animal, and for supporting CWI in our efforts to put an end to circus cruelty once and for all.

We will continue to keep this petition open and active until Nosey’s life in sanctuary is secured forever.

For the animals,
Carrie LeBlanc, M.A.
Executive Director
CompassionWorks International

Nosey the elephant is FREE!!!!

200,901 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!

USDA and Congress: Please help to rescue…

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Success: Pepsi Cuts Ties with Palm Oil Plantation

PepsiCo has cut ties with a destructive palm oil plantation accused of using illegal child labor. Thank the company for putting human rights ahead of its bottom line.

Source: Success: Pepsi Cuts Ties with Palm Oil Plantation

Petition update · Same View of Original Picture ·


Same View of Original Picture

David Rassel
Crystal Falls, MI

Jan 23, 2018 — If you look at the picture of the Forest on the original page of this petition, this is the same road looking in the same direction just over 1 year later. How pitiful it is becoming. There are No Plans of DNR Replanting.

31,615 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000.


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Petition update · HB646 will be heard on 1/29! ·

Pass a Virginia law to protect dogs in harsh weather

201K supporters
Petition update
HB646 will be heard on 1/29!
Gary Sweeney
Ashland, VA

Jan 22, 2018 — Hello supporters!

On Monday, January 29th, the Agriculture and Natural Resources subcommittee will be reviewing a bill to protect animals from being tethered in extreme conditions in our state. They need to hear our voices and we need to be loud!

Please take a quick moment to send a POLITE, COURTEOUS email to the following delegates on the Agriculture subcommittee asking them to please support HB646:

These emails will make a difference if they come from Virginians. PLEASE EMAIL EACH DELEGATE INDIVIDUALLY! If you do not live in Virginia, you can also email the delegates, but please don’t mention that you live in another state.

Delegate Knight:

Delegate Poindexter:

Delegate Orrock:

Delegate Morefield:

Delegate Bloxom:

Delegate James:

Delegate Keam:

Delegate Rodman:

200,864 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000.

Pass a Virginia law to protect dogs in harsh…

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Petition update · Opposition Continues to Mount Against PSE’s Fracked Gas LNG in Tacoma! ·


Jan 20, 2018 — We are grateful for all people standing up to say No to PSE’s proposed fracked gas LNG facility in Tacoma. Your signatures and comments are making a difference and our voices are being heard! The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI), and the Puyallup Tribe of Indians have all passed resolutions opposing the PSE LNG project. Democratic representatives in Washington State Legislative Districts 43, 32, and 36 have all passed resolutions to support the Puyallup Tribe and stop PSE’s LNG facility. Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to consider a similar resolution. Their final vote will be on Monday, January 29.

Keep standing in peace and prayer! Keep signing and sharing the petition. Our hands go up to all fighting the LNG injustice!

Watch Seattle City Council press release here:
50,377 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000.

Jay Inslee: Stand with the Puyallup Tribe -…
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