Petition: Time to defund Wildlife Services

Dear Guardian,

As we endure a multitude of crises and injustices across the United States, the systemic failure of many of the country’s institutions has become glaringly apparent. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services is one of these failing institutions.

A misnomer, Wildlife Services is anything but helpful to wildlife. Instead, Wildlife Services is a federally-funded wildlife killing program that slaughters native wild animals, almost exclusively at the behest of the livestock industry.

During this time of mass extinction, the killing of over 1 million wild animals annually is not only unjustifiable, it is reckless, particularly when this slaughter involves species that are critical players in delicate ecosystems.

In 2019, alone, Wildlife Services killed approximately 62,000 coyotes, 25,000 beavers, 14,000 prairie dogs (plus 27,000 dens), as well as hundreds of wolves, cougars, bobcats, and many other keystone species that are essential for healthy ecosystems. You can see the astounding level of destruction across the American West by Wildlife Services on our new map.

There are numerous scientifically-proven, cost-effective, nonlethal options for wildlife coexistence. Moreover, nonlethal solutions like range riding and electric fencing have been proven more effective than pre-emptively gunning down thousands of coyotes from an airplane prior to grazing season. Incredibly, even though Wildlife Services has these non-lethal options available, only a small portion of its more than $100 million federal budget is restricted for non-lethal management.

We need your help to curb this rogue wildlife killing program. No congressionally-appropriated, taxpayer funds should continue to be used for Wildlife Services to wastefully kill native animals, especially in a time of mass extinction.

Join WildEarth Guardians in demanding that Congress restrict taxpayer dollars going to Wildlife Services to only be used for non-lethal management practices.

Keep anti-wildlife riders out of the federal budget

Keep anti-wildlife riders out of the federal budget – WildEarth Guardians : Keep anti-wildlife riders out of the federal budget.

Tell Idaho: Educate Kids, Don’t Slaughter Wolves

Tell Idaho: Educate Kids, Don’t Slaughter Wolves.

Stop Federal Program from Killing Wildlife

Coyotes, cougars, wolves, and a variety of other species have been slaughtered because of a federal program designed to help maintain local agriculture. Help put a stop to these senseless and cruel murders by taking action now.

via Stop Federal Program from Killing Wildlife.

Sustainable Cowboys or Welfare Ranchers of the American West?

Straight from the Horse's Heart


Report analyzes taxpayer bailout of U.S. public lands ranching [Part II of a series on ranchers]

by Vickery Eckhoff

Cliven-Bundy-on-Horseback-e1423775080754-620x264 Public lands livestock operators each cost taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars in subsidies over the last decade. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher)

Five hundred million dollars[1]. That’s what 21,000[2] ranchers who graze their livestock on America’s iconic western rangelands are estimated to have cost US taxpayers in 2014 — and every year for the past decade. This averages out to an annual taxpayer subsidy of $23,809 per rancher — approximately a quarter of a million dollars each since 2005. So why does this small subset, representing just 2.7% of US livestock producers, protest the “welfare rancher” label?

 The public lands grazing program is welfare.

That $23,809 — and it’s a lowball figure — is a form of…

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USA: Idaho is at it again – state officials have just requested another $400,000 to kill even more wolves!

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)




Dear Mark,

It’s breaking the bank and breaking our hearts.

Idaho is at it again – state officials have just requested another $400,000 to kill even more wolves!

Enough is enough. Your urgent support for Defenders of Wildlife will help us protect wolves and other vulnerable wildlife.

The state calls it the “Wolf Depredation Control Board.” We call it the “Wolf Kill Board.” What it really does is funnel state taxpayers’ money for the sole purpose of killing wolves.

And make no mistake – this wolf-hating panel wants to kill every wolf it’s allowed to.

Here’s what one Wolf Kill Board member told state legislators at a budget hearing: “We think we’re going to need every dime of that money before this is over.”

Many of these killings are sanctioned to artificially inflate deer and elk numbers!

Idaho’s wolves have been in growing jeopardy since Congress stripped them of protection…

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Yellowstone wildlife sent to slaughter; calling all buffalo warriors

Animal Blawg

10429277_10153021164260859_6998809249201624349_nKathleen Stachowski    Other Nations

Dear Americans:

You’re busy, I know. You’re busy working and playing and doing a million crazy, diverse things that Americans do in our big, crazy, diverse country. That’s just who we are, and that’s what makes us awesome.

But right now, I’m going to cherry-pick a few things we share. We’re nuts about wildlife–amiright?!? In 2011, a whopping 71.8 million of us–that was 30% of the U.S. adult population–identified as dedicated wildlife watchers in a once-every-five-years national Census survey. We spent a bundle–$54.9 billion–on wildlife watching that year.

According to the same report, 12.3 million of us visited parks and other natural areas to view wildlife (pg. 36). And in 2012, a National Parks Conservation Association poll found that “95 percent of voters see protecting and supporting the National Parks as an appropriate role for the federal government.” In one survey question, protecting…

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Stop Construction of Taxpayer-Funded Greyhound Race Track – ForceChange

Stop Construction of Taxpayer-Funded Greyhound Race Track – ForceChange.

BLM Employees Charged Taxpayers $799,000 for ‘Gift Cards’

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Joseph Perticone as published on

“Brought to you by the same lovely people who are mismanaging our wild horses & burros into oblivion!” ~ R.T.

BLM_Logo( —  Wildfire management employees at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) used government charge cards to by $799,000 worth of gift cards from vendors such as REI, American Express, FredMeyer and Visa, according to a report released Sept. 30 by the Interior Department’s Office of the Inspector General.

When investigators requested supporting documentation such as purchase orders, receipts, and authorizing signatures, BLM staff claimed that they were “missing,” according to the report.

The inspector general describes widespread misuse of government-issued charge cards at the agency, making the “purchase card program susceptible to fraud, waste, and abuse.”

In 2010, BLM conducted an agency-wide audit of the purchase card program. Auditors traced $70,000 of the undocumented purchases to the…

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