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He needs to be fired immediately!!  They are public servants and there paycheck is covered by the taxpayers not just the Democrats!


Patrice Lewis is shocked over cops refusing to attend fundraiser for slain lawman

Oct 5, 2019

Warning: I am not an investigative reporter. I am, as I’ve always maintained, merely an opinionated housewife. Therefore the following column is nothing more than my opinion, based on a number of articles on the following subject. I give this disclaimer because investigative journalists investigate. They interview people. They research backgrounds.

Me, I’m simply reacting. I’m reacting to an article that was so loathsome, so revolting, it deserves to be national news. Here are the facts as I understand them.

A Ventura County (California) sheriff’s officer named Ron Helus was killed in the line of duty last Nov. 7 “when a 28-year-old man attacked the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks [California], killing 13 people and wounding a dozen police officers. The shooter also died that day of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

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PETITION: Justice for Puppy Shot by Police While Playing In the Park
Supplied, via Action News Jax

PETITION TARGET: Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels

An off-duty deputy drew his gun and shot one-year-old puppy Parker dead as the friendly dog played in a local park in Clay County, Florida.

Parker was running around off leash when he spotted the deputy walking his dog. The excitable hound/boxer mix was running towards the pair to say hello when Lt. Mark Cowan pulled out his personal handgun and killed him.

According to the incident report, Cowan thought Parker was a 40-50 pound pitbull and shot him in self-defense.

Parker’s guardian, Miranda Abba, was out of town at the time, but she says Parker was a sweet, friendly dog who had never shown aggression towards anyone.

Although a report was made, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office says no charges will be filed, and the case is closed.

This is a shocking act of unnecessary force, used against a dog showing no signs of aggression. As a law enforcement officer, Lt. Cowan should have used non-lethal alternatives to deal with this situation.

Sign this petition urging the Clay County sheriff’s office to take cases of animal death seriously, and enact a mandatory training program for all officers so they can deal with animals properly and safely.

Fourth Petition Justice for Sota· Ajuntament de Barcelona: Que se tomen medidas contra el policia que ha matado de un tiro q una perrita inofensiva #JusticiaparaSota @bcn_ajuntament ·

Third Petition · Ayuntamiento de Barcelona: Justicia para Sota ·

Second Petition on “Justice for Sota”

One said policeman shot Sota, the dog of a homeless person who was selling bracelets in front of Hotel Gran Via. This man had been selling bracelets in this same area for many years already. There are many eyewitnesses and they all say the dog barked, nervous about what the policemen were doing to his owner. The murdering policeman claims the dog bit him and that’s why he shot him but none of the witnesses’ testimonies back up his story. Let’s do everything we can so this policeman is NEVER AGAIN IN A POSITION TO KILL AN ANIMAL AS AN OFFICER OF THE LAW.


Petition: They Shot Her Dog Dead In Her Own Yard!

by: Care2 Team
recipient: London Police

40,000 GOAL

When Suzzana Day of Islington, London, let her dog Lola out to go to the bathroom in their garden, she had no idea it would be the last time she saw her chihuahua alive. After a while, when she noticed Lola still hadn’t returned she went to look for her, only to find her lying dead in a pool of her own blood.

There, in the same garden where her children play, someone had mercilessly killed her dog. An X-Ray would later reveal that Lola had been shot with an air rifle, the pellet could be easily seen, lodged in her brain.

Lola’s story, unfortunately, isn’t unique. According to the Express, the RSPCA received more than 650 calls regarding animals being targeted by people using air weapons just last year.

Cases like Lola’s should be taken seriously. Her killer should be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That’s because people who are capable of inflicting this kind of violence against an animal, could potentially turn to humans.

Help demand justice for Lola and the Day family. Sign the petition and demand that London police continue their search for Lola’s killer.


Petition: Fire Officers Who Intentionally Ran Over Two Loose Dogs

Fire Officers Who Intentionally Ran Over Two Loose Dogs

by: Laura G
target: Paul Tiernan, Chief of Police

22,737 SUPPORTERS – 25,000 GOAL

As witnesses watched in horror, police officers with the Newark Police Department in Delaware got into their patrol car and intentionally ran over a German shepherd and pit bull that were running loose through a commercial area late in the afternoon of May 11.

Both dogs survived being hit by the SUV. The German shepherd was able to run away, but the pit bull wasn’t so lucky. The injured dog was shot multiple times and killed by one of the police officers.

Sign the petition to demand these irresponsible police officers lose their jobs for such animal cruelty.

The Newark Police Department, which is investigating the incident, released a statement the next day that said the dogs “were aggressive towards the officers by sprinting towards the officers, baring their teeth, growling and foaming at the mouth.”

But two witnesses who’d worked at a local SPCA disagreed. They said the German shepherd and pit bull weren’t behaving aggressively – the dogs were simply terrified because police and animal control officers had been yelling at them and chasing them with taser guns for 90 minutes.

According to the Newark Police Department, the decision to use lethal force was made because the dogs were near a highway, open businesses with foot traffic, and residential neighborhoods. But running over the dogs and shooting one of them in a busy area seems much more dangerous to public safety.

There are many humane ways for law enforcement to deal with dogs and other frightened animals. Laws have been passed in Colorado and Texas that require all police officers to receive training in handling stressful situations involving animals. One of the witnesses to the terrible incident in Newark has asked the police department to train its officers as well.

This is a great idea — and the officers who ran over the dogs and then unnecessarily shot one of them should also lose their jobs for these cruel actions. Please sign and share this petition asking for these officers to be fired.

Photo credit: born1945/flickr


Petition: Sheriff Deputy Shoots Groundhog in Front of Horrified Bystanders

Sheriff Deputy Shoots Groundhog in Front of Horrified Bystanders

by: Rebecca G.
target: Carroll County Sheriff’s Department

43,161 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL

When a Maryland resident stuck in traffic saw an adorable groundhog trying to cross a busy road, she decided to take a quick video from her car.

But less than a minute later, she was horrified to see a Carroll County sheriff’s deputy approach the groundhog, draw his service weapon — and shoot the defenseless animal dead.

This was a shocking, cruel, and unnecessary act — and this deputy needs to be held accountable! Please sign to demand that the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department investigate this act of animal cruelty and fire this officer for his gruesome actions.

In most jurisdictions, police officers are only supposed to use their firearms in extreme circumstances — and only as a last resort. It’s clear from this video that the groundhog was NOT a threat to the deputy or to the bystanders watching.

In an interview with HuffPost, a groundhog expert and biology professor said the groundhog seemed harmless and only wanted to cross the road. “He/she probably had a burrow on the other side. It was not attempting to go after the police officer,” the professor said.

Even if the animal was sick, procedures called for the sheriff’s deputy to call animal control instead of firing his service weapon on a busy road.

This was a dangerous and senseless act and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department needs to answer for it. Sign and share the petition to call for the sheriff’s deputy to be held accountable.

Photo credit: Facebook Screenshot / Justyna Olkowska

Petition: Justice for Golden Retriever Beaten to Death by Cop!

Distressing footage has emerged online showing a police officer in China mercifully beating a golden retriever to death. According to reports, Hu Hanlin chained the dog to the road barrier and then proceeded to beat him with a wooden club for 3 hours as pedestrians passed by, watching the bloody act in horror.

Petition: Fire Cop Who Ordered Man to Cut Off His Dog’s Head!

The horrifying incident began when the sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Goodwin’s home after a neighbor called to report a dog bite involving Big Boy. While on the scene, Big Boy allegedly charged at the deputy who shot and killed him on the spot. When Goodwin arrived, he and the deputy calmly  talked about what happened. The situation was not ideal but it was under control, until the Sheriff’s investigator James Hollis arrived. What started as a series of questions about  Big Boy’s vaccination records quickly escalated and turned into the investigator ordering Goodwin’s to cut off Big Boy’s head and  for the girlfriend to put the dogs head in a bag and bring it to the health department, he was ordered to do so or he would go to jail.  Video footage of the  encounter shows Hollis threatening to arrest Goodwin if he dose not comply.

Petition · Donna Videtto: Stop police Officers from shooting innocent and non-threatening dogs. ·

Petition: Justice for Ciroc and Rocko: Fire Trigger-Happy Minneapolis Police Officer

To perve :Cop busted for producing obscene material with dog | Deborah Lee Jarrett

policeabuse Deborah Lee Jarrett
Fighting police abuse, brutality and corruption

To perve :Cop busted for producing obscene material with dog
January 17, 2017 ~ deborahleejarrett

“A Harris County sheriff’s deputy is out of a job after a shocking allegation and an obscenity charge, authorities said on Monday.

“The allegation involves production of obscene material that includes sexual contact with a dog,” said Dane Schiller, a spokesman for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Andrew Sustaita Jr., a six-year veteran of the force, was relieved of duty after his arrest for the state jail felony, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Sustaita, who was most recently assigned to the Crime Control Division, was identified as a suspect after investigators found out about obscene online material coming from an account based in Harris County. ”

“The Sheriff’s Office’s High Tech Crime Unit investigated the case and determined that Sustaita was allegedly involved in producing the obscene online material.

“The possession of obscene and illicit material is made even more troubling when a Sheriff’s Office employee is found to be involved,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said in a statement.”

Punish Officer Who Brutalized Man Praying for Sick Seal



A cop was filmed brutally beating a non-resistant and peaceful native Hawaiian who had just finished a prayer ceremony for a sick seal on the beach. Sign our petition to demand that charges be filed for unnecessary force and that harsh penalties are pursued if the officer is found guilty.

Source: Punish Officer Who Brutalized Man Praying for Sick Seal

Justice for Disabled Dog Killed By Police

Police claim a disabled pet dog charged them during a home sweep, forcing them to shoot. However, the dog’s autopsy reportedly shows that the elderly dog was incapable of this attack and instead was running away when he was killed. Demand the police stop killing innocent pets.

Source: Justice for Disabled Dog Killed By Police

Justice for Dog Allegedly Shot by Police


A friendly dog was reportedly shot by police as he walked out the doorway of their home. Demand the dog and his owner receive justice and that the police officer’s actions are investigated and punished accordingly.

Source: Justice for Dog Allegedly Shot by Police

Denounce Sheriff for Calling Most Rape Victims Liars

A county sheriff stated that the majority of rape cases are false in response to a new law in Idaho that requires all rape kits to be tested. His comments reveal his lack of professionalism toward rape cases. Sign to demand that this man be denounced for his gross comments.

Source: Denounce Sheriff for Calling Most Rape Victims Liars

Beloved Dog Shot by Police, Says Family


A family’s barking dog was shot by a deputy and left to die slowly on the doorstep before being found by a group of children and rushed to the vet, according to reports. Demand this officer is fired for his shocking brutality and violence against an innocent family pet, if found guilty.

Source: Beloved Dog Shot by Police, Says Family

Justice for Cat Shot to Death By Cop


An eight-pound house cat was allegedly shot to death by a cop even though she appeared neither injured nor aggressive. There’s no conceivable reason why an officer of the law should need to pull a gun on a cat. Sign to demand the officer be fired if found guilty.

Source: Justice for Cat Shot to Death By Cop

Punish Cops Who Allegedly Laughed While Shooting Puppy

A one-year-old puppy was allegedly shot to death by police officers after complaints about his barking. The owner says the cops smiled while shooting him and laughed after. Sign our petition to demand that the officers involved be investigated for brutality.

Source: Punish Cops Who Allegedly Laughed While Shooting Puppy

Shock Video: Cop Executes Man as He is Lying Face Down and Complying | The Free Thought Project

Investigate Reports of Officers Shooting Escaped Zoo Animals

Investigate Reports of Officers Shooting Escaped Zoo Animals.

Charge Police Officer Who Allegedly Left Dog in Car to Die

Charge Police Officer Who Allegedly Left Dog in Car to Die.

Fire Police Officer for Shooting Family Dog

Fire Police Officer for Shooting Family Dog.

…and don’t forget to hand in your gun on the way out the door

Fire Police Officers Who Joked About Rape – ForceChange

Fire Police Officers Who Joked About Rape – ForceChange.

Disturbing body cam video shows Texas cop shooting puppy

CLEBURNE, Texas — Sadly, the tape doesn’t lie. Cleburne Police video shows an officer firing three shots at a seven-month-old pit bull wagging his tail. It’s hard to watch.

Editor’s note: This video is graphic and some may find it disturbing. 

“Why? I just don’t understand why,” owner Amanda Henderson said.

She also wants to know why it sounds like the officer is making kiss noises right before he killed Maximus.

“Every shot makes me go (cringes) and you can even hear him [yelp.]”

Now, that officer is on paid administrative leave, perhaps because of all the death threats he’s been receiving on social media.

“Some threats that indicate that his family may not be safe and we take that extremely seriously. Again, we want to reiterate we`re not going to tolerate vigilantism in Cleburne,” Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain said.

It all started with a 911 call from a woman…

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Police in New Jersey don’t need tanks and grenade launchers

Police Officer Reportedly Calls Dog to Him Then Shoots Dog to Death


Max, as shown on the WFAA website. Max, as shown on the WFAA website.

In August, police in Cleburne, TX responded to a call about 3 loose dogs who had escaped their fenced yard.  One dog was reportedly captured without incident before police arrived.  The other two were located by a police officer, whose identity is being kept hidden by the department, who reported that the 7 month old puppy behaved in a threatening manner toward him, including growling, and that he had to shoot the puppy to death.

The puppy’s owner received the news and could not believe it.  Her puppy, called Max, had never acted in an aggressive manner and the story didn’t make sense to her.  So she FOIA’d the officer’s body cam footage of the shooting.  That footage (which I have not watched) reportedly shows the officer coaxing the two loose dogs to him, the dogs behaving in a friendly manner and…

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Punish Police for Violence Against Pregnant Woman – ForceChange

Punish Police for Violence Against Pregnant Woman – ForceChange.