Justice for Police Officer Shot by Poachers


A police officer was shot and killed while attempting to stop an illegal wildlife trade. Sign this petition to demand that the poachers responsible are found and brought to justice.

Source: Justice for Police Officer Shot by Poachers

Cambodia rescues half a tonne of smuggled tortoises, pythons

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KENYA:British helicopter pilot ‘#shot and #killed’ by elephant poachers while flying in purs uit of their capture – Conservation fund confirms – @AceNewsServices

Source: KENYA:British helicopter pilot ‘#shot and #killed’ by elephant poachers while flying in purs uit of their capture – Conservation fund confirms – @AceNewsServices

Poachers Slaughtered More Than 1,000 Rhinos In South Africa For The 3rd Year In A Row



Avaaz – Yahoo – stop your deadly ivory trade!



Stop Poachers from Murdering Severely Endangered Gorillas

Thousands of eastern lowland gorillas are slaughtered by poachers every year. However, rangers lack non-lethal and reliable means to catch illegal hunters, making it so poachers oftentimes get away. Ensure that rangers are allowed to use non-lethal methods to catch poachers in order to help save these innocent animals from extinction.

Source: Stop Poachers from Murdering Severely Endangered Gorillas

The ‘Devil’ Gets His Due: Elephant Poaching Kingpin Arrested | TakePart


Justice for Elephants Poisoned in Zimbabwe

Nearly 50 elephants have died after being poisoned by cyanide in the national park in Zimbabwe where Cecil the lion also died. Urge officials to find and charge under the full extent of the law whoever is responsible for poisoning these innocent elephants.

Source: Justice for Elephants Poisoned in Zimbabwe

Protect Rhinos From the Brutal Ivory Trade

South Africa is considering reversing the ban on the sale of rhino horns. With less than 5,000 rhinos left in sub-Saharan Africa, the reverse of this ban would put these already endangered animals in even more danger. Sign this petition to keep the current ban on the sale of rhino horns to help protect these precious animals.

Source: Protect Rhinos From the Brutal Ivory Trade

End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching

Gorillas are being poached at an alarming rate, but with expansion of an already existing poacher to ranger program this inhumane and illegal practice can be brought to an end. Sign this petition to urge leaders to expand this program and prevent further deaths of these magnificent creatures.

Source: End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching

Save Beautiful and Majestic Giraffes from Poachers

Giraffes are quickly disappearing in the wild as a result of being  illegally hunted by humans, if more is not done to protect them, these beautiful animals may soon cease to exist. Encourage  officials to implement patrols in national parks to better protect giraffes and help save them from extinction.

Save Beautiful and Majestic Giraffes from Poachers.

Support the Use of Anti-Poaching Device

Support the Use of Anti-Poaching Device.

Wildlife under threat from Asia’s poaching crisis – in pictures

Emilio Cogliani

It’s not just tigers, elephants and rhinos that are threatened by poaching. As Nepal hosts a Zero Poaching in Asia symposium this week, the WWF highlight 10 lesser-known Asian species being slaughtered to satisfy a growing demand for illegal wildlife products

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Poisons and Poaching: A Deadly Mix Requiring Urgent Action – News Watch

Wolf Is My Soul

Poisons and Poaching: A Deadly Mix Requiring Urgent Action – News Watch.

Posted by Darcy Ogada of The Peregrine Fund in Explorers Journal on August 17, 2014

Darcy Ogada has studied the animals of Africa for a long time, but this might be the worst of times yet. She is fighting to document and put a stop to a new form of hunting and poaching: poisoning. The poisons make for easy money in selling animal parts to eastern Asian markets, but they have tragic consequences for any other animals that disturb the corpses of elephants and rhinos.

Last Sunday, two elephants silently succumbed to poisoning outside Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia. In mid-July, four jumbos were poisoned in Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe when their salt lick was laced with cyanide. This was reminiscent of the decimation of 103 elephants through cyanide poisoning in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe in October…

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Increased giraffe poaching in Arusha region

Wolf Is My Soul


Maasai Giraffe, Lake Manyara, Tanzania Maasai Giraffe, Lake Manyara, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giraffe killing highlighted in the Manyara lake district

Poachers are turning their attention to giraffes in the Manyara lake region, south-west of Arusha, according to reports in local media.

Tanzania‘s national symbol, the giraffe, is a protected species but is coming under increasing attack from poachers keen to take advantage of the booming illicit trade in giraffe meat.

The killing of the animals is also fuelled by the mistaken belief that the consumption of giraffe brains and bone marrow is an effective cure for HIV/AIDS.

Giraffe meat is allegedly transported around Tanzania as well as being smuggled to restaurants in neighbouring countries where it can command a high price. The animals’ skin and hair is also used to make illegal bracelets, necklaces and fly swatters.

Some local wildlife rangers acknowledge the killing of giraffes…

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India destroys stockpile of illegal wildlife parts

Great Cats of the "World"


NEW DELHI – (AP) — Indian authorities set fire Sunday to a stockpile of tiger skins, elephant tusks, rhino horns and other illegal animal parts in an effort to discourage wildlife smuggling in South Asia.

Animal poaching and smuggling have flourished in India, driven by black market demand from China, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries where many believe exotic animal parts have medicinal or aphrodisiacal properties. In most cases, there is no scientific evidence that they do.

Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar loaded more than 42,000 illegal animal parts into a large, blazing oven at the Delhi Zoo. The parts included tiger and leopard pelts, reptile skins, rhino horns and shawls made from endangered Tibetan antelope called shahtoosh.

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India destroys stockpile of illegal wildlife parts – Newsday
From tiger skins to elephant tusks, India sets fire to stockpile of illegal wildlife parts

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Poaching Kingpin in America

Fight for Rhinos

Notorious rhino poaching ringleader Dawie Groenewald along with his brother Janneman Groenewald have been indicted in the U.S. on multiple charges surrounding rhino poaching.


The men have been charged with “conspiracy to sell illegal rhinoceros hunts in South Africa in order to defraud American hunters, money laundering and secretly trafficking in rhino horns”.

Dawie, with his wife in Musina court. Photo: Brendan Croft Dawie, with his wife in Musina court. Photo: Brendan Croft

Dawie used his safari company, Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris to conduct the hunts.

According to the 18-count indictment, from 2005 to 2010, the Groenewald brothers travelled throughout the United States to attend hunting conventions and gun shows where they sold outfitting services and accommodations to American hunters to be conducted at their ranch in Mussina, South Africa. During the time Janneman lived in Alabama, where Out of Africa maintained bank accounts, and is accused of money laundering and structuring deposits to avoid federal reporting requirements. -US Department…

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Rhino horn demand in Vietnam drops by more than 33% in one year

Emilio Cogliani

Information campaign successfully changes minds of people who think rhino horn has medicinal value

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Operation: Stop Poaching Now – Intensive Monitoring and Tracking

The International Rhino Foundation Blog

OpSPN-banner-logo-webOperation: Stop Poaching Now
We’re counting down and almost to number 1. We’re sharing 10 Ways to Fight Rhino Poaching — detailing diverse solutions you can support to address the poaching crisis.

intensive-monitoringListHolding an H-bar radio antenna in front of him at chest height, Freedom Ncube walks softly along the narrow trail that snakes through the tall grass and almost disappears into the thick surrounding brush. This same trail is used — maybe just recently — by the rhino he is tracking, possibly a lion or leopard, or perhaps even an angry buffalo. The “beep … beep … beep” that emanates from the receiver tells him that the rhino is close — close enough that he and his team must take care not to spook it. That could be dangerous. Ready with small cameras, Freedom’s brother Lawrence and co-worker Hence make up the tracking team. They are led by Natasha…

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Endangered … in danger: Illegal trading pushes animals towards extinction

A Ranger and two Park Employees in South Africa’s Kruger National Park were arrested on World Rhino Day for poaching the animals they swore to protect.


Rhinos Can’t Catch a Break

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Charges filed in poaching of record-class bull elk

Indonesia Busts Manta Ray Poachers

strange behaviors


Following on the good news of multiple arrests of elephant poachers in Mozambique, Indonesia is now cracking down on people who traffick illegally in manta ray parts.  It’s very encouraging to see this kind of enforcement from developing nations that have experienced some of the most dramatic wildlife losses ever.

Here’s the press release from the Wildlife Conservation Society:

NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 30, 2014) – The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Government of Indonesia, and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)’s Wildlife Crimes Unit announced today the first-ever series of enforcement actions against a trader of sharks and rays in Indonesia, home to the largest shark fisheries on earth.

Between August 22nd and September 26th, 2014, the team of officials, led by Pantja Waluyo Prasetyanto of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, arrested four traders of CITES-listed sharks and rays products, assisted by…

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Illegal traders of dugong, turtle meat targeted with $5m poaching crackdown (Australia)

The ocean update

A baby dugong floats on its side. A 2003 survey into dugong populations in the NT estimated the coastline from Daly River to Milingimbi at supporting over 13,000 animals. AAP : Dave Hunt, file photo A baby dugong floats on its side. A 2003 survey into dugong populations in the NT estimated the coastline from Daly River to Milingimbi at supporting over 13,000 animals. AAP : Dave Hunt, file photo

September 27th, 2014. The Federal Government is warning anyone involved in the illegal trade of dugong and turtle meat that they will be caught.

The Government has allocated $5 million to a dugong and turtle protection plan that involves the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Customs and Border Protection, and the Australian Crime Commission.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said the Crime Commission has been given $2 million to investigate the illegal trade.

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URGENT: Please Help Bring Rhino Poachers to Justice

Fight for Rhinos

Kingpin poaching leader Hugo Ras, and his nine co-accused  have been charged with no less than 318 charges regarding their involvement in rhino poaching and related crimes. These people are REPEAT OFFENDERS; they are believed to be responsible for the brutal slaughter and mutilation of 24 rhino, including a pregnant cow and a small calf, in state and privately owned reserves around the country between June 2008 and June 2012.

Hugo Ras Hugo Ras, serial rhino killer

They were arrested Friday by South African’s Priority Investigation Unit, the Hawks. A spokesperson for the group, Paul Ramaloko called the syndicate’s operations the “serial killing” of rhino.

Via Allison Thompson from OSCAP (Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching), here is a list of the accused:

ras and coconspirators Ras and his co-conspirators in court.

1. Hugo Ras (Ringleader)
2. Trudie Ras (wife of Hugo)
3. Mandla Magaguka (poacher)
4. Willie Oosthuizen (Organized Crime)
5. Joseph Wilkinson (Attorney)
6. Jacobus Steyn aka Bonnie…

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Mozambique Moves to Make Elephant Poachers an Endangered Species

Florida Man Says He Ate 15 Threatened Tortoises and Planned to Eat 11 More

Rhino Poacher Sentenced to 77 Years in Prison | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?


South African authorities are cracking down on rhino poachers – hoping longer sentences will deter others from killing the endangered animals.

As part of of this pattern, a poacher was sentenced to 77 years in prison last Tuesday; one of the longest sentences ever for the crime. Mandla Chauke, a South African, broke into the Kruger National Park in 2011 along with two others. They shot three rhinos and after patrolling rangers spotted them, were engaged in a firefight that left one poacher dead.

Chauke was caught, and despite trying to argue he was coerced into killing the animals by his accomplices, was convicted of murder, illegal hunting of rhinos, rhino horn theft, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition,  and trespassing in a national park.

“We hope that this will be a deterrent” to other poachers, said parks spokesman Reynold Thakhuli.

Earlier this month, two Mozambican poachers were sentenced to 16 years in…

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Poachers Are Killing Thousands of African Vultures to Hide Evidence of Their Crimes