Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer

Reindeer in Norway are being slaughtered by the dozen. Without immediate action, countless more reindeer will lose their lives. Sign this petition to demand the government halt this practice that is inhumane and also threatens the local indigenous people’s way of life.

Source: Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer


Stop Violence Against Animals by Enforcing Animal Protection Laws

Animals are suffering because animal protection laws are not adequately applied. Urge authorities to implement animal rights legislation in order to reduce the violence against innocent and vulnerable animals.

Source: Stop Violence Against Animals by Enforcing Animal Protection Laws

Success: Men Charged With Dragging Shark Behind Speedboat Demand they be punished to the fullest extent of the law

A shark suffered when the poor animal was allegedly tethered to a speedboat and dragged at high speed. Now, three suspects have finally been arrested. Demand that they be punished to the full extent of the law.

Source: Success: Men Charged With Dragging Shark Behind Speedboat

Prohibit Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.

The welfare of dogs and cats must be protected by prohibiting the trade of their meat for human consumption. Demand that the possession and trade of cat and dog meat be prohibited in the U.S.

Source: Prohibit Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.

Petition · Tell Grupo Pão de Açúcar: Stop Selling Pork from Confined and Mutilated Pigs ·

What happens to pigs at an Aurora corporate factory farm in Brazil will shock and disgust you. A shocking new investigation exposes the horror of piglets squealing in agong while workers grind down their teeth, slice off their tails, and cut holes in their ears. All of this is done without any pain relief. Mother pigs are treated as mere meat producing machines. Crammed inside tiny metal gestation crates barely  larger than their own bodies.

Petition · James Snee: Hormel: Stop Mutilating Pigs and Cramming Them into Tiny Crates ·

Workers kicked, hit, and beat piglets with gas cans. They chopped off their tails and ripped out their testicles while these baby animals squealed in agony. No pain relief was ever provided. Their mothers had it just as bad. Unable to turn around or even lie down comfortably,mother pigs spend nearly their entire lives crammed inside tiny, gestation crates.

Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks

A museum is killing chicks just a few days after they hatch so a new batch of eggs can be put in the incubator. This museum claims this cruel practice teaches the public about life cycles. Sign this petition and demand the museum put a stop to the senseless killing of baby chicks.

Source: Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks

Dog Allegedly Thrown to the Ground and Beaten Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly beaten and thrown to the ground in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Shocking video footage captured a man allegedly beating the helpless dog. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Dog Allegedly Thrown to the Ground and Beaten Deserves Justice

Dog Severely Burned While Chained to Kennel Deserves Justice

A dog named Tank nearly burned to death when his kennel was set on fire while he was chained to it. Tank could not escape the flames and suffered excruciating burns on sixty-percent of his body. Demand justice for Tank.

Source: Dog Severely Burned While Chained to Kennel Deserves Justice

Petition · Justice for Skeletal Puppy Starved Nearly to Death ·

When police found this abused beagle puppy, skeleton from starvation, the poor dog was in such bad shape that the Vets thought they’d have to euthanize. This emaciated puppy with just one of the five dogs seized from a Leitchfield, Kentucky home. All of them were severely neglected and living among dead animals including several dead chickens. Although the puppy managed to survive the round-the-clock  veterinarian care, the dog would likely had died too had the police not intervened.

Petition · Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation! ·

Punish Star Athlete Accused of Beating and Starving His Dog | Animal Petitions

Tallahassee police arrested Hubert “Chris” Maxwell a former two-time All-American track and field athlete after he allegedly beat and starved his dog. The emaciated pitbull mix, suffered from lameness to his back legs and a severe flea infestation, causing him to lose chunks of his fur. Maxwell’s former roommate reportedly witness Maxwell swing the dog around by his collar slamming him  into the wall and floor, kick him and then step on his neck. Maxwell denied ownership of the pitbull mix and one other dog stating that one dog ran away after being disciplined for urinating on the floor. He offered no explanation for the other dogs absence.

Dog Killed, Skinned and Mutilated Deserves Justice | Animal Petitions

A dog was mutilated and killed in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dog’s ears and testicles were cut off and it was almost completely skinned. A fisherman found the 30 lb dog lying underneath a bridge near the river and believe the dog was killed less than 3 hours before he was found. This is not the first time that a canine remains have been found underneath that bridge. The police suspect that they may have a serial dog killer in the area.

Demand Police Capture Serial Dog Killer | Animal Petitions

Two beloved family dogs adored agonizing deaths after being poisoned with ibuprofen and antifreeze they are the latest victims in a string of killings despite the deaths of 18 innocent dogs. The police still have not found the killer.

With Lamb of God’s life in the balance, supporters rally for dog | CW33 NewsFix Video

Petition: Free Billy the Elephant from His Lonely, Cramped Life at the L.A. Zoo, California

Billy the elephant has lived at the Los Angeles Zoo for nearly 30 years. For most of this time he has endured living all by himself in an extremely tiny enclosure. As a result he has displayed significant signs of stress. After public protests and a lawsuit filed on Billy’s behalf a few years ago, the Los Angeles Zoo promised to close down the old elephant exhibit and built a bigger, better enclosure for Billy. After visiting the new exhibit, however, I was shocked to find that poor Billy is still being kept in a tiny area separate from the other elephants and he still is displaying the same repetitive stress, such as swaying and rocking side to side and head bobbing due to frustration, boredom, and possibly depression. His predecessors at the Los Angeles Zoo, who died prematurely due to the conditions elephants often acquire while living in  enclosed and cramp quarters.

Petition · Chief Roderick Williams: Reinstate Pulse Hero: OFD Firefighter Joshua Granada ·

We want Joshua Granada reinstated into the Orlando fire department. Josh was awarded the state of Florida’s 2017 firefighter of the Year award with his partner, Carlos travarez, for their quick response and actions the night of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, which resulted in there directly saving 13 lives. He was previously 2014 paramedic of the year. He developed PTSD as a result of the Pulse incident and the Orlando fire department repeatedly denied his request for help. Than two days before Thanksgiving, they fired him for a audio recording involving a city official.

Petition · Michigan Supreme court: Stop Robert Jensen Schwander from receiving additional resentencing hearings! ·

Robert Jensen Schwander is responsible for the brutal slaying of 16 year old Carly Lewis on June 2nd 2011. He was sentenced to 40 to 70 years. That’s far, he has received 3 resentencing hearings and is working on a 4th, trying to reduce his sentence.  Two judges have explained in length why they were justified in this punishment.  It needs to be upheld.

Petition: Close April Showers!! My dog was mauled to death at local dog boarder/groomer

Petition: Stop Reindeer Cruelty in Shopping Malls

Each year as Christmas approaches, shopping malls around the country begin to advertise live reindeer parades and shows. While attending these events may be innocent holiday fun for shoppers, the reindeer that are forced to perform, have a very different experience. Reindeer typically found in huge herds in icy  arctic temperatures are often isolated and confined to tiny holding  areas under unnatural, glaring light, surrounded by people and noise for days on end. Most don’t get to enjoy anything close to natural habitat.

Petition: Fire Cop Who Ordered Man to Cut Off His Dog’s Head!

The horrifying incident began when the sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Goodwin’s home after a neighbor called to report a dog bite involving Big Boy. While on the scene, Big Boy allegedly charged at the deputy who shot and killed him on the spot. When Goodwin arrived, he and the deputy calmly  talked about what happened. The situation was not ideal but it was under control, until the Sheriff’s investigator James Hollis arrived. What started as a series of questions about  Big Boy’s vaccination records quickly escalated and turned into the investigator ordering Goodwin’s to cut off Big Boy’s head and  for the girlfriend to put the dogs head in a bag and bring it to the health department, he was ordered to do so or he would go to jail.  Video footage of the  encounter shows Hollis threatening to arrest Goodwin if he dose not comply.

Petition · United States Department of the Interior: Preserve Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument! ·

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s vast and austere landscape in Southern Utah’s embraces a spectacular array Of scientific and historic resources. Donald Trump’s Administration, along with Utah’s delegation, is currently engaging in efforts to substantially reduce the monument. This effect is an archaic and illogical assault on one of the crown jewels of America’s National Monuments and an economic threat to the gateway communities of the Grand Staircase-Escalante.

Doggie Daycare Worker Accused of Beating Pets Must be Prosecuted | Animal Petitions

The Dog Day Care Center terminated Alex Malone after she was accused of multiple dogs by a fellow employee. Security footage reportedly showed Malone hitting a dog and dragging dogs around by the collars on several occasions during her year-long employment. Owner of  Dog E. Woggy’s West reported the abuse to Lollypop Farm Humane Society of law enforcement, animal cruelty charges where file.

Petition · Food and Drug Administration: Reduce drug waste and environmental hazards by changing FDA drug expiration policy ·

Every year, drugs have been reached there published expiration dates are thrown away, creating billions of dollars in waste and causing an environmental hazard. Multiple researchers and the US military have proven that drug expiration dates can be extended safely. There is no recorded case of a patient being harmed by the use of an expired drug.

Protect Marine Life: Ban Glitter | Animal Petitions

Glitter may not seem like much of a threat but according to scientists and researchers, it is extremely hazardous to see life. The health of the ocean creature suffers immensely from the pollution of their waters, and tiny pieces of plastic like glitter are especially threatening because of how frequently sea creatures mistake them for food.

Save the Critically Endangered Red Wolf | Animal Petitions

The Republican Senate aims to destroy North Carolina’s remaining Red Wolf population. The species has been under government protection for the past 30 years, but their numbers are still critically low, only around 45 to 60 wolves remain. Now, Republicans want to terminate their protection under the reasoning that the species “has failed to meet population goals” and is “inconveniencing” land owners and other species.

Save Elderly Lion From Slowly Starving to Death | Animal Petitions

A 17 year-old lion named Juboraj has spent much of his life in a cage with no companions as the Comilla Zoo’s star attraction. However, now that his health is in declined due to his advanced age, zoo officials have decided to move the lion out of public view and appear to be allowing him to languish and starve to death. The poor animals deserves for better treatment and we must demand that he be relocated at once. Concern zoo-goers first noticed the lion’s deteriorating condition in recent weeks, with photographs emerging showing his peotruding spine and hip bones.

Petition · Thomas Cook: Stop Selling Elephant Rides ·

Elephants are being abused. They live in fear for most of our Lives. Some travel agencies have said they won’t sell elephant rides. But the Thomas Cook group continues to do so for money.

Petition · Save Lamby in her final hours! ·

Lamby is an abused dog facing euthanasia after being seized from her owner. After spending her life stuffed in a crate and being painfully bond with rubber bands that held on sunglasses and hats to encourage passerbuy to donate money. She has been designated a “dangerous dog.”  We have a rescue who would like to save and Rehabilitate Lamby, giving her a chance at a nice life with loving family. The most tragic thing about this situation is that she was in the custody of the Dallas Animal Service on five occasions and every time she was turned back over to her abuser, it would be a real failure of Justice if Lamby where to be euthanize now, after so many missed opportunities to give her a better life. We’re asking the city of Dallas to resecind the order to euthanize and release her to the rescue. Please do not let her die voiceless and alone. Give her a chance at a real life and a real home.

Petition · Marsh Swine Farm: Stop a Factory Farm from Coming to Montague ·


It happens to lie on the flower Creek Watershed, that feeds directly into Lake Michigan. Due to the location of our community our water sources are extremely sensitive to pollution such as Farm sewage runoff, antibiotic-resistant bacteria,high nitrate levels, increased ammonia levels etc; all which have been tracked back to CAFO’s. The  shear increase of waste being introduced into our community by 8,000 pigs total annually, is what will have the most impact. Each pig averages 3 gallons of manure a day for a total of over 1 million gallons of manure per year.