Demand Justice for 3 Dogs shot at Paradise Cove Camping Resort, Missouri
Demand Justice for 3 Dogs shot at Paradise Cove Camping Resort, Missouri

The following is a story from the Monett Times:

An Eagle Rock woman is speaking out on behalf of her family, which is in mourning after their three labradors were allegedly shot to death and mutilated while playing in Table Rock Lake about half a mile from their home.

Dani Johnson, of Eagle Rock, said her two black labs, Gus, 7, and Tug, 11 months, as well as her yellow lab, Kaycee, 3, were shot to death last week, and she is looking for answers.

“We let them out [on March 13] and they didn’t come back,” she said. “I was up all night calling for them but could not find them. I called the vet office here, and no more than five minutes later, I got a phone call from a person with a really callous voice saying he heard I had called about the dogs. I was happy and thought he’d found them, but the next thing he said was, ‘I just called to let you know that your dogs were shot to death and will not be coming home tonight.'”

Johnson said her husband and his brother went to the vet clinic and were directed to the Paradise Cove Camping Resort.

“They went and knocked on the door there but no one answered, so they went to some neighbors and started asking about the dogs,” Johnson said. “A nice couple answered and immediately cried, realizing we were their owners. They told us how beautiful, healthy, friendly and happy they were and how much they’d enjoyed watching them play. They were kind people, and they were horrified. The neighbors said they were watching the labs playing in the lake when a lady drove a golf cart down to them and began shooting them.

“She didn’t kill them, and the dogs were tortured. They were deliberately doing gut shots, and the people who saw it said they shot Gus repeatedly in his private parts.”

Johnson said the witnesses went down to help the dogs, and even in pain, they were licking the witnesses’ hands as they died.

“The dogs had been dragged into a pile and all of their collars had been cut off,” Johnson said. “My husband and brother-in-law brought them home so we could give them a proper burial.”

Johnson said she made a report with the Barry County Sheriff’s Office and said she was initially brushed off, told nothing could be done since the dogs were on the shooters’ property.

“But, after this social media response, I got a call and a detective wants to come talk to us and file a report,” Johnson said Monday afternoon. “Apparently, the people are saying they felt threatened by our dogs and they were going after their cat, but that’s ridiculous because they’ve been around cats before and are kind. Even the UPS driver loves our dogs.”

The Barry County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there is an active investigation into the allegations.

Johnson had a public Facebook post receive more than 2,000 shares before Facebook took the post down. Another post by one of Johnson’s family members had more than 500 shares on Monday.

The post has gained national attention, as evidenced by reviews left for Paradise Cove Camping Resort on websites like,, and Comments have come from as far away as California and Montreal, Canada. Someone has also vandalized one of the business’ signs, painting “dog killers” in red lettering.

A couple people have also left positive remarks on, calling the business owners godly people, sharing stories of how the owners had helped them in the past and calling for a stop to the harassment of the owners.

“The response has been amazing,” Johnson said. “If I could physically hug everyone who shared the post or left comments supporting us, I would. I want to tell everyone thank you, and I want to use the power of social media to call for more stringent animal cruelty laws.

“Even if you have livestock and a dog comes on your property, most people would shoot in the air to scare it off, not gutshot, torture and mutilate its genitals for the fun of it. There are so many animal lovers out there, and I hope this doesn’t happen to any dog ever again.

Two calls for comment were placed to Paradise Cove Camping Resort. The first resulted in a busy signal, and the second rang through, but no one answered.

The following are Excerpts from comments found on Facebook:

My mothers 3 labs were out playing and wandered over to the shore line close to their land, Marsha Perkins shot them all. 10 or more gunshots, they removed their collars and piled them on a hill in the middle of a field. These 3 dogs were very docile house pets and so loved. They had no idea about evil people, and would have trusted anyone, they had only known love. Please share to get the word out about these evil people.

Update on Facebook from Dani Johnson:
This is a heartbreaking update regarding three Labs that went missing a few days ago. I have names, witnesses and proof as a reward to other dog owners

Tuesday morning three of our Labs disappeared. I called the local Vet to report them missing.

Not 5 minutes later I get a call, from a gruff, angry man who said, “I heard you called the vet looking for your dogs. I’m just calling to tell you they’re all dead. They were all shot and won’t be coming home tonight.”

I was shocked, in tears begging for more explanation. Praying it was a cruel joke.

He repeated himself. Same words, even more cruel. We were in shock just heartbroken.

As the day wore on we learned from some kind neighbors who had seen what had happened.

Our babies decided they wanted to go swimming nearby in the lake.

A couple owns property that backs up to the lake,

They spotted our babies from game cameras. The woman went down to the lake on her golf cart and coerced them toward her then she brutally shot them. She shot repeatedly, killing one and sending the other two running for cover in the woods. Those babies suffered and finally died. A kind neighbor witnessed it all. They were in tears and called the local Vet to make certain they weren’t suffering.

Shortly afterward I called the Vet to report them missing. He was quite upset and gave me the name of the people and their business. The evil people

My husband and his brother went to his place because they wanted to see with their own eyes if it was our dogs. No one was there. My husband went next door and met a nice couple who both broke out crying when they found out they were our dogs. They said they were the sweetest, gentle dogs. They’d enjoyed watching them play in the water Even later, injured, they were gentle.

When my husband asked if they knew where our dogs were. The man cried and led them to a dirt pile where our babies were thrown. Brutally shot many times. Their orange collars had all been removed.

My husband and his brother, picked up these sweet babies and brought them home.

I called the sheriff and they told me there’s nothing they can do.

I hope there’s SOMETHING I can do

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Please sign this petition to demand justice for Gus, Tug, and Kaycee.



Petition: Don’t Use Dogs and Cats in Pet Food!


by: Laura G
target: Ohio General Assembly Members

45,000 GOAL

Many pet owners were alarmed when a recent news report found traces of the euthanization drug pentobarbital in several popular dog food brands, prompting a major recall.

How did pentobarbital end up in pet food? It can happen when the carcasses of euthanized animals are rendered into ingredients. Those animals may even include dogs and cats that are picked up by rendering companies from animal shelters.

Since federal standards for pet food are not effectively enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it’s generally up to individual states to regulate what’s in these products.

Ohio may set a precedent by becoming the first state to ban the use of rendered dogs and cats as ingredients in pet food. Like other states, Ohio law doesn’t consider euthanized animals fit for human consumption, yet it currently allows those animals to be sold to pet food manufacturers.

To stop this, State Representative Laura Lanese has introduced House Bill 560, which would ban the remains of dogs and cats from being used in pet food. It would also prohibit pet food from containing the remains of any animals that were euthanized by the injection of drugs.

Please sign and share this petition asking Ohio lawmakers to set an example for the rest of the country by passing HB 560 and stopping the state’s dogs and cats from being used in pet food.
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Urgent – Petition Update: Save Elephants and Lions
petition: Save Elephants and Lions

by: Care2 Team
target: US Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ)


620,000 GOAL

Urgent update: Trump just announced that the Fish and Wildlife Service will now allow “trophy” imports of dead elephants and lions on a “case-by-case” basis. This is completely unacceptable. Please sign and share to protect animals and keep the total ban on this cruelty!

President Trump just opened the door to expanded sport hunting of some of the world’s most beloved — and imperiled — animals: Africa’s elephants and lions. We need your signature today to help stop him.

Near the turn of the 20th century, Africa was home to between three and five million elephants. Now less than half a million remain. Africa’s lions have seen similar declines, with lion numbers declining by 42 percent in just the last 20 years.

To save these iconic animals from extinction, the Obama administration banned the importation of elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe and made importing lion pelts and other trophies more difficult.

Now President Trump — whose sons have boasted publicly of killing rare animals in Africa — has reversed this animal-saving ban.

This reversal will almost inevitably increase poaching of these rare animals. According to Jeffrey Flocken of the International Fund for Animal Welfare:

“When a species’ greatest value is as a dead trophy, its days will inevitably be numbered, just as they are when the value of their parts — like ivory tusks, tiger skins, or rhino horn — make protection from poachers nearly impossible.”

The move is also squarely at odds with public opinion in the US. 82% of Americans surveyed support banning lion trophies, and 83% support banning elephant trophies.

That’s why Care2 is calling on Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva, one of the most stalwart animal defenders in Congress, to introduce legislation to reverse the Trump administration’s trophy import decision as soon as possible.

By adding your name today you’ll show Congressman Grijalva that conservation-minded people around the world reject sport hunting of our imperiled species. And you’ll provide the public support we’ll need to restore vital protections for whales and lions.

Speak up now for elephants and lions. Please sign the petition now to stop all new imports of elephant and lion trophies.

Update #218 days ago

Bad news! Trump just announced that the Fish and Wildlife Service will evaluate imported dead elephants on a ‘case-by-case’ basis. But we need a total ban! Please share, together we can be heard.

Petition: Demand Edmonton Airport stops supporting the shipment of horses to Japan for slaughter.

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Demand Edmonton Airport stops supporting the shipment of horses to Japan for slaughter.

by: Voice For Animals
target: Tom Ruth – EIA President and CEO, Traci Bednard – VPMarket Development, Myron Keehn – VP Commercial Development, Rob Malli – Strategy/Financial Officer, Maureen McCaw – Board of Directors Chair, Norm Richard – Director of Air Service Developmen

100,000 GOAL

Insist that Edmonton stop allowing live horse shipments out of Edmonton International Airport EIA. They must make the ethical choice to not support live export!

Edmonton Airport supports this industry by allowing Korean Airlines and other live shippers such as Nippon Air and Atlas Air to operate out of it’s facility. Edmonton Airport is complicit in this violent and unsavoury industry by making money from the take off and landing fees paid by these air cargo companies and airlines.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has been working to expose the horse slaughter industry and the live shipment of horses to Japan from Canada. Work by animal advocates and investigators have been helpful in exposing this practice which is abhorrent and not supported by the majority of Canadians and other countries around the world.

It has been revealed that the shipments occur out of Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg International Airports. What has also been revealed is the lack of adherence to shipping regulations put forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Images and video footage captured at Calgary and Edmonton Airports fully support the allegations of non-compliance. Horses overcrowded in crates, crates that are often too small for the height of the horses and lack of food and water for many hours. The horses are permitted to be denied food and water for up to 36 hours within Canada and the time begins when they are loaded at the feed lot. Horses spend many hours in transit by truck and then in crates at the airport waiting to be loaded and then being loaded into the aircraft; shipments happen in all kinds of weather. Unfortunately, the Canadian regulations cease to be in effect when the horses leave Canada. Their confinement and lack of food and water can continue for much longer than the prescribed 36 hours as they face at least another 10 to 13 1/2 hours of flight time and add to that, ground transfer time in Japan.

The Canadian government continues to do nothing about the infractions and is actually working to remove the regulations that have been put in place to protect these horses.

Since horse slaughter is unfunded in the U.S.A. and has essentially ended there, horses from the racing, rodeo and pet trade as well as feral horses who have been sent to auction are purchased by kill buyers who ship them to Canada for the meat and live export trade. Canadian horses are also exploited and slaughtered in this industry. This is a lucrative, secretive industry worth upwards of 80 million dollars in Canada.

Buyers in Japan purchase the animals, strongly preferring draft horses for a delicacy called basashi, thinly sliced raw horsemeat, eaten like sashimi. Our horses are being turned into a food fetish.

Insist that Edmonton stop allowing live horse shipments out of Edmonton International Airport EIA. They must make the ethical choice to not support live export!

Targets -Tom Ruth – EIA President and CEO, Traci Bednard – VPMarket Development, Myron Keehn – VP Commercial Development, Rob Malli – Strategy/Financial Officer, Maureen McCaw – Board of Directors Chair, Norm Richard – Director of Air Service Development, Alex Lowe – Mgr of Cargo Business Development.

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Petition: Make it Illegal to Eat Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S., United States

United States
Make it Illegal to Eat Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.

by: Angela W.
target: Congressman Mike Conaway, Agriculture Committee Chair; House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy; Congress, United States

28,346 SUPPORTERS in United States
50,000 GOAL

While the dog meat consumption of China and Korea gets a lot of international condemnation, did you know that it’s legal to kill and eat dogs and cats in 43 states!?!?!

Only California, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia have taken steps to explicitly ban the dog meat trade.

Every other state in the U.S. allows dogs to be killed and eaten. And it does occur. The cases aren’t frequent, but the numbers of animals seized in the reports I’ve seen are large enough to point to a significant problem. Two U.S. dog meat operations both had over 140 dogs in captivity, awaiting slaughter.

Urge Congress to act today! HR 1406 – The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017 has been introduced, with bi-partisan support, and will amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit the transport, processing, buying, selling, slaughter or donation of a dog or cat for human consumption.

As of March 2018 there are 236 cosponsors for HR 1406. Unfortunately, the bill is stuck in the House Agriculture Committee. We need a large, loud outcry to pressure Chairman Mike Conaway and Congress to act, and protect our pets today!!

Urge Chairman Conaway to cosponsor, mark up and review HR 1406, and urge House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to bring it to the floor for a vote as soon as it clears the House Ag Committee.

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Don’t Allow For-Profit Companies to Oversee Animal Inspections

The Trump administration is about to allow private companies to conduct important animal inspections. Sign the petition to oppose this conflict of interest.

Source: Don’t Allow For-Profit Companies to Oversee Animal Inspections

Stop Pet Store from Renting Chicks

Using a loophole in state law, a pet store rents chicks to customers, endangering the lives of the chicks as well as putting children and families at risk. Demand that this irresponsible ‘tradition’ be stopped.

Source: Stop Pet Store from Renting Chicks

Shut Down the Kangaroo Meat Industry

Kangaroo numbers are rapidly declining, and a recent documentary has exposed the gruesome realities of the kangaroo meat industry. These species could disappear in a matter of years if poaching and slaughtering of the animals are not stopped. Sign this petition to put an end to the kangaroo meat industry.

Source: Shut Down the Kangaroo Meat Industry

End Barbaric Cat Meat Markets and “Death Cages”

Cats, some of them kidnapped pets, are being brutally and illegally slaughtered for consumption in Vietnam. Demand that this cruel practice be brought to an end.

Source: End Barbaric Cat Meat Markets and “Death Cages”

Petition: Congress: End the Suffering of Wild Animals in Traveling Circuses for Good

The traveling exotic animal protection act, which would end the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses over concerns about their welfare and safety risk, is in need of a congressional sponsor!!

According to Animal Defenders International (ADI) there are an estimated 300 wild and exotic animals in the U.S. circuses today. For them, life is restricted to unnatural barren enclosures and long journeys in between being used as performers for our entertainment.

Research and undercover investigation have expose not only the problems inherent with keeping animals this way, but also the heartbreaking and violent abuse they’re exposed to behind-the-scenes that range from having food with hell to being beaten in training and blatantly mistreated.

Wild wild animals have been used in circuses for decades, we know so much more about these animals needs to be physically and psychologically healthy and that circumstances can never meet these needs even with the best intentions.

It’s time for the US to join almost 30 other countries that have already passed legislation Banning wild and exotic animals in circuses and are working towards that goalong.

Sign Petition To Support The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act In The U.S. Which Would End The Use Of Wild And Exotic Animals In Traveling Circuses – World Animal News

Sign Petition To Support The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act In The U.S. Which Would End The Use Of Wild And Exotic Animals In Traveling Circuses
By Care2 –
March 19, 2018

Dozens of animal advocates of all ages recently protested in Fletcher, North Carolina, outside of where a circus featuring wild animal acts was taking place inside the WNC Agricultural Center.
“Minutes Of Entertainment For You – A Lifetime Of Misery For The Animals” and “Don’t support circus cruelty” were among some of the powerful messages carried by adults and children.

Most of the people participating in the demonstrations earlier this month were from Asheville Voice for Animals, a non-profit group that is dedicated to promoting compassionate change for all sentient creatures through education, advocacy and activism.

As per WLOS, although the City of Asheville has already instituted a ban on shows that exploit wild and exotic animals in the name of so-called “entertainment,” the animal advocacy group wants to ensure that it becomes the norm in cities and counties throughout the state.
Informative flyers handed out throughout the event recognized that in the United States “more than 120 municipalities across 34 states have laws in place related to circus cruelty.”

While the numbers are growing, that is not nearly enough. Every city in every state should implement similar laws to ban circuses.
Sadly, according to Animal Defenders International (ADI), an estimated 300 wild and exotic animals are still being exploited in circuses in the United States.
Fortunately, The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, which would end the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses over concerns about their welfare and safety exists, but it needs congressional support.

It’s time for the United States to join almost 30 countries that have already passed legislation banning wild and exotic animals in circuses and others who are working towards that goal.
Please sign this Care2 petition urging your representatives to be a leader for animal welfare by sponsoring this historic piece of legislation.!

Help us continue to bring you the latest breaking animal news from around the world and consider making a Donation Here!

Please Go Plant-Based!

“One Person CAN Make A Difference”

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PETITION: High School Science Teacher Feeds Live Puppy to Snapping Turtle

According to the school district superintendent, on March 7,2018 the incident happened after school hours, though a few students were present at the time. A local animal activist reported the incident to police, leading to the launch of an investigation. Since then, more details have emerged. The puppy was allegedly alive but sick when Crosland fed it to the turtle. The teacher has not been cited, charged,or placed on leave yet.

There are many unanswered questions, but the most pressing one is what the heck was Robert Crosland thinking? This is an extreme example of extremely poor judgement. Even if the puppy was so sick it was eventually going to die, Crosland should not have fed it to a snapping turtle, especially while still alive.

Studies show that people who commit violence against animals are more likely to commit violence against people. Do we really want teachers killing living animals in front of impressionable students?

Stop McDonald’s From Supporting Endangered Dolphin Deaths

  1. McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish reportedly contains fish that is caught using a horribly destructive method that kills dolphins. Demand McDonald’s drop unsustainable fish from its menu.

Source: Stop McDonald’s From Supporting Endangered Dolphin Deaths

Veterinary Nurse Convicted of Poisoning Her Dog On Purpose Must be Punished

A veterinary nurse was found guilty of poisoning her dog deliberately by injecting insulin into the animal. The poor dog kept collapsing and having seizures, which required emergency treatment on multiple occasions. Sign this petition to demand the vet receive the maximum sentence.

Source: Veterinary Nurse Convicted of Poisoning Her Dog On Purpose Must be Punished

Punish Person Who Maliciously Broke Puppy’s Legs and Jaw

A puppy suffered tremendous pain and had to be put down after she was maliciously abused. The puppy had multiple broken bones in her legs and jaw, and her muscles were completely atrophied. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Source: Punish Person Who Maliciously Broke Puppy’s Legs and Jaw

Demand Protection Against Rising Sea Levels

Sea levels are rising so quickly, Miami will be flooding every single day by 2100. Demand action to ensure the protection of coastal communities.

Source: Demand Protection Against Rising Sea Levels

Justice for Dog Killed on United Airlines Flight

A 10-week-old puppy’s life was tragically cut short when a careless flight attendant aboard a United Airlines flight reportedly forced his carrier into the overhead compartment, where the animal suffocated to death. This is not the first time United Airlines has been responsible for the death of an animal. Sign this petition to demand the punishment of this employee and stronger animal safety guidelines.

Source: Justice for Dog Killed on United Airlines Flight

Train Police Forces to Rescue Animals in Need

What if the tools of police protection could be utilized for the welfare of animals? One country has put this idea into proactive action. Urge American law enforcement organizations to follow this country’s promising lead.

Source: Train Police Forces to Rescue Animals in Need

Justice for Raccoon Allegedly Run Over by Police

A raccoon was reportedly run over numerous times by police officers in upstate New York. Though the animal was confirmed to have rabies, this is not a humane way to end an animal’s suffering due to illness. Sign this petition and demand that these officers be penalized if found responsible.

Source: Justice for Raccoon Allegedly Run Over by Police

Trump Tricked Us – Oppose His Quiet Plan to Allow Trophy Hunting

Trump has re-approved his plan to allow imports of dead exotic animals killed by trophy hunters. Previously, Trump had reversed this decision after public uproar, including by our community. However, once that uproar died down, Trump returned to his original decision to encourage trophy hunting. Sign this petition to denounce Trump’s support of trophy hunting.

Source: Trump Tricked Us – Oppose His Quiet Plan to Allow Trophy Hunting

Petition: Dog Dies After United Airlines Stows It in Overhead Compartment

Earlier this week, a woman packed her bags put her dog in a TSA – compliant pet carrier, and boarded a United flight from Houston to New York with her daughter. When they landed the dog was dead all because the flight attendant had insisted she stow the pet carrier in an overhead bin.

According to United pet policy, pet should be carried and approved carriers and stowed underneath the seat in front of the customer, never ended over had been where there is a limited air circulation.

Unfortunately this isn’t United’s first animal tragedy according to the Chicago Tribune, in 2016 United Airlines had the second most animal deaths and injuries of any US Airline. The airline reported 9 deaths and 14 injuries that’s a total of 23 incidents. These were the highest figures for each category among U.S. carriers.

Please sign this petition demanding that United Airlines set a stricker pet policy with clear penalties for violations, clarifying those policies to all United employees, and let the public know so customers with pets can make responsible choices when choosing an airline.

Petition To Central zoo authority, Member secretary Dr.d.n Singh, Maneka gandhi, PMO: Stop the Illegal and Inhumane transfer of elephants to the zoo

CALL TO ACTION: FOUR BABY ELEPHANTS that have been removed from their habitat by the Karnataka State Forest Camps are going to be transferred to the overcrowded and confined spaces of Singapore Zoo. According to Wildlife Protection Act 1972 capture or transfer of elephants is band and one such Act was stopped by ex- prime minister Dr. Manmohan signed in 2004 – 2005 and a ban was introduced by Central Zoo Authority on gifting elephants to zoos.

Please go to the petition site for a link on detailed information.

Please sign and share this petition and help make it to 500 signatures.

Activists see red over transfer of elephant calves to from Mysuru zoo Singapore – The New Indian Express

Tell Fox and CBS Tigers Should Not Be Exploited On Television Shows!

It happened again just last week a major television network (FOX) featured a rented tiger from the notorious exotic animal rental business in Hollywood Animals to use in an episode of a television program (9-1-1) for shock value and to garner higher ratings.

Tell The EPA: Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

The science is clear : Neonicotinoid pesticides are harmful to birds and aquatic life, and deadly to bees.

Petition: Ask Congress to Oppose Anti-wolf Riders

Please ask your members of Congress to oppose anti-wolf or other anti-endangered specie riders on the Interior Appropriations Bill.

Petition: Speak Out for Your Rivers | 5,000 Miles of Wild – 5,000 Miles of Wild

Join us to protect wild rivers and public lands. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the wild and Scenic Rivers act in 2018, we are teaming up with partners to ask Congress to protect 5,000 new miles of wild and Scenic rivers and 1 million acres of riverside lands. And, we will make sure the rivers flowing through public lands remain unharmed by development and pollution. We can’t do it without you. Add your voice today.

Petition: End Trophy Hunting Where Cecil the Lion Was Brutally Murdered

In July of 2015, American dentist Walter Palmer pay $50,000 to murder a beloved lion by the name of Cecil.

It turns out that not only did it this arrogant man paid to lull a human habituated wild animal to his death, but he allowed him to suffer for over 12 hours with a chest wound. This is just the most public and horrifying example of a tragedy.

A new book is about to come out by a research studying Cecil for over 8 years when he was murdered by Palmer. In the book, you can read about some of the ways that Walter acted badly and that Zimbabwe government look the other way.

You can also read about his torture last hours. The details around the case were reported many different ways and this book should set the record straight. Sign the petition to And trophy hunting in and around Hwange National Park.

Petition: Don’t Kill Feral Cattle! Use a Non-Lethal Approach to Remove Them From National Monument

The sand to snow National Monument near Palm Springs, California, is home to Wildlife including 12 federally listed threatened and endangered animal species. It’s also home to a herd of at least a 150 feral bulls and cows that have been destroying the ecosystem and scaring away tourists.

They are carving new trails and wiping out grasses that anchor soil against erosion. They have not over Willows that are home to birds, including federally endangered last Bell’s videos, and contaminated the watershed with their droppings. The wild cattle have also been menacing to visitors, a tour guide was nearly gored in February when he was charged by a 2,000 – pound bull.

Petition: Save Dunedin Causeway Bird Sanctuary, Florida

Threatened rare Reddish Egrets and many other wading and migratory birds are at risk to human recreational disturbance. A Sailing Club wants to access the water through and nearby their habitat which is an Aquatic Preserve and outstanding Florida Waterway.

Petition: Fire Man Who Brought a Horse to a Nightclub

The marketing director at a Miama nightclub called the Makai Lounge had the bright idea to bring in a live horse on to the dance floor. There are multiple videos of a white horse being paraded into the nightclub with an employee on the back of the horse, at one point the horse stumbles and falls on the slippery floor.

The police shut down the whole thing in the club owner is complying with the investigation. But the man who arranged the stunt still has his job. Sign the petition if you think this man should lose his job over this gross animal negligence.