Horse lays his head on coffin as he mourns the loss of his beloved human best friend

No amount of words stitched together could exactly paint the pain of losing someone. Knowing that you wouldn’t be able to see and be with the person who held a special place in your life, sure is hard to bear. Thus, it is not surprising to see outburst of emotions and hear sentimental anecdotes during a funeral. After all, it is not easy to bid farewell to a person who played a big role in your life.

Though it is normal to witness people mourning the death of their loved ones, seeing animals grieving over the demise of their human is a different story. Over the years, the ability of animals to feel emotion such as joy, sadness, grief, excitement and other feelings similar with humans has been questioned.

However, there are new researches showing that animals are equally capable of feeling emotions just like people. The only difference is that humans can process why they are feeling certain emotions, while animals cannot.

A touching incident during a funeral in Paraiba, Brazil has taken the incident by storm. The heart-wrenching and heartwarming viral incident is proving to the world that animals, like horses, also know what it means to lose a loved one.

Wagner Wagner Lima and his trusted horse, Sereno enjoy spending time with each other. Sadly, the time they cherished so much was cut short due to Lima’s untimely demise. Due to injuries he attained from an unfortunate traffic accident while he was on his way home, Lima succumbed to death. Being a man of character, his sudden death left his family, friends, and his horse devastated.

To send Lima on his final resting place, a number of his family members, friends, and loved ones gathered together for a funeral procession. Sereno, his horse, also took part in the funeral procession because Wando, his brother, knew how much the two mean to each other.

Although Lima treated his horse as his friend, it was only during the funeral that people realized that Sereno loved and cared for Lima so much as well. While the funeral vehicle carrying Lima’s casket reached the gathering, Sereno seemed to know that it really is goodbye for them.

“[Sereno] began to walk around the coffin, smelling the coffin. Then he neighed,” Kyioshi Abreu, one of the funeral attendees, shared in an interview. “It was a very strong emotion. Everyone who was there was moved. I cried myself when I saw that scene.”

The grieving horse then stopped from his tracks and rested his head against Lima’s casket- a sight that warmed their hearts.

“This horse was everything to him,” Wando added. “It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye. All the way to the cemetery, he would whimper and beat his paws on the ground.”

The grieving horse then joined the procession led by Wando to deliver Lima to his final resting place in the city of Cajazeiras.

Lima may be gone here on Earth, but the vibrant memories he had made will surely be cherished by his horse, Sereno. In addition, according to Wando, he would not let Sereno grieve alone. He would take him to his family in honor of the memories he have for his late brother. And although nothing would ever compare to the bond between Lima and Sereno, it sure reassuring to know that Wando is ready to fill the place of his deceased brother.

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Photos and Video : Kyioshi Abreu — Portal Diário do Sertão | Inside Edition

Imagine A World Where Everyone Treats Animals With This Much Love 🌎 Happy World Animal Day 🌍


Feel Good Sunday: This Year’s Best Animal Mothers

Straight from the Horse's Heart

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“Today we celebrate our mom’s and the unchallenged love that they have showered upon us over the years.  But the love of a mother is not a human exclusive trait as portrayed in the article, below.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you special individuals out there, whatever your species, be safe and always know that you are loved back many, many times over.” ~ R.T.

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🌴 Happy Mother’s Day 🌴


                       Hi mom!

  I got your lounger all comfy for you

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🌹 Happy Mother’s Day 🌹

tmp_5873-box-of-chocolates25-932566054 I’m  planting a rose bush for you mom and Norton is in charge of cleanup

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🌷 Happy Mother’s Day 🌷


               Now dad has to paint the hall!

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  I sorted the mail for you mom!

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🌸 Happy Mother’s Day 🌸

tmp_27517-dogs8-209315238              I made the bed for you mom!

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Keep Police Dog With His Family

A police department is denying a police dog the change to stay with a loyal officer of 30 years who is retiring and compromised with the department to have his canine companion retire with him. Sign this petition and demand that the dog be kept with his rightful owner.

Source: Keep Police Dog With His Family

Retired Ohio Cop Can Keep K9 Partner, But Not Without More Controversy | Care2 Causes



This Couple Married Mid-Blizzard And The Photos Made It All Worth It


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Something to bear in mind as Mother’s Day approaches…

Are there chicken sheds in heaven?

Next time you eat a piece of meat, take a moment to think about the fact that it had a mother.

If it’s pork you’re eating – think about that piglet being removed from it’s mother within just a few days of being born and slaughtered within 3 – 6 months.

If it’s lamb you’re eating – know that it was removed from its mother within a few months of being born and killed within 3 – 10 months.

lamb cute leap leaping jump jumping spring float levitate play playing sheep

If it’s chicken you’re eating – know that it was never even allowed to meet it’s mother and was killed within 6 weeks of being born.

Animal Wallpapers

If it’s beef you’re eating – know that they have been slaughtered within just 1 to 2 years.

loving mother cow and her calf

If it’s dairy you’re eating, know that the calf which this mother had to bear in order for you to steal and consume her milk, was taken away within…

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Looking Purr Love

Valentines Day for humans means chocolates, flowers and dinner, but how about cats? The famous cartoon feline, Simon’s Cat shows us that he might be looking purr love in all the wrong places.

Maybe Simon should take a cue from some big cats and use a box in slightly different way

Jade and Armani, two rescued leopards from Big Cat Rescue check out a Valentine’s Day themed kissing booth for the first time.

Simon's Cat, Happy Valentines Day, Cats, Valentines Day, Looking Purr Love, Cat Cartoons, Famous Cat Cartoons, Feline love, How do cats celebrate valentines day,

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♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥




So called, animal…

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A Police K-9 Dog Died Yesterday. This is his Caretaker/Partner/Best Friend Saying Goodbye one Last Time.

Kindness Blog

A photo of K9 Police Dog ‘Solo’ and his partner, Staff Sgt. Carlos Dipuma.

A photo of 'Solo' and his partner, Staff Sgt. Carlos Dipuma

The memorial service included a photo montage of Solo and his partner, Staff Sgt. Carlos Dipuma, as well as a moment of silence for the K-9 officer so many had grown to love.

Then many in the multi-purpose building at Farris Park sniffled as Solo’s last radio call went out.

“Attention all units, be advised that Solo does not respond. K-9 Solo is now deceased and will be laid to rest February 2, 2015,” the dispatcher said.

With that last call came a finality for so many Monday morning: the dog they trusted with their lives was gone.

“I’m gonna miss Solo. I’ve cried so many tears these last couple of days,” Dipuma said. “It’s been hard.”

On Friday, Solo was diagnosed with terminal cancer, two tumors pressing on his heart and spleen. On Monday morning…

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Police K-9 receives high honors on his last day alive

Dying man makes ‘complete turnaround’ after hospital reunion with lost dog

Monday Meeting — Loyal Dog Waits for Owner

Soul Gatherings

loyal dog

Dogs have long held the distinction of “man’s best friend,” ever-cheerful companions with whom we share our homes and our lives. But the most revealing proof of their love and faithfulness isn’t seen only in the happiest of times, but also when things are at their bleakest.

Members from the animal welfare organization Blue Cross of India recently witnessed a remarkable testament to the bonds of loyalty between people and their pets — one which endures even after death.

The organization explains on their Facebook page that while driving through the city of Chennai earlier this month, Blue Cross general manager Dawn Williams noticed a dog sitting off the road next to a fresh grave.

There are an estimated 35 million stray dogs in India, so Williams didn’t stop to give it much thought. Little could he have known then that the animal wasn’t in fact a stray; he was…

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Golden Retrievers Tend To Owner For 2 Days After Fall Until Help Arrives, Show True Loyalty

Emilio Cogliani

Some guardian angels choose to look over us from close by.

And such help from two loving golden retrievers might be the reason Judy Muhe of Palmdale, Florida, is still alive today. When the 76-year-old woman, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and lives alone, fell in her kitchen, 10-year-old Higgins and 4-year-old Dodger clung to her side for two days until help arrived, reported ABC News.

Muhe bruised her head and shattered her shoulder when she fell, and spend the subsequent 48 hours drifting in and out of consciousness. Her two dogs, aware of her distress, laid down next to her, keeping her as warm and as comfortable as they possibly could.

“The main thing was they let me know I was not alone,” Muhe told ABC News. “[Higgins] laid up against my back, and Dodger laid on my feet and legs … I don’t know what I…

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Pets Really Are Like People’s Children, Brain Scans Suggest

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Goldfish Undergoes Surgery for Removal of Deadly Tumor

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The Shoe Box.

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Pure Love