NRO Warns Satellite Operators of Possible Russian Attacks


by Sandra Erwin — February 23, 2022

National Reconnaissance Office Directoir Christopher Scolese speaks Feb. 23, 2022, at the National Security Space Association’s Defense and Intelligence Space Conference. Credit: NSSA

Scolese said both government and commercial satellites systems are potential targets

CHANTILLY, Va. — As the Ukraine crisis escalates, U.S. National Reconnaissance Office Director Christopher Scolese warned that Russia’s military could target satellites to disrupt communications and GPS services. 

“I think we’re seeing pretty clearly that Russia is committed to doing what they want to do in Ukraine, and they want to win,” Scolese said Feb. 23 at the National Security Space Association’s Defense and Intelligence Space Conference.

“So I think it’s fair to assume that, to the extent that they can, and to the extent that they feel it won’t extend the conflict out of their control, that they will extend it into space,” Scolese said. 

The NRO operates U.S. government-owned spy satellites, but increasingly a lot of imagery and intelligence is collected and distributed by commercial satellite operators like Maxar, Planet, BlackSky, and others, so any attempt to disrupt the United States’ ability to gather intelligence could impact private and public assets. 

Scolese did not comment specifically on what actions the Russians might take, but he said it’s easy to imagine based on past behavior. “They are already doing GPS jamming, as an example.”

Scolese said both government and commercial satellites systems are potential targets. “I would tell everybody that the important thing is to go off and ensure that your systems are secure and that you’re watching them very closely because we know that the Russians are effective cyber actors.”

“And, again, it’s hard to say how far their reach is going to go in order to achieve their objectives. But it’s better to be prepared than surprised,” he added. 

For years, the U.S. military has worried that Russia and China will try to jam U.S. GPS and communications satellites during a conflict. 

In addition to denying GPS through electronic jamming attacks, Russia could also target U.S. military GPS users with falsified PNT data, a technique known as spoofing. A GPS outage could wreak havoc across all military activities involving aircraft, ships, munitions, land vehicles and ground troops. “In an active military conflict, even brief denials and spoofing of PNT might make a difference if well-timed with other operations,” said a RAND Corp. report.


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The internet-connected Teddy Bear allows kids to communicate with far away friends and relatives without having to give them their own phone, though parents do have to download the CloudPets App to a phone or tablet to connect the bear. Messages can be sent and received from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the database used by Spiral Toys wasn’t behind a firewall or password protected, which made it easy to find using Shodan, a search engine that exposes unprotected websites and servers to hackers. The attack occurred between Christmas of last year and at least until the…

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Destiny Gleason, 14, hanged herself on Wednesday from a pull-up bar in her bedroom after what her parents describe as relentless bullying culminated in a fight at school last Tuesday.

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A Monster Trojan Is Taking Over The Banking World And Cleaning Your Bank AccountsSource: Softpedia News, Security Intelligence

Two powerful Trojan viruses, identified as Gozi ISFB and Nymaim, have been blended together to produce a monster known as GozNym. The program has stolen more than 3 million dollars since it was initially spotted fourteen days ago.

Researchers at IBM’s security division were able to identify the hybrid Trojan, and stated that the Trojan program is presently installed or is working its way through the banking system. The virus can be found in more than 50 percent of the machines present in commercial financial institutions, credit unions, and microfinance banks. As for GozNym, it is—without a doubt—an extremely stealthy Trojan that incorporates the very best of both the Trojans previously mentioned.

Image Source: Security Intelligence – A figure showing the Trojan’s target market, mainly in the United States.

Furthermore, GozNym is primarily being distributed through electronic mails with so-called infected macros that are using…

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Military, intelligence agencies and defense contractors are totally connected to Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley has been in the media spotlight for its role in gentrifying and raising rents in San Francisco, helping the NSA spy on American citizens, and lack of racial and gender diversity. Despite that, Silicon Valley still has a reputation for benevolence, innocence and progressivism. Hence Google’s phrase, “Don’t be evil.” A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that, even after the Snowden leaks, 53% of those surveyed had high confidence in the tech industry. The tech industry is not seen as evil as, say, Wall Street or Big Oil.

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