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Kleptomaniac Cat Won’t Stop Stealing Vancouver Neighbors’ Stuff
Kleptomaniac Cat Won’t Stop Stealing Vancouver Neighbors’ Stuff
Stephen Messenger
8-10 minutes

This is Bella — a long-haired tabby cat with a very sweet and affectionate spirit. For the past 10 years, Bella has been a delightful companion to her owner, Shawn Bell, simply by being her loving self.

Not long ago, however, she began to reveal one not-so-positive aspect of her feline personality.
Shawn R. Bell

Turns out, Bella’s a thief.
Shawn R. Bell

Bella’s foray into a life of crime seemed to have begun spontaneously last summer. One day, much to Bell’s surprise, he noticed his cat arriving to their home in Vancouver, Canada, carrying a sock. The next day, she brought home another. The day after that, yet more socks.

On the fourth day, Bella came in carrying a child’s drawing, apparently just to mix things up a bit.

Here’s a photo of the cat’s first haul:

Shawn R. Bell

Where those items had come from was anyone’s guess, though Bell was sure of one thing: They weren’t his. Bella had presumably stolen them while out on her evening prowls. And she didn’t stop there.

That summer, Bell filled half a garbage bag with purloined clothes. But in recent months, Bella’s thieving ways have only increased.
Shawn R. Bell

“She used to just come home with one piece of clothing per night,” Bell told The Dodo. “Now she is coming home with two or three a night — or more.”

And all those stolen clothes have been really piling up.

Shawn R. Bell

Bell has posted signs around his apartment building in hopes of reuniting the garments with their rightful owners, but to no avail.

He’s been piling them up on a chair outside his place, just in case someone recognizes their stuff.
Shawn R. Bell

The whole thing has Bell feeling sorta guilty — and a little uncomfortable.

“It sucks to have to keep buying clothes if they keep going missing,” he said. “Then there is the issue of the undergarments and her starting to make me look a bit weird.”

That’s right. Bella’s been stealing people’s unmentionables, too.

Shawn R. Bell

Bell hopes that, as word spreads about his cat’s ill-gotten gains, the person or persons Bella has been stealing from will come forward to reclaim their laundry.

The cat, meanwhile, has yet to see the error in her saddling her owner with stolen goods.

“I think she’s proud of herself,” Bell said. “But she’s not picking the right size or the right gender for me.”

Still, Bell admits he adores Bella regardless.
Shawn R. Bell

“She’s my girl no matter how bad her behavior is,” Bell said. “I guess she has my unconditional love, even though she’s a kleptomaniac.”

Goats Break Free, Terrorize Suburbia – FIREPAW, Inc.
Goats Break Free, Terrorize Suburbia – FIREPAW, Inc.
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Horrifying. And really, really baaaaa-aaad. Imagine neighbors in West Boise waking up to dozens and dozens of goats breakfasting on lawns, rose bushes, shrubs, trees.

“They’re just going yard to yard eating everyone’s front lawn.”


It turns out the goats belong to a company called We Rent Goats, which specializes “in renting herds of goats to remove noxious weeds from fields, acreage, pastures, open spaces, ditches, ravines, embankments … you name it and the goats can clear it.”

The goats were on the clock, eating weeds in a drainage ditch when they broke free and, naturally, went on to sample the suburban flora. Their feast/free lawn care services lasted about an hour and a half until the bosses of We Rent Goats arrived in the neighborhood to round up their rogue employees.

Source: The entire frickin’ Internet. (and these guys)

A brown bear who waves at people

Try not to laugh Donkey edition

Baby Elephant Throwing a Tantrum

Baby Elephant Takes The Quick Route Downhill

Russia’s Leopard-Loving Dog

Picture This: RFE/RL’s Gallery Archive
Russia’s Leopard-Loving Dog
March 27, 2018 07:31 GMT

An easygoing dog from Central Asia has formed a close bond with a (rather less easygoing) African leopard inside a zoo in the Russian city of Vladivostok.

1 Elza (left), a Central Asian sheepdog, playing with Milasha, an African leopard cub.
Milasha was separated from her mother after the adult leopard abandoned her cubs while in captivity in the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok.

2 Milasha was separated from her mother after the adult leopard abandoned her cubs while in captivity in the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok

3 Milasha’s keeper, Viktor Agafonov, says the zoo has no regrets over the decision to socialize little Milasha with Elza, despite the rather different temperaments of the two animals.

4 Agafonov said in a recent interview that “Elza is a lovely dog, she likes to kiss, but the leopard likes to bite.”

5 Milasha is quite used to the company of dogs; the little leopard’s “wet nurse” was a golden retriever.

6 Agafonov said “the dog is very tolerant of the naughtiness of the young leopard; she tries to claw and bite [Elza]. It’s all play but she’s still a bit naughty.”

7 Elza is no stranger to (little) big cats and attention from the media.

8 Elza has already served as an eager playmate for one of the zoo’s tiger cubs and a small lion (pictured here in 2017).

9 The zoo plans to introduce another leopard for Milasha, but until then Elza will be playing with her sharp-toothed little buddy. “They’re real soulmates,” said Agafonov.

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Well I’m Glad Someone Enjoys the Cold….🐧


Funniest & Cutest Husky Videos #23 – Compilation 2017 – YouTube


Many Siberian Huskies are winding up in your local shelters….as a husky lover who has shared my home with these fun-loving, too intelligent for their own good Mischief Makers, loves the outdoors and sheds all over your clothes and keep you on your toes, talks and even argue with you….LOL

Please go to your local shelter and bring one or two home… Because you never can have too many good friends to have fun with and love your crazy personality. 🐺 💖 🐺


Photographer Was Taking Cute Photos Of Rats To Brake A Negative Image Of Them


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Photographer Was Taking Cute Photos Of Rats To Brake A Negative Image Of Them

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Diane Özdamar is a French illustrator, photographer and graphic designer, currently living in Montreal who has been taking pictures of pet rats for years hoping to break the negative image that is often associated with these lovely animals.
Diane Ozdamar: ‘As far as I can remember I have always loved rats and any rodent people would call ‘pest’. When I first got pet rats, I was thrilled to discover they were so clean, smart and affectionate, very far from the nasty dirty rat myth most people believe in.
Thus, I decided to rescue and foster abandoned and abused rats until I could find them a forever home. This led me to take pictures of them: finding a home to a rat is not an easy task since they suffer from a…

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Sweet Cat Shares Food With Bird (Video)

A true sign of friendship is when your friend is totally okay with sharing their food with you! That’s exactly what this sweet cat does when his bird friend comes over  to take a few bites of food.

Source: Sweet Cat Shares Food With Bird

Animal family portraits

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37 Photos of Ridiculously Happy Animals Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Emilio Cogliani

Smile, it’s the weekend! But just in case you had a rough go of it this week and your glass feels more like it’s half-empty than half-full, here is a collection of 37 adorable photos featuring animals so ridiculously happy they’re guaranteed to send you off into the weekend smiling.

Seriously, if we were in a punny mood we’d call it a smiley back guarantee. So scroll down and just try to keep a grin from spreading across your face as you do… we dare you!

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Naughty Chimps (and Friends) Looking for Valentines…

Sloths Squeak!

fur heaven

This video will definitely cheer you up after a long day! Sloth squeaks never fail to turn my heart into a puddle of goo.

All credits to the amazing Miss Lucy Cooke!

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