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“CAUTION KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING” Some one may be drinking out the toilet bowl

Hey Mom are you sure this is strong enough?

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Donkey Snuggles Into Guy’s Shoulder Every Time He Plays Guitar

It’s easy to see which ones are Hazel’s favorites… 💞

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Christopher Ameruoso

The world famous Hazel the donkey loves to listen to music from Christopher Ameruoso. Here are some of her best video clips. Hazel’s music video have been seen on the internet over 35 million times.

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Good Morning… hope you have a wonderful day

Twinkle Toes

Play time with the kids

Just wait till we get home…

I’ll help you get down mom 🤣

I feel like dancing

They dared me to do it


Beware of the big bad puddy cat 😸

We work cheap… no job too small

Have a joyful weekend everyone…

“Adorable bird talking just like a human”😂

Keeping the dog entertained on a long car ride

Just singing a song 🎶 while we’re driving alone… 🎶 🎶

Huskies know how to get what they want 😄


No I don’t want to…..Nope!

A perfect 🔟 landing

A Big Goofy 😀😁😂

Don’t you just love big dogs with an attitude and they’re too big to carry home 😂

It’s the weekend…relax and do something fun

These Little cuties will put a smile on your face 😍

People Are Building Mini Picnic Tables for Squirrels During Coronavirus Lock Down


Posted by Jane Wolfe | April 8, 2020

People Are Building Mini Picnic Tables for Squirrels During Coronavirus Lock Down

Image Credit: Carina Hofmeister/Pixabay


Pictures of a homemade picnic table for squirrels are going viral on social media, and now, everybody is making them!

The craze started after 43-year-old plumber Rick Kalinowski posted photographs and a video of a tiny table he made for the squirrels visiting his yard during the coronavirus quarantine. The table is attached to the garden fence and has two benches just in case some sociable squirrels want to have a lunch party!

“I built the picnic bench and mounted it outside my living room window on the fence so I can watch the squirrels eat while I have my coffee every morning,” explained Kalinowski. “I wake up at sunrise and have done [so] for years, just to feed the squirrels and fill the bird feeders. I make my coffee, put on the morning news and watch everyone eat.”

“I buy a variety of nuts and seeds for the squirrels along with fresh-cut fruit; it brings me happiness especially during these uncertain times,” he added. “The morning I made the video, the squirrels just looked so happy and cute eating.”

The images of squirrels munching on nuts and seeds at their new table inspired many other people in lockdown to put together their own squirrel-feeding environments in a bid to conquer boredom and help wildlife during this difficult time.

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Two bouncing balls of energy 🐱🐱

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