Two for one sale

Big tough Pitbull let’s the Cat Rule

Mom’s Little Helper

“Why Coming Home To Your Dog Is The Best Feeling Ever”

You have the right to remain silent

Riding the wave

Puppy Love

‘Lobo’ the Siberian Husky goes off script in the 24 inch class of agility competition 😂

Best friends

That was close!!

Listen to the beat…

Knowing a second language can be fun

Huskies 😄

Caturday funnies: There’s a nap for that

Time’s up kid

Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Dog Becomes Obsessed With A Newborn Donkey

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Courtesy of The Dodo-Odd Couples

“Please, wash your hearts and souls out with this…” ~ R.T.

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Just chilling and checking out some photos

No words are needed…

Happy International Dog Day

Being kind has its own reward

First I take a nap 😽💤💤💤

A lesson from a little mouse… Never give up!


“Deer strikes, injures Black Lives Matter protester in New Jersey”

Enjoying the day happy and free…

Have a Story to Share? We Want to Hear From You! ;) – Katzenworld

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Hi everyone,

Have you or your feline friend ever wanted to appear in the news? Now is your chance! We still have space in our editorial calendar for the rest of the year.

And remember we cover everything cat related from events and poetry to a day in the life of your companion!

No story is too small and none is too big! If you’ve got one you’d like to share with us and our readers do get in touch via

If you are looking for inspiration on what you could write about why not check out our previous Saturday Guest Star of the week posts.

You could even write a ghost story for Oliver to read it out to our readers.

As for guidelines for the content:

  • There is no word limit. Do what works best for your story. Some stories need more and some need less text. If your story is very very long it might be good to post it as a 2 part story though.
  • Include as many images as possible! The minimum amount of photos should be 2.

Any questions just let us know in the comments or drop us an email.

Nubia is awaiting your entries to convert them into posts on her cat-laptop.



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