Giving them a second chance at life…

York County SPCA extends national Clear The Shelters campaign in hopes of increasing adoptions animals

This is the sixth year that shelters nationwide are waiving adoption fees to hopefully unite animals with their fur-ever families. Author: Jessica Pash Published: 5:02 PM EDT August 11, 2020

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Another event is changing its timeline as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, you’ll have a lot more time to adopt a furry friend!

Steven Martinez, executive director at the York County SPCA explains, “August is National Clear the Shelter Month, so usually it’s a one-day event where we put out a lot of promotion and marketing and adopt out as many animals in a single day, but because of COVID-19 things are not normal.”

This year’s National Clear The Shelters campaign will look different. Instead of a one-day event, the national movement will last through the entire month of August. 

Martinez explains, “So our goal for Clear The Shelters this month is to adopt – for cats its to adopt one cat per day, so to adopt 31 cats by August 31st, and so right now we’re at 14 cats – so we’re ahead of our goal.”

While the goal has always been to adopt out all of the animals at the shelter, this year it might actually be possible – at least with one kind of furry friend.

Martinez says, “Currently we have 7 dogs available for adoption – so only 7! That’s got to be the lowest number of dogs we’ve had ever. And so we actually have an opportunity to clear the shelter of all our dogs.”

Pint, Romeo, Pepper, Odin, Tyson, Comanche, and Paul are all wagging their tails in hopes of finding their fur-ever homes.

If puppies and kitty-cats aren’t your type of animal, the shelter has smaller fur-babies available as well!

“Guinea pigs, rabbits, and also we got in 12 rats. So if anybody out there wants to help us clear the shelter of our 12 rats – that would be great too! They’re cuter than you would think,” says Martinez.

The national movement is in its 6th year, and even though shelters have had to make seemingly endless changes to their daily operations – they know the end goal is worth it.

Martinez says, “I think that because of COVID-19, instead of moving away from us, the community has embraced us and the new policies we’ve had to implement to keep the staff, volunteers, and the community safe. Our numbers are healthy numbers and so, therefore, we think it’s possible to literally clear our shelter.”

In the meantime, volunteers at the shelter are making sure these sweet fur-babies are getting a little extra love and attention while they wait to find their fur-ever family.

Family camps out at animal shelter for 27 hours to adopt dog with ‘black heart’

If some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, this pup wears hers on her chest!

An adorable black and white dog with a heart-shaped patch of fur on her chest recently got adopted. Last week, Broken Arrow Animal Shelter shared a photo of the unique-looking border collie on their Facebook page. The post has been shared over 27,000 times and got thousands of comments, according to Fox23 News. Broken Arrow Animal Shelter

The shelter got hundreds of messages about the dog – both from people around the country and outside the U.S. Lots of people wanted to give her a home, but one dedicated family went the extra mile to make sure it’s their home she ends up in.

After arriving at the shelter, all stray animals have to stay in the facility for at least five days before they’re put up for adoption.

Also, adoptions are made on a first-come, first-served basis. A Facebook post they made last month explains this policy better: “The shelter is open for adoptions by appointment only. All adoptions are 1st come 1st serve on the date available.

This means: If you are the 1st person in our parking lot for a particular animal. Shelter staff will make contact with you as soon as they arrive at the shelter. We will take your name and number, and you will be asked to return when the shelter opens.”Facebook

Knowing this, a family from Tulsa began camping out the shelter’s parking lot 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday – 27 hours before the adorable pooch was eligible for adoption.

The family’s efforts were worth it – they got her! The shelter shared the good news on Facebook the next day.

“This precious baby girl has touched the hearts of people around the U.S. and we are happy to announce that she has found her new furever home!!! Thank you to everyone that has shared our post,” they wrote.

Many comments poured in from people who felt happy that the dog already found a home.

“This Sweet girl looks just like our doggie that was a stray we rescued. Happy the girl found a good home,” one user commented. Courtesy of Ryan and Liz

“I fell in love with her. Happy she found a home!” another one wrote.

The lucky new parents of the border collie are an engaged couple. We spoke about the adoption with the soon-to-be groom, Ryan, and here is what he said:

“My fiancé and I were excited to get the puppy and really wanted her. My step-brother Kyle kindly offered to wait in line for us so that we could be first in line to adopt her. We adopted Luna and met her days prior to adopting her. Kyle’s wedding gift to us was being a “stand in line” so that we would have the chance to adopt her first. It was a very kind gesture for Kyle to wait in line for us and even my fiancé and I and my parents waited in line with him as well. It was a family effort but Kyle was the trooper.” Courtesy of Ryan and Liz

The fact that this adoption is a family effort just makes this story even sweeter! Kyle Johnson told Fox23 that they’re planning to name the pooch Luna.

The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter also told the outlet that many dogs and cats in the facility are still in need of a forever home. Almost 50 of them that are up for adoption. Just like Luna, they’re hoping that these animals each find a loving family who will take them in. They may not have unique fur patterns, but they’re just as deserving of a home!

You may visit the shelter’s Facebook page to check their list of adoptable pets. For more information about their adoption policies, click here.

Dog found in Bahamas rubble 3 weeks after hurricane adopted by Florida family


The dog, found by rescuers after he was nearly crushed by debris, was recently adopted by a Florida family.

Miracle, the puppy that was rescued in the Bahamas after surviving more than three weeks under debris from Hurricane Dorian, has a new family just in time for the

The Beaty family — Clark, Briana and their three daughters Jayne, 8; Kate, 5; and Clare, 3 — of Palm Beach, Florida, were formerly announced Wednesday as Miracle’s new owners during a news conference at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Loxahatchee Groves.

Clare Beaty, 3, Kate Beaty, 5, Jayne Beaty, 8, take a photo with Miracle. The dog was found in rubble in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. The Beatys of Florida adopted him.

“Miracle has now gained 16 pounds — almost half his body weight [when] he came in — and weighs almost 35 pounds,” said Lauree Simmons, Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s founder and president. “He’s healthy and ready to go home.”

VIDEO: Dog nearly crushed under collapsed building found alive

In October, workers from Big Dog Ranch Rescue found Miracle in Abaco, one of the hardest-hit areas in the Bahamas, after the Category 5 hurricane devastated the islands in September. The foundation used a drone with a high-resolution, heat-seeking camera to help them spot dogs that were either hidden under rubble or only coming out at night.


Clare Beaty, Jayne Beaty, Big Dog Ranch Rescue founder/president Lauree Simmons; mother Briana Beaty; and Kate Beaty take a photo with Miracle.

Miracle was trapped underneath an air conditioning unit that had fallen on him for more than three weeks after the hurricane struck. When rescuers located him, he was emaciated, his muscles had atrophied and he was suffering from other diseases after surviving only on rainwater.

Simmons was the first to start calling the dog Miracle as he recuperated in Florida. More than 10,000 families reached out to the organization, offering to adopt him.

Yarleen Rodriguez, Big Dog Ranch Rescue veterinary clinic manager, treats Miracle.

On Monday, Briana Beaty told ABC News that her family of five was looking forward to having the “best holiday ever” with Miracle.

“We’re so grateful to Big Dog Ranch for saving him and all the love they put into him,” she told ABC News on Monday.

ABC News’ Laura Laughead contributed to the reporting in this story.

‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ aims to raise money for charity on June 21
Farah R. | Positive Outlooks

If you’ve always wanted to bring your dog to work, it’s your chance to do on Bring Your Dog To Work Day this Friday, June 21! Aside from a whole lot of fun for dogs and their parents, this event is dedicated to raising money to help several animal charities.

Also known as Take Your Dog To Work Day, the annual holiday allows pet-owners to bring their dog with them to the office – that is, if their company allows it. So don’t get too excited, okay? Make sure that bringing your pooch to work is legal and boss-approved!

This year marks the 21st year that the holiday is celebrated in the US and the 4th year in the UK. The event occurs annually on the first Friday after US Father’s Day and aims to support dog lovers and their pets through fundraising.

In the US, the holiday was commenced by Pet Sitters International in 1999. PSI is a database for professional pet sitters and dog walkers where people can search for available pet sitters. Their objective for starting BYDTWD was for people without dogs to see the bond that their co-workers have with theirs, so as to encourage them to adopt one of their own.

The charity initiative supports the well-being of dogs without homes and the welfare of dogs around the world.

In the UK, several animal charities benefit from the funds raised such as All Dogs Matter, an organization that rescues and finds homes for more than 400 dogs in London every year. Another is Animal Asia, an international charity that aims to stop the practice of bear bile farming, as well as the improvement of the welfare of dogs in China and Vietnam.

In the US, participants are called to donate animal charities of their choice.

Aside from helping animals, bringing your dog with you to work is scientifically proved to be good for you too. According to studies, the presence of pets in the workplace can help reduce a person’s stress level.

Employees who take their pooch with them to work reported increased levels of job satisfaction and had a more positive perception of their employer.

“Not only are there proven benefits to having pets at work, like lowered blood pressure, lessened anxiety and increased physical activity, but it also helps attract and retain employees, especially among millennial workers,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, director of consumer experience for Wellness Natural Pet Food.

If your company does participate in the holiday, there are a few key things to remember. First, confirm that your workplace is a dog-friendly space – meaning, there should be no exposed wires or any dangerous appliances that they can chew on.

Remember to bring a water bowl, snacks, toys, and any other necessities for your dog to ensure that his office experience will be comfortable. Be mindful as well of your pup’s bathroom needs – you wouldn’t want to stink up the whole office, wouldn’t you?

To commemorate the event, make sure to take photos of your new “co-workers” this Friday! If you are from the UK, you may even win a dog-themed gift from event sponsors if you donate and upload a picture of your dog at work to the Dog with a Job Hall of Fame.

Today Is “Adopt a Dog”


This Shelter is Closing


Those that are not adopted will either be euthanized or transfer to a different shelter, no decision has been made yet!

This weekend plan a visit to your local rescue shelter, where your new best friend is waiting for you


Rescue pets aren’t problem pets, they’re just very unlucky.

So please visit your local shelter today and help save a life.


Petition · Chief Thomas J. Nestel III: Keep K-9 Abal with his handler Officer Galanti ·

Nicole Galanti started this petition to Chief Thomas J. Nestel III

As I sit here heartsick with tears falling, I am haunted by my 10 year old crying himself to sleep. My daughter, sobbing, and my husband trying his best to stay strong for us.

On March 23, 2018 my husband, Officer Richard Galanti of the SEPTA Transit Police Department received a memo from work, they would be transferring him from his K9 unit effective April 1, 2018. They would notify him at a later date of the future of his dog Abal.

Four days later they informed him that Abal would be reassigned to another handler. March 30, 2018, he was instructed to bring Abal to the kennel on the morning of April 3, 2018, where the dog will stay until another handler is found.

There was no warning, no reprimand, no explanation or reason. Only the sudden unjust, unsupported transfer of one of the most experienced k9 handlers in the department and the removal of our beloved working dog Abal.

As a family we know loss. We lost our son and brother Benjamin (14yo) in June 2014, a week later Rich lost his mom to cancer. Every day we survive that loss together as a family. Abal, who adored Ben, has been an important part of that healing for me and my children but especially for my husband.

Abal is not only a work dog, to us he is family. Abal was rescued as a stray on the streets of NY. He was trained and assigned to my husband and our family in the fall of 2013. We brought him home and fell in love with him. We are the only family he has ever known.

It breaks my heart to know, that on Tuesday April 3, he will be ripped from us. Away from our love, his home, his toys, and his comfy bed. He will be placed in a kennel alone, confused and feeling abandoned once more.

Abal is almost 7 years old and has worked for the last five years. When we found out about the transfer we hoped and asked that he would be retired.

We also asked to possibly purchase a new dog for the department in exchange for Abal. (Although, how we will be able to do that I’m not sure). We haven’t yet received an answer, other than he will be reassigned.

Please help try to make Septa Transit Police Department’s do the right thing. Retire K-9 Abal to Officer Galanti.

Animals surrendered during Hurricane Harvey arrive in Bay Area |

Funniest & Cutest Husky Videos #23 – Compilation 2017 – YouTube


Many Siberian Huskies are winding up in your local shelters….as a husky lover who has shared my home with these fun-loving, too intelligent for their own good Mischief Makers, loves the outdoors and sheds all over your clothes and keep you on your toes, talks and even argue with you….LOL

Please go to your local shelter and bring one or two home… Because you never can have too many good friends to have fun with and love your crazy personality. 🐺 💖 🐺


The President of South Korea Just Adopted a Dog Who Was Rescued From a Meat Farm! | One Green Planet

The President of South Korea Just Adopted a Dog Who Was Rescued From a Meat Farm!

Michelle Neff
July 29, 2017

In South Korea alone, two million dogs are slaughtered a year for their meat. The dogs, some of which are bred for consumption while others are captured homeless dogs or even stolen pets, live a miserable existence in farms that closely mirror the horrors of factory farms. Dogs spend their lives trapped in small, barren wire cages, without any access to proper care or even the most basic needs.

Learning about the dog meat trade is nothing but distressing for any animal lover. But knowing there are countless organizations, activists, and celebrities urging for a ban on the dog meat trade gives us hope. Great strides have been made to ban the dog meat trade and we will continue to fight. In April, we got word that Taiwan will become the first Asian country to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat. What’s more, the majority of citizens in China do not agree with the dog meat trade and have been actively working to end this barbaric practice.

And now we have even more promising news in the fight to end the cruel dog meat trade! The country’s new President, Moon Jae-in promised during the election that he would adopt a dog from an animal sanctuary … and he did!
Moon Jae-in followed through on his campaign promise and adopted a dog from animal rights group Coexistence of Animal Rights of Earth (CARE). 

The announcement came from the Cheong Wa Dae (“The Blue House” Facebook page, which is the President’s official residence in Seoul). The adorable dog named Tory is the country’s new “First Dog”

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency notes that the adoption of Tony is the first time a shelter dog has become a “First Dog” 

CARE campaigns against the brutal dog meat trade in Asia so President Moon’s adoption of Tory is being hailed as a strong message against the trade.

CARE rescued Tory from a dog meat farm two years ago, but had trouble finding him a home due to prejudices against black dogs in South Korea. Looks like little Tory now has the perfect home with President Moon! 

Tory joins President Moon’s other two pets, a dog called Maru and a former shelter cat named Jjing-jjing. 

According to Yonhap new agency, President Moon says the adoption shows, “that both humans and animals should be free from prejudice and discrimination.” 

While President Moon has yet to enact a ban on the dog meat trade, instead focusing on phasing out the industry, many in South Korea see the President’s adoption of Tory as sending a strong message in support of animal rights.

For more information on the amazing work Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) does to protect our four-legged friends, visit their website here. Please consider making a donation in support of their life-saving work to end the dog meat trade.

And please, always adopt and never shop!

Lead image source: Cheong Wa Dae/Facebook

Petition update · Baron was just adopted! ·

Justice for a dog whose nose and ears were cut off. 

by DoggoPupper · 272,975 supporters

Petition update
Mar 3, 2017 — We’re very excited to share that Baron has found his forever home after being adopted by a loving couple who heard about this story!
“The Michigan Humane Society is happy to share the exciting news that Baron, the injured rottweiler, has found his forever home! We would like to thank everyone involved in his recovery for their time and dedication. To everyone that called, emailed, donated or shared his story, you have our gratitude. It’s because of your support that rescues like Baron’s are possible.”

Read the full story and watch a video of Baron and his new family:

Then be sure to share the story so we can raise even more awareness about the importance of adopting dogs in need:

Share on Facebook:

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Remember, Baron’s abuser hasn’t been caught yet — so keep sharing his story. Someone knows what happened to him.


Follow us on:


Someone cut off this dog’s nose and ears but he just found his forever home.
The Michigan Humane Society just shared some wonderful news. Baron, a rottweiler mix that they…


Baron had successful surgery in February.
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272,975 supporters
27,025 needed to reach 300,000

Justice for a dog whose nose and ears…


Petition update · BREAKING: 79 3-Strike Wild Horses and Burros will be SOLD! ·

Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros
by Protect Mustangs · 42,338 supporters
Petition update
BREAKING: 79 3-Strike Wild Horses and Burros will be SOLD!
Protect Mustangs

Jul 9, 2016 — Dear Friends of Wild Horses & Burros,

All of the wild horses and burros known as the #Nevada79 have received 3-Strikes and are now considered Sale Eligible thus losing their protections. 12 are located at the Palomino Valley Center outside Reno, Nevada and 67 are located at the facility in Fallon, Nevada known as Indian Lakes. Go here to see the list:

Let’s make sure none of them go to kill buyers signing on the dotted line and lying to BLM.

Most of these wild horses and burros will be put on the Internet Adoption for Sale starting next week here:

Let’s get them into loving homes in pairs. Let’s get all of them to safety!



Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses. We are a member of the Alliance for Wild Horses and Burros

BLM explains how they create 3-Strike wild horses:

Sign and share the petition for Shade & Shelter:

BREAKING: 79 3-Strike Wild Horses and Burros from PVC and Fallon are Offered FOR SALE on the Internet #Nevada79
BREAKING: 79 3-Strike Wild Horses and Burros from PVC and Fallon are Offered FOR SALE on the Internet #Nevada79
Help the 3-Strike wild horses and burros who have lost their protections get to safe homes away from…

A Win but THE FIGHT ISN’T OVER! 500 out of 1,800 wild horses will receive shade in FY 2017
Share this petition
42,338 supporters
67,662 needed to reach 110,000

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Petition · Montgomery County commissioners and Sheriff Tommy Gage: Let me adopt my former K-9 partner ·

Pit Bulls May Wait In Shelters Up To 3 Times As Long, Because Of A Meaningless Label | Care2 Causes


How We Could Save More Dogs From Death Row by Changing One Thing

By: Jessica Ramos
March 29, 2016

Whether we like it or not, labels matter — even for dogs. New research from Arizona State University published in PLOS ONE, suggests labels could even lead to a potential death sentence, if you’re a pit bull.

Pit Bulls Wait 3 Times as Long to be Adopted

The pit bull went from America’s darling dog to one of the most feared (and misunderstood) dogs today. Their fall from grace is evident in stories like Olive’s. Olive the Pit Bull was brought in as a stray and stayed in the shelter for approximately 11 years. Olive was lucky enough to find her forever home, but so many dogs like her aren’t — and our arbitrary labels aren’t helping their cause.

According to Science Daily, researchers from Arizona State University wanted to know if breed identification influences adoption. The researchers found that dogs labeled as “pit bulls” could wait three times as long to be adopted from shelters into their forever homes compared to their lookalikes without the label or labelled as another breed.

Compared to other breeds, like Labradors, pits were perceived as less friendly and more aggressive. They also were considered less “attractive” than their lookalikes. Weird, right?
Love This? Never Miss Another Story.

Even the researchers were surprised by how much the pit bull label influences perception and, ultimately, adoption. As researcher Lisa Gunter from Arizona State University explains, “We were surprised how very similar looking dogs sometimes get labelled ‘pit bull’ and other times as something completely different. These dogs may look and act the same, but the pit bull label damns them to a much longer wait to adoption,” reports Science Daily.

Ultimately, the researchers recommend losing the pit bull label to stop inadvertently penalizing these dogs in the shelter setting.

Heartbreaking Pit Bull Statistics

If you thought that Olive’s story was sad, she’s actually one of the lucky ones — not only for getting adopted, but for staying in the shelter system for the 11 years that she did.

According to Pit Bull Rescue Central (PBCR) 200 pit bulls are euthanized in Los Angeles County animal shelters every single day.

PBCR emphasizes that “for homeless pit bulls the death sentence is almost always automatic.”

Villalobos Rescue Center (made popular by the TV show Pit Bulls and Parolees) had this to say about the pit bull plight in Los Angeles: “The pit bull population has now risen to 40% of all the dogs in 12 shelters in Los Angeles. That means that almost half of the entire Los Angeles dog population is pits or pit mixes! Most are strays, tossed out like dirty laundry. It’s heartbreaking.”

Sadly, the plight of pit bulls is not limited to Los Angeles County. A 2013 Nat Geo Wild infographic reveals that:

60 percent of the total dogs euthanized in U.S. shelters are pit bulls
30 percent of the total dogs admitted to shelters are labeled pit bulls
86.7 percent of pit bulls admitted to open admission shelters are euthanized

Do you know what the worst part of this sad situation is? There’s no such thing as a pit bull.

As Bark Post explains, the pit bull label is just “an umbrella term that most people use to refer to different types of dogs – the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, any mixes thereof, and any dog that vaguely resembles these dogs.”

The breed isn’t real, but the stigma has real consequences. And time and again pit bulls prove that they can be great dogs with the correct guidance and training when they get a second chance. Remember how Jericho the Pit Bull went from death row to being an amazing service dog?



Hank is Deteriorating Behind The Bars of His Boarding Kennel

612b9b4622f1e89d0c14cb201e3c7fb9 Hank is a sweet 2 year old pitbull through no fault of his had to be returned from his foster home because one of the dogs was bullying him now he’s back at the kennel and he doesn’t like to be alone

Hank wants a forever home

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Serbia: 8/2/15 – News From Felix Shelter About Fiona – She Is Doing Just Fine !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian  Flag


fiona post op

Above – Fiona now after the surgery

Below – immediately after her paw had to be amputated.

fiona paw amputated

Fiona’s doing great, even though she’s a tripod kitty now 🙂 Before it started snowing, she was cheerfully hopping through the yard, scratching cat posts and having fun as if nothing had changed, but now that everything’s white, cold and wet outside, she’s spending most of her time indoors.

A huge thank you to all of you who contributed towards the costs of her surgery and post operative care, thus enabling this beautiful girl to enjoy life again!

winter has come 2015

Yet another snowstorm has hit us yesterday. It’s a heavy, wet snow that never stays around for a long time because it’s just not cold enough.

Although the actual outside temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, the “feels like” temperature is much lower. The stinging wind that brought us the snow chills you right…

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These 18 Before and After Photos of Adopted Dogs Will Warm Your Heart


Before N After Adoption is a subreddit dedicated to sharing before and after photos of adopted animals. The heartwarming images show abandoned animals in their new and loving homes and it’s just wonderful to see.

The subreddit was created after a series of posts on reddit went viral (here and here) and people have now shared over 150 of their own photos of their adopted pets. To see more be sure to check out Before N After Adoption on reddit.



Photograph via wndrgls on reddit

2. Spokey

before and after pics of adopted dogs (1)

Photograph by goldie0702 on reddit

3. Jackson

before and after pics of adopted dogs (2)

Photograph by AUChris03 on reddit

4. Pillow

before and after pics of adopted dogs (15)

Photograph by Gniwa on reddit

5. Max

before and after pics of adopted dogs (16)

Photograph by mdr0124 on reddit


before and after pics of adopted dogs (5)

Photograph by casey2193 on reddit

7. Mr. Whiskey Party

before and after pics of adopted dogs (6)

8. Charlotte

before and after pics of adopted dogs (9)

Photograph by hooley1121 on reddit


before and after pics of adopted dogs (4)


before and after pics of adopted dogs (12)

Photograph by boobs-4-lunch on reddit

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Group matching veterans with retired K-9s

Pit Bull survives a fire, and then left behind by his family. Please Share.

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Saving Two Homeless Dogs Hiding in a Junkyard! Please SHARE so we can find them a home together

Elderly former service dog dumped at shelter to die

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Chinchillas Are Waiting For New Homes

Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Photo: RSPCA Photo: RSPCA

Photo:PeTA Photo:PeTA

There are many chinchillas being kept as pets. Subjectively, I believe most of them are in homes unsuited for these rodents whose looks make them more “likable” than for example rats. Since chinchillas can live for up to twenty years chances are they will not be kept by the same people their whole lives. These little animals come from the Andes mountain range, do not like heat nor high humidity. But more often than not, they have to live in surroundings totally unsuitable for them. And then there is their beautiful fur. Some people would rather wear their chinchilla as coat than take care of the live animal.

“Valley View Chinchilla Ranch masqueraded as a breeder of “pets,” despite slaughtering, skinning, and selling the pelts of any chinchillas who supposedly did not “work out” as companions and even going so far as to hide its involvement in…

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Soldiers reunite with dogs and cats they rescued in Afghanistan

A scared homeless dog gets rescued, transformed, kissed by Betty White, and then… you’ll see ;-)

Another Hope For Paws Rescue this week!