Petition Deadline is May 17th 2018 at 11:59PM – Don’t Let the Meat Industry Bully Vegan Startups! | Mercy for Animals

The meat industry is facing some tough competition these days. Delicious, healthy, and cruelty-free plant-based meat options have become a staple at most grocery stores and many restaurants, while new companies are breaking ground and creating “clean meat”—real meat without the suffering and death.

The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, a beef-industry front group, is so afraid of this competition that they petitioned the United States Department of Agriculture to prohibit plant-based and clean meat companies from using the words “beef” or “meat” on product labels.

The USDA is now accepting public comments on this petition. Please use our simple form below to tell the USDA that restricting labels on plant-based foods and clean meat stifles competition, inhibits progress, and is both unnecessary and wrong.

Unique comments are more effective, so please consider personalizing your message before submitting. The deadline to submit comments is May 17, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, so act now to make sure your voice is heard!


Chocolate Cashew Pudding [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

A gluten-free, totally creamy and delightful chocolate pudding – with a twist!

Chocolate Cashew Pudding [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Calories 316 Serves 4

Cook Time 15


1 1/5 cups soaked cashews immersed and soaked in water overnight
3 tablespoons cocoa or can use 3 tablespoons of melted dark chocolate
3 tablespoons brown sugar or, more, as needed
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Sprinkle of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup almond milk


Add the cashews and almond milk to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. You might have to turn your blender off and scrape down the sides a couple of times.
Add the cocoa/chocolate, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt and vanilla and blend until well incorporated
Chill for an hour at least before digging into.



I’m Shashi, I believe that eating healthy is easier than you think and am on a quest to prove it! My blog is filled with mostly healthier eats and treats that also have veggies packed into them – because why not right? I hope you stop by and find something you love!

Buttery Cornbread Squares [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

The buttery flavor is attained by using a combination of avocado oil (the butteriest!) and a small dollop of vegan mayo. Definitely, use fresh corn kernels if corn is in season but if not frozen will work fine (or leave them out entirely). This vegan and gluten-free dish is southern approved!

Buttery Cornbread Squares [Vegan, Gluten-Free]


1 cup cornmeal
1 cup gluten-free flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
pinch chili powder
1 tablespoon flax meal
1/4 cup maple syrup (or sugar)
1 1/2 tablespoons vegan mayonnaise
1/4 cup oil (avocado oil is great, but canola, grapeseed, or coconut should work as well)
1 cup water
1 cup corn kernels


Preheat oven to 450°F. Lightly oil an 8×8-inch or a 9×9-inch baking pan with a bit of neutral oil.
In a large mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients, cornmeal through flax meal and stir. In a measuring cup combine the maple syrup, oil, and 1/2 cup water. Add to dry ingredients along with the vegan mayonnaise and remaining water. Stir well to combine.
Pour into prepared pan and bake for 20 minutes until golden and knife inserted comes out clean. Let cool for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack and cool for another 10 minutes. Cut into squares and serve. Enjoy with vegan butter (or salted coconut oil), chili, salad, you name it!

Note: (Double recipe to make a thicker cornbread)



Renee Press is the founder of Fire and Earth Kitchen which offers 100 percent vegan and gluten-free cooking classes, food coaching, and chef services in Seattle Washington. She’s on a mission to make vegan, gluten-free cooking easy, accessible, and delicious for everyone. Fire and Earth Kitchen.

10 Deliciously Fruity And Chewy Gelatin-Free Gummy Snacks!
10 Deliciously Fruity And Chewy Gelatin-Free Gummy Snacks!
Cortne Bonilla
7-8 minutes

We all love gummy snacks but unfortunately, most contain a non-vegan ingredient: gelatin. In an effort to keep our favorite on-the-go snack available, we’ve found 10 deliciously fruity and chewy (and sweet) vegan gummy snacks that you can take with you anywhere.

Eat them on the train, or on a walk, or eat them while you lay in bed and watch Netflix. Wherever you are, pop one of these quick treats into your mouth for the ultimate vegan pleasure, at any time.
1. Organic Candy Factory Organic Gummy CubsOrganic Gummy Cubs

If you’re searching for a replacement for your childhood favorite, these Organic Candy Factory Organic Gummy Cubs are the first organic kosher gummy bear. Wow! They’re all natural, preservative and pesticide free and they contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. These sweet little treats are made with real fruit juice and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. You can choose from boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry or juicy peach.

Amazon reviewer, Bookfresser, said, “These are really good — better than any conventional gummy candy I have had! Not too sticky, not too hard; and, phew! No artificial stuff! I have subscribed, so I make my four bags last the month.” Get a 4-pack for $18.95!
2. Surf Sweets Sour Wormssurf sweet vegan worms

Surf Sweets Sour Worms are made from organic fruit juice and organic, natural sweeteners. It also contains 100% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C per serving! This is a great snack for kids, for yourself or to share with the entire family during movie night. These sweet worms are allergy friendly and are free of the top ten allergens. They’re also non-GMO verified!

On Amazon, Cindy said, “Yum! The texture is great and I love the sugar coating. The flavors are delicious.” You can buy a pack of 12 for $23.99.
3.J.Luehders Gummi’s Vegan Red Berriessoft candy red berries

These soft and delicious J.Luehders Gummi’s Vegan Red Berries are the perfect fruity snack. They contain no gelatin, no artificial colors or flavors. They’re totally vegan and taste like little bursts of perfectly sweet berries with each bite and chew.

Maggie Murphy said on Amazon, “A huge hit for our household vegan! Will definitely order again.” You can purchase them for only $4.40!
4. Wholesome Organic DelishFishwholesome delish fish

If you thought you’d never be able to have your sweet gummy fish again, you’ll be happy to know these Wholesome Organic Delishfish are available for vegans. They’re USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. With its fun fish shape and sweet raspberry flavor, this snack is the perfect candy for kids of all ages or adults of any age group.

Thomi Leary said, “These Delishfish are so delicious! They remind me of the Swedish Fish candies that I loved as a kid. I have a soy allergy and I find that soy is in a lot of candy so I have to find alternatives if I want a sweet treat from time to time. I love the flavor of these and I also love the ingredients.” You can buy them for just $3.79!
5. Sour Viking Gummy Candysour viking vegan candy

If you’re craving a candy that has more of a sour kick, then these Sour Viking Gummy Candy’s will do the trick. This Swedish Sour Gummy Candy in the shape of little vikings come in strawberry, pear, cherry, black currant, lemon and orange flavors, all which are delicious. They’re also Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and have no added high fructose corn syrup!

Amazon reviewer Kate said, “So tasty! Best gummies ever!These are amazing!!” Buy them for $9.95!
6. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit SnacksAnnie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

These Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks come from Annies, which is always fantastic and always completely organic. They contain no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, preservatives, or high-fructose corn syrup and are 100% vegan. These cute little bunnies make the perfect on-the-go snacks or after school treats for kids.

Jann C. says, “I love that these fruit snacks have no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, and the taste and texture is outstanding. They are pricey but my granddaughter is hooked on these bunnies now and no other fruit snack measures up.” You can purchase 9 large pouches for $17.01.
7. YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacksyum earth organics

These YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks are USDA Organic, vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified and absolutely delicious! The flavors are perfectly sweet without being overbearing and they include Banana Blast, Strawberry Smash, Very Very Cherry, and Perfectly Peach. You’ll feel great about packing these fruit snacks for lunch. No guilt necessary.

This Amazon customer said, “These are a staple in our house. Really good little treat and I like the healthier ingredients.” Buy these treats for $3.05!
8. Veggie-Go’s Organic Fruit Snack Bitesveggie go’s organic

These Veggie-Go’s Organic Fruit Snack Bites are not only tasty but nutritious. They’re filled with whole fruits and whole vegetables. They contain wholesome ingredients, surprising flavor combinations, and a sweet, chewy texture. All of these products are certified organic. The only sugar comes from the fruits and veggies themselves!

Amazon reviewer Andrew said, “Great flavor and the chia seeds make it seem like you are eating strawberry fruit snacks. These are perfect for school lunches and they are healthier than your average fruit snack.” You can buy these for $6.99.
9. Ginger Candy ChewsGinger candy chews

These Ginger Candy Chews are jam-packed with mango flavoring and a bit of a savory kick. These are made from real Indonesian kettle cooked ginger and are all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and totally vegan. Enjoy them after a long day of work or on your evening commute to hold you over until dinner.

Amazon reviewer, Sherry.M said, “I love these candies! Not only do they taste good, but they have health benefits as well. They have actually helped with some intestinal issues I was having.” You can buy them in a 2-pack for $14.99!
10. Juicy Chews All-Natural Fruit Chewsjuicy chews vegan snack

If you want something that reminds you of a Jolly Rancher, then these Juicy Chews All Natural-Fruit Chews candy will surely suffice and satisfy you immensely. Not only are they kid-approved, but they’re adult favorited as well. They are completely gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free and never contain any high fructose corn syrup or soy.

Amazon reviewer, poo_bear said, “Delicious! Perfect consistency, not too hard, soft or gummy, just perfectly chewy. Perfect flavor, just the right amount of sweetness, tartness and fruit flavor. Just lovely.” You can buy a bag of these for $24.38!

We highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App, it’s available for both Android and iPhone and has free and paid versions. The app is loaded with thousands of allergy-friendly & vegan recipes/cooking tips, has hundreds of search filters and features like bookmarking, meal plans and more! The app shows you how having diet/health/food preferences can be full of delicious abundance rather than restrictions!

Lead image source: Shutterstock

“Cooking with Chris Williamson – Recipe for Vegan Carrot Cake”

Best Vegan Lasagna Recipe – How to Make Easy Vegan Lasagna

By Lena Abraham and  Ethan Calabrese

Vegan Lasagna”

A lasagna you can feel good about
Ingredients Yields: 10 – 12
For the lasagna
1 box lasagna noodles
1 (14-oz) package firm tofu, drained
kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tsp. dried oregano, divided
1 (8-oz) package baby bella mushrooms, sliced
2 (10-oz) packages frozen spinach, thawed and drained of excess liquid
For the white sauce
1/4 c. olive oil
1/4 c. all-purpose flour
2 1/2 c. almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
2 tbsp. nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
2 c. marinara
3 tomatoes, thinly sliced
1/4 c. thinly sliced basil, for garnish
Prep Time: 0:15
Total Time: 1:45

Preheat oven to 350º. Bring a large pot of salted boiling water to a boil and cook lasagna noodles until al dente. Drain.
Wrap tofu in a clean kitchen cloth or paper towels and place on a large plate. Place a pan or heavy plate on top of tofu in order to press out as much liquid as possible. Let sit for at least 30 minutes. When drained, crumble with two forks and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
In a large skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Add onion and garlic and season with salt, pepper, and 1 tsp oregano. Add mushrooms and cook until softened, 3 to 4 minutes. Stir in thawed and drained spinach until completely combined. Remove from heat and set aside vegetables.
Wipe out skillet and return to medium heat to make white sauce: Add olive oil and heat until shimmering but not smoking. Add flour and whisk to combine. Cook until lightly golden and nutty, 1 to 2 minutes. Whisk in nut milk until smooth. Stir in nutritional yeast and garlic powder and season with salt and pepper. Bring to a simmer and let cook until thickened, 8 to 10 minutes.
Build lasagna: In a large baking dish, spoon 1/4 c marinara into an even layer, then add a layer of noodles. Top with an even layer of vegetable mixture, tofu, marinara, and white sauce. Repeat until all ingredients are used, ending in marinara. Add a single layer of tomato rounds and season with salt, pepper and remaining oregano.
Bake 35 to 40 minutes, until tomatoes are cooked and lasagna is heated through. Remove from oven and let cool slightly. Garnish with basil and serve.

Instant Chai Hot Chocolate Mix [Vegan, Gluten-Free] – One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

Instant Chai Hot Chocolate Mix [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Claire Ragozzino
March 28, 2018 See My Recipes

Thoughtful homemade gifts are some of my favorite to receive, especially when they’re the edible kind. The instant chai hot chocolate mix made from superfoods and warming spices, and it’s quick to make and perfect to share!
Instant Chai Hot Chocolate Mix [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
This Recipe is :

Dairy Free Vegan

2 cups raw cacao powder
2 cups coconut sugar
1/2 cup ground cinnamon
1/4 cup ground ginger
1/4 cup ground cardamom
1 tablespoon ground clove


In a small mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Whisk until well combined. Divide the dry mixture between jars. Seal with a lid and decorate as desired to gift.
Instructions to serve, heat 2 cups of almond milk (or milk of choice) on your stovetop until lightly warm, not boiling. Remove from heat and transfer to a blender. Add 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture and blend until creamy.
Pour into a mug and enjoy while hot!

Nutritional Information
Per Serving: Calories: 192 | Carbs: 45 g | Fat: 2 g | Protein: 3 g | Sodium: 2 mg | Sugar: 32 g

Adaptogenic Chocolate and Fruit Breakfast Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Refined Sugar] – One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

Adaptogenic Chocolate and Fruit Breakfast Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Refined Sugar
Christine DesRoches
March 28, 2018 See My Recipes

Here’s a naturally vegan and gluten free breakfast for you, in the form of a bar of chocolate. The bitter edge of these bars is softened with fruit for a chocolate that is free of sugar and full of nutrients.
Adaptogenic Chocolate and Fruit Breakfast Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Refined Sugar]
This Recipe is :

Dairy Free No Refined Sugar Vegan
For the Chocolate Base:

1/4 cup cacao butter, finely chopped
1/4 cup raw cacao powder
1/4 cup cacao paste, finely chopped (optional – omit and add 1 teaspoon coconut oil instead if preferred)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder
A pinch of sea salt
Optional extras: up to 1 tablespoon total of these: mushroom powder, collagen peptides, lucuma powder, mesquite powder, maca powder
Toppings of your choice (fresh mint, fresh or frozen berries, superfood powders, brown rice solubles/tocos, pollen, cacao nibs, fleur de sel, nuts or seeds, dried flower petals, matcha, etc)

For the Raspberry Rose Bar:

6-8 raspberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 teaspoon dried rose petals, crushed
1/2 teaspoon cacao nibs
1/4 teaspoon maqui or acai powder (optional)

For the Chocolate Base:

Set a small bowl over a small pot, filled with 1-2 inches water. Make sure that the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl when you set it over top (creating a bain marie). Be careful not to let any water in the bowl, or else it will cause the chocolate to seize.
Add the cacao butter, cacao powder, cacao paste or coconut oil, vanilla and salt to the bowl. Set to a low heat, and allow the mixture to gently melt. When the mix is almost completely melted, remove the bowl from the pot, wipe the bottom with a towel, and whisk the mixture until completely smooth. Add in the extras if you’re using them and whisk again to combine.
Divide the mix evenly between silicon molds (or pour onto a parchment lined sheet if you’re making this as a bark instead). Top with whatever fruit you like – I often choose frozen raspberries, blueberries, or cherries, cacao nibs, a sprinkle of brown rice solubles (tocos), matcha, citrus zest, bee pollen, fleur de sel, or superfood powders. Refrigerate chocolate to set for at least 15 minutes, then store extras in the fridge until ready to eat. See below for my favorite combination!

For the Raspberry Rose Bar:

Right after pouring the chocolate into a silicon mold or onto a parchment-lined sheet, disperse the raspberries, rose petals, and cacao nibs across the top. Sprinkle with maqui or acai powder. Place in the fridge to set for at least 15 minutes.
Store chocolate in a sealed container in the fridge until ready to eat. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information
Total Calories: 753 | Total Carbs: 25 g | Total Fat: 68 g | Total Protein: 8 g | Total Sodium: 7 g | Total Sugar: 1 g

5-Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies [Vegan] – One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

5-Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies [Vegan]

Faith VanderMolen
March 28, 2018 2 Comment See My Recipes

Need a quick fix for dessert? Only requiring five ingredients and ten minutes to prepare, these sweet and chewy cookies are a sure winner for any occasion! The crunch factor will have you snacking on these, one after the other and when topped with the optional chocolate sauce, it’s pure perfection.
5-Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies [Vegan]
This Recipe is :

Dairy Free Vegan
For the Cookies:

2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut sugar
1/2 cup peanut butter
3 cups corn flakes cereal

For the Optional Chocolate Sauce:

1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips
1 teaspoon coconut oil


Line a baking sheet with waxed paper or a silicone baking sheet and set aside.
Bring the coconut oil, maple syrup, and coconut sugar to a boil in a saucepan over medium heat. Once boiling, turn the heat off and stir in the peanut butter until thoroughly mixed. Then remove the mixture from heat.
Place the corn flakes into a large bowl and crush them slightly with your fingers. Pour the peanut butter mixture over the cereal and mix until the corn flakes are coated with the mixture.
Drop by heaping tablespoons onto the waxed paper and then allow them to cool in the refrigerator before serving.
Make the chocolate sauce by melting the chocolate chips together with the coconut oil and whisking with a fork until smooth. Drizzle over the cookies and serve.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories: 2448 | Total Carbs: 319 g | Total Fat: 120 g | Total Protein: 42 g | Total Sodium: 1018 g | Total Sugar: 209 g

Mango “Cheeze” Cake

Mango “Cheeze” Cake

This incredible “Cheeze” Cake is another of the amazing dishes that I discovered during my stay at the Amatara Wellness Resort in Thailand! It makes for such a beautiful dessert and the added bonus is that it packs a healthy punch too!

The cashew nuts not only give this dish a creamy consistency, but also mean it is full of vitamins, minerals, and those all-important antioxidants! Cashew nuts are particularly high in vitamins E and K, as well as copper, phosphorous, zinc, and magnesium!

If you don’t regularly include mangos in your diet then you are missing out on a seriously tasty source of nutrients. Some of the most prominent nutrients in this colourful fruit are vitamin A, C and E! Mangos are also a good source of fibre and folic acid.

Ready to make this dish for yourself?!



100g oat flour
120g almond flour
2 tbsp coconut nectar
A pinch of salt
1tsp lime juice

Mango Filling:

83g lime juice
300g cashew nuts, soaked overnight and rinsed well
317.5g ripe mango
120g coconut nectar
110g coconut oil


You can first make the crust by combining oat flour, almond flour, coconut nectar, salt and lime juice in a bowl. Mix well and then mould into a circle shape on a Teflex sheet. Leave to set in a covered container in a cool dry place until it becomes dry and crunchy.

The next step is to make the mango cheeze. You can do this by filling by blending the soaked cashew nuts with lime juice, mango, coconut nectar and coconut oil until smooth. You should then press this mixture into a small cake mould and leave in the freezer overnight.

Once the mango cheeze is ready to go, you can place it on top of the base and serve!

Mango Cheesecake Julie Montagu
Wellness for Women

If you have seen my wellness for women membership site – Truly Julie – then you will know that I am on a mission to inspire and motivate women to become healthier and happier – and I would love it if you would join me on this journey as we keep moving through 2018!

Also, if you wan to learn about how eating more plant-based foods can enhance your health and your energy levels, then click here now to check out my starter guide!

The 5 Best Vegan Butters You Can Buy

gettyimages-622282716-15214737711. Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread


  1. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter It’s Vegan

It was only a matter of time before this brand created something for vegans. Like their other products, this one still has 40 percent fewer calories and 70 percent less saturated fat than butter.


  1. Miyoko’s Creamery European Style Cultured Vegan Butter


Most vegan butters list palm oil as an ingredients, but not this stick from Miyoko’s Creamery. It’s cashew-based and melts, bakes, and browns.


  1. WayFare Dairy-Free Salted Whipped Butter

You’ll find WayFare’s whipped spreads in specialty grocers and Jewish delis (it’s certified Kosher). Besides the basic salted flavor, there are two others: Garlic and Sweet Cinnamony.


  1. Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil With Butter Flavor


This is just regular ol’ coconut oil masquerading as the real stuff thanks to vegan butter flavor. Fans love it for something specific: to drizzle on top of fresh-popped popcorn.

Easy Vegan Chili Recipe – How to Make Best Sweet Potato Vegan Chili

By Lena Abraham

Vegan Chili

Yields: 6
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 bell peppers, diced
1 yellow onion, chopped
2 stalks celery, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp. smoked paprika
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. dried oregano
kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 (12-oz) bottle Mexican beer such as Modelo
1 large sweet potato, cut into 1/2″ cubes
1 (15-oz) can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 (15-oz) can pinto beans, drained and rinsed
1 (28-oz) can diced fire-roasted tomatoes
2 c. vegetable broth
For topping
1 avocado, sliced
Lime wedges
thinly sliced scallions
Prep Time: 0:15
Total Time: 1:15

In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add peppers, onions and celery and cook until softened, 3 to 4 minutes. Add garlic, chili powder, paprika, cumin, and oregano and sauté until fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes more. Season with salt and pepper.
Add beer and cook until it has reduced by half, about 6 to 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add sweet potato, black and pinto beans, tomatoes and vegetable broth. Stir and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook until slightly reduced and sweet potatoes are cooked through, 30 to 35 minutes.
Serve with the toppings of your choice.

NadaMoo! Releases 3 New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors – One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

NadaMoo! Releases 3 New Vegan Ice Cream Flavors

Michelle Neff
February 28, 2018

NadaMoo!, a family-owned business that makes frozen organic coconut-milk desserts, just announced THREE new dairy-free flavors! In December of 2017, the Austin-based company raised a whopping $4 million to help build their national distribution, develop new products, and expand their team. Now we are reaping the benefits!
The three flavors include Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Cold-Brew and Cookies, and Cookie Dough Fudge. You can pick up a pint in select U.S. retailers, as well as online.


Known for their fun creations, NadaMoo’s new flavors seem to be a perfect addition to their line. All their products are certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, fair trade, and, of course, vegan!

We are still trying to contain our excitement over So Delicious Dairy Free recently releasing FIVE new vegan ice cream flavors. Now with NadaMoo’s new flavors, it looks like we are going to be really busy trying out all of these yummy new ice creams. Hey, we’re not complaining!

If you just can’t get enough dairy-free ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen-Dazs, Breyer’s, and Halo Top Creamery also offer vegan ice cream flavors. With the plant-based milk market expected to reach $16.3 billion in 2018, it’s really no wonder that all of these companies would want in!

To learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices as well as trends and developments in the plant-based food space, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.

Lead Image Source: @nadamoo/Instagram

Focaccia Italiana

The Magick Kitchen

Focaccia is such a great bread to share, it goes with so many foods that it’s my personal favourite bread.

Here is an Italian-inspired version that is both satisfying and healthy, mainly because it’s a brown wholemeal focaccia.

View original post

The VegNews Guide to Vegan Chocolate

Need chocolate? Our ultimate, up-to-date guides to vegan products give you everything you need to know.

Here at VegNews, we make it our job to be on top of the newest products, the must-try sweets, the gotta-have-it items. And just as important as it is to know what those new items are, we want to share them with you, so that you can be the most current conscious consumer out there. So we present to you the VegNews Guides, a series of lists dedicated to the things vegans love most—chocolate included. Below is an up-to-date, ever-expanding roster of the vegan chocolates offered nationwide.

365 Everyday Value
Organic Swiss Dark Chocolate

Alter Eco
Dark Almond Bar
Dark Blackout Bar
Dark Cacao Bar
Dark Mint Bar
Dark Twist Bar
Dark Quinoa Bar
Deep Dark Sea Salt Bar
Mini Dark Noir Bar

Amanda’s Own Confections
Chocolate Chips
Dairy-Free Chocolate Bar

Amore di Mona (v)
Caramela & Crunchy Coffee Beans
Caramela & Cherries
Caramela & Cranberries
Dark Chocolate & Currants
Dark Chocolate & Crunchy Coffee Beans

Askinosie Chocolate
Dark Chocolate + Coconut Sugar & Toasted Coconut CollaBARation Bar
Dark Chocolate + Coffee CollaBARation Bar
Dark Chocolate + Crunchy Sugar Crystals & Vanilla Bean CollaBARation Bar
Gingerbread Dark Chocolate Bar
60% Dark Chocolate + Peanut Butter Bar
63% Dark Chocolate +Crushed Almonds & Vanilla Mini Bar
70% Cortes, Honduras Dark Chocolate Bar
70% San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar
72% Mababu, Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar
77% Davao, Philippines Dark Chocolate Bar

Artisana Organics
Chocolate Bar-Dark 65%
Chocolate Bar-Dark 75%
Chocolate Bar-Dark 85%

Beech’s Fine Chocolates
Luxury After Dinner Mints
Dark Chocolate Creams
Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar
Dark Chocolate Lime and Chilli Bar
Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mint Thins
Dark Chocolate After Dinner Ginger Thins
Dark Chocolate Lime and Chilli Thins
Dark Chocolate Brazils
Dark Chocolate Ginger
Dark Chocolate Marzipan

Bixby & Co.
Birdie Chocolate Bar
Whippersnapper Chocolate Bar
Heart’s Delight Chocolate Bar
Nutty for You Chocolate Bar
Figgy Chocolate Bar
Toboggan Chocolate Bar

Coconut Secret
Peruvian Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar

Coco Polo
Sugar Free 70% Cocoa Pure Dark Chocolate
No Sugar Added 70% Cocoa Dark with Whole Dry-Roasted Almonds
Sugar Free 70% Cocoa Dark with Elderberry
No Sugar Added 70% Cocoa Dark with Tart Montmorency Cherries
Sugar Free 70% Cocoa Dark with Ginger
Sugar Free 70% Cocoa Dark with Cocoa Nibs

Charm School Chocolate (v)
Vanilla Bean White
Coconut Milk Chocolate
70% Dark Belize
Vanilla Bean Rice Crisp
Coconut Milk chocolate Maple Pecan Bar
70% Dark Belize with Jalapeño, Nibs & Sea Salt
Coconut Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee

Chip n’ Dipped
Hot Dark Chocolate with Habanero Pepper
Dark Sea Salted Almond
Dark Chocolate Pretzel
Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Sundae
Dark Chocolate Crunch
86% Dark Chocolate
72% Dark Chocolate
63% Dark Chocolate

ChocAlive! (v)
Coconut Truffles
Crunch Truffles
Dark Chocolate Truffles
Almond Truffles

Chocolate Decadence
Chocolate Almond Bar
Chocolate Espresso Bar
Chocolate Fruit Bar
Chocolate Mint Bar
Chocolate Pretzel Bar
Pure Dark Chocolate Bar
Large Chocolate Breakaway Bar
Chocolate Espresso Buttons
Chocolate Peanut Butter Buttons
Chocolate Raspberry Buttons
Pure Dark Chocolate Buttons
Chocolate Coconut Buttons
Chocolate Mint Buttons
Chocolate Orange Buttons
Amaretto Truffles
Orange Truffles
Cherry Truffles
Double Chocolate Truffles
Espresso Truffles
Mint Truffles
Raspberry Truffles
Rum Truffles
Almond Bark
Cranberry Bark
Hazelnut Bark
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Covered Caramels
Chocolate Covered Almond Clusters
Chocolate Covered Apricots
Chocolate Covered Cashew Clusters
Chocolate Covered Mixed Fruit
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Gluten-Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chocolate Covered Roasted Nut Clusters
Chocolate Covered Cranberry Clusters
Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherries
Chocolate Covered Dried Strawberries
Chocolate Covered Raisin Clusters

Chocolate Hollow (v)
Bean-to-Bar Bittersweet Bar
Bittersweet & Cherries Bar
Cherry Almond Bar
Hazelnut Crunch Bar
Hazelnut Giaduja Log
Peanut Butter Log
Schmilk Bar
Toffee Crunch Bar

Chocolate Inspirations, Inc.
Artisan Vegan Espresso Bar
Artisan Vegan Hummingbird Nectar Tea Bar
Artisan Vegan Italian Orange Chocolate Bar
Artisan Vegan Organic Spiced Chai Tea Bar
Artisan Vegan Spiced Chai Tea Bar
Ginger Orange Green Tea Bar
Holiday Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Sweet Buddies-Salted Caramel, Peanut & Chocolate Bar
Sweet Buddies Bars-Salted Caramel Marshmallow & Chocolate
Vegan Artisan Peppermint Bar
Vegan Bourbon Black Tea Bar
Vegan Christmas Tea Bar
Vegan Heartwarming Cinnamon Chocolate Tea Bar
Vegan Raspberry Rose Chocolate Tea Bar

Dark Chocolate Chips
Rich Dark Chocolate
Pure Dark Chocolate
Strong Dark Chocolate
Ginger in Rich Dark Chocolate
Extra Strong Dark Chocolate
Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate
Peppermint in Dark Chocolate
Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate
Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate
Raspberries in Dark Chocolate
Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate
Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate
Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate
Fair Trade Currants & Almonds in Dark Chocolate
Fair Trade Cherries in Dark Chocolate

Chuao Chocolatier
Delicious & Dairy Free Collection
Dark Chocolate Seashells
Ooh Ahh Almond Bar
Orange-A-Go-Go Bar
Salted Chocolate Crunch Bar
Spicy Maya Bar
Triple Nut Temptation Bar
72% Dark Chocolate Discs

Dear Coco Chocolate (v)
Hot Chocolate Spoons
Istanbul Toffee Chocolate Bar
Barcelona Toffee Chocolate Bar
Madras Toffee Chocolate Bar
Oaxaca Toffee Chocolate Bar
Savannah Toffee Chocolate Bar
Shanghai Toffee Chocolate Bar
Sidama Toffee Chocolate Bar
Tokyo Toffee Chocolate Bar
Chesapeake Toffee Chocolate Bar
North Pole Artisan Chocolate Bar
Candy Cane Giant Chocolate Box
January’s Australian Truffles Collection
February’s Valentine’s Day Truffles Collection
March’s Morrocan (sp) Truffles Collection
April’s Spring Truffles Collection
May’s Mother’s Day Truffles Collection
June’s Father’s Day Truffles Collection
July’s Summer Truffles Collection
August’s Jamaican Truffles Collection
September’s Jewish New Year Truffles
October’s British Invasion Truffles
November’s Autumn Truffles Collection
December’s Chanukah Truffles Collection
December’s Christmas Truffles Collection
Around the World Truffles Collection

Divine Chocolate
70% Dark Chocolate
70% Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange
Dark Chocolate with Mango and Coconut
70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberry
70% Mint Dark Chocolate
85% Dark Chocolate
70% Bittersweet Baking Bar

Divvies (v)
Benjamint Crunch
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Chips
Crispy Rice Crunch Bar
Divvine Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar
Chanukah Bars
Chocolate Snowman
Mini Chocolate Snowmen
Mini Chocolate Santas
Chocolate Trees

eatingEVOLVED (v)
Signature Dark Chocolate Bar
Almond and Sea Salt Bar
Vanilla Bean and Coffee Bar
Crunchy Caramel Bar
Coconut and Almond Bar
Fig and Almond Bar
Midnight Coconut Bar

Endangered Species
Dark Chocolate Bars
Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Bar with 88% Cocoa
Dark Chocolate with Blackberry Sage Bar
Dark Chocolate with Blueberries Bar
Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs Bar
Dark Chocolate with Cherries Bar
Dark Chocolate with Cranberries & Almonds Bar
Dark Chocolate with Cranberries, Orange & Cinnamon Bar
Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon, Cayenne & Cherries Bar
Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans Bar
Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint
Dark Chocolate with Lemon Poppy Seed Bar
Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Crunch Bar
Dark Chocolate with Pumpkin Spice and Almonds Bar
Dark Chocolate with Raspberries Bar
Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almonds Bar
Almond Butter Crème Filled Dark Chocolate Bar
Blueberry Vanilla Crème Filled Dark Chocolate Bar
Coconut Crème Filled Dark Chocolate Bar
Lavender Mint Crème Filled Dark Chocolate Bar
Raspberry Orange Crème Filled Dark Chocolate Bar
Sea Salt & Lime Crème Filled Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Bug Bites
Dark Chocolate Pouch
Dark Chocolate with 88% Cocoa Pouch
Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and Almonds Pouch
Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint Pouch

Enjoy Life
Boom Choco Boom Dark Chocolate Bar
Boom Choco Boom Rice Milk Bar
Mega Chunks
Mini Chips
Dark Chocolate Morsels

Equal Exchange
Organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate (65% Cacao)
Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds (55% Cacao)
Organic Dark Chocolate Orange
Organic Dark Chocolate with Raspberries
Organic Lemon Ginger Chocolate with Black Pepper
Organic Mint Chocolate with a Delicate Crunch
Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate (80% Cacao)
Organic Very Dark Chocolate (71% Cacao)
Organic Winter Minis
Organic Dark Chocolate Minis

Flow Foods
Brain Boost Chocolate Box
Empower Chocolate Box
Energy Boost Blonde Chocolate Box
Immune Boost Chocolate Box
Mood Boost Chocolate Box
Recovery Chocolate Box
Revitalizing Mint Chocolate Box
Wake Up! Chocolate Box

Free2B Foods
Chocolate Sun Cups
Dark Chocolate Sun Cups
Chocolate Caramel Cups
Dark Chocolate Mint Cups
Dark Chocolate Cherries, Sunflower Seeds and Sea Salt Bar
Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seeds and Sea Salt Bar
Chocolate and Crispy Rice Chocolate Crunch Bar

Gnosis Chocolate (v)
Superchoc Bar
Simplicity Bar
Fleur de Sel Bar
Deeply Dark Bar
Freedom Bar
Coco Almond Bar
PommAcai Bar
Cool Mint Bar
Hazelnut Bar
Mayan Heat Bar
Passion Bar
Immunity Bar
Goodness Bar
Chai Fire Bar
Immunity Elixir
Passion Elixir
Mayan Heat Elixir

Go Raw (v)
Super Raw Chocolate Bar
Orange Raw Chocolate Bar
Mint Raw Chocolate Bar

Go Max Go Foods (v)
Buccaneer Candy Bar
Jokerz Candy Bar
Mahalo Candy Bar
Snap! Candy Bar
Twilight Candy Bar
Thumbs Up

Green & Black’s
Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (70%)
Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (85%)
Organic Chocolate Bar Ginger
Organic Chocolate Bar Maya Gold
Organic Chocolate Bar Mint Infused Dark
Organic Dark 70% Thin Bar

Hain Celestial
Dark Chocolate Dream Almond
Sweet Chocolate Creamy Sweet
Dark Chocolate Dream Pure Dark
Dark Chocolate Dream Rice Crunch
Dark Chocolate Dream Raspberry
Semi Sweet Baking Chips

iChoc (v)
Almond Orange Bar
Choco Cookie Bar
White Nougat Crisp Bar
White Vanilla Bar

il Morso
Americano Coffee Bar

Lagusta’s Luscious (v)
Bourbon Chile Bar
Ginger Nibby Chocolate Bar
Peanut Butter Caramel Bar with Nougat
Peanut Butter Toffee Crunch Bar
Pistachio Praline Bar
S’Mores Bar
Semisweet Chocolate Bar
Smoky Corn on the Cob Chocolate Bark
The Turtle Bar
Hazelnut Sugar Plum Caramel Bar
Peppermint Bark
Strawberries and Cream Bark
Almond Slate
Fig and Caramelized Fennel Bark
Holler Mountain Bark
Pagan Bark
The Flower Tablet
Chocolate Coconut Cream Pyramids
Furious Vulvas
Pauline Benjamin’s Peanut Butter Cups
Raspberries de Pizan
Vandana Shivas
Selma’s Peppermint Patties

Lake Champlain Chocolates
Grace Under Fire Chocolate Bar
Organic 72% Dark Chocolate Bar
Organic Dark Sea Salt and Almonds Chocolate Bar
Spicy Aztec Chocolate Bar
Cherries and Dark Chocolate Bar
Peruvian Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

Lily’s Sweets
70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (Blood Orange)
70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (Sea Salt)
70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (Almond)
Premium Baking Chips

Excellence 70% Cocoa Bar

Love Bird Chocolates
Classically Rich Vegan & Raw Truffles
Vegan & Raw Cardamom Chocolate Truffles

Lover Raw Chocolate (v)
Lover Chocolate

Lulu’s Chocolate (v)
Aztec Crunch
Maca Buttercup
Love Truffles
Chocolate Maca Chunk
Maca Love Bar
Raw Love Bar
Smoke Sea Salt Almond Bar
Coffee Crunch Bar
Midnight Velvet Bar

70% Cocoa Bar
80% Cocoa Bar
Sea Salt & Nibs Bar
Salted Almond Bar
Peppermint Bar
Winter Spice Bar
Orange Cranberry
Chocolate Discs (63% Cocoa)
Chocolate Discs (70% Cocoa)
Chocolate Discs (100% Cocoa)

Moo Free (v)
Caramelized Hazelnuts Bar
Crunchy Banana Chip Bar
Organic Cranberry and Hazelnuts
Organic Dairy-Free “Milk” Chocolate Bar

73% Cocoa Very Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Chilli
Dark Chocolate Gourmet Gorilla
Dark Chocolate Lordy Lord
Dark Chocolate Orange and Geranium
Dark Chocolate Sea Dog
Dark Chocolate Spice it Up
Dark Chocolate Orangutang
Dark Chocolate Charlie’s Luck
Dark Chocolate Bean Machine
Monkey Bars Shake and Shiver
Monkey Bars Daisy Roots
Kingdom Dark Chocolate & Cherry
Kingdom Dark Chocolate Mousse
After Dinner Chocolate Hazelnut & Coffee
Very Dark Turtles (73%)
Dark 58% Giant Button Bag
Dark 54% Giant Button Jar
Dark Chocolate Star

Newman’s Own
Dark Chocolate
Espresso Dark Chocolate
Orange Dark Chocolate
Super Dark Chocolate
Super Dark Chocolate Cups with Raspberry Centers

NibMor (v)
Almond Dark Chocolate
Crispy Dark Chocolate
Extreme Dark Chocolate
Original Dark Chocolate
Mint Dark Chocolate
6 Spice Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate with Cherries
Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs
Dark Chocolate with Blueberries
Dark Chocolate with Raisins & Walnuts

Nicobella Organics (v)
Blueberry Almond Truffles
Ginger Green Tea Truffles
Pumpkin Chai Truffles
Pure Cocoa Bliss Truffles
Walnut Flaxseed Truffles
Sunflower Butter Banana Truffles
Cinnamon Turmeric Spice Truffles
Hot Cocoa Mix

Nirvana Belgian Chocolates
Organic Dark Chocolate
Organic Dark Chocolate Spicy Aztec Bar
Organic Dark Chocolate with Blueberry and Açai Fruit
Organic Dark Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt
Organic Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs
Organic Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate
Organic Dark Chocolate with Super Berries

No Cow Chocolate (v)
Blueberry Bar
“Milk Bar
Espresso Bar
Mint Bar
Orange Bar
Raspberry Bar
Spiced Pear Bar
Strawberry Bar
Santa Face
Christmas Stocking Stuffers
Cranberry Orange Bark
Peppermint Bark
Easter Bunny
Halloween Assortment Bag
Halloween Bat

Nohmad (v)
Sprouted Hazelnuts & Sea Salt Raw Dark Chocolate
Sprouted Almonds & Smoked Sea Salt Raw Dark Chocolate
Peppermint Crunch Raw Dark Chocolate
Decadent Extra Dark Chocolate
Fruit and Nut Sprouted Almonds and Currants Raw Dark Chocolate
Freeze Dried Raspberry Raw Dark Chocolate
Coffee Crunch Raw Dark Chocolate

No Whey! Chocolates (v)
Better P’Nut Crisp Bars
Caramel P’Nut Log
Caramel Pecan Clusters
Cats Meow Bark with Organic Dark Chocolate
Exotic Sea Salt Caramels
Healthy Heart Bar
Peanut Butter Delight
Pretzel Barz
Pretzel Swirls
Raspberry Truffles

Ombar (v)
Raspberry & Coconut Bar
Coconut & Vanilla Bar
Coco Mylk Bar
72% Raw Bar
90% Raw Bar
Coconut 60% Bar
Blueberry & Acai Bar
Cranberry & Mandarin Bar
Goji Berry Bar
Lemon & Green Tea Bar
Strawberry Mylk Bar

Organica (v)
Golden Coconut and Dark Chocolate
Hazelnut Nougat and Dark Chocolate
Marzipan Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Couverture Bar
Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts
Dark Chocolate with Cranberries
Dark Chocolate with Orange
Dark Chocolate with Raisins, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg
Dark Chocolate with Mint Crisps
Dark Chocolate with Blueberry
Food of the Gods Dark Chocolate Bar
Organic White Bar

Pacari (v)
Esmeraldas Bar
Manabi Bar
Los Rios Bar
Piura-Quemazon Bar
Montubia Bar
Tangara Bar
Lacumbia Bar
Goldenberry Bar
Andean Blueberry Bar
Cranberries Bar
Fig Bar
Passion Fruit Bar
Hand Pulled Andean Caramel Bar
Cuzco Pink Salt & Nibs Bar
Chilli Bar
Andean Rose Bar
Coffee Bar
70% Cacao Raw Bar
85% Cacao Raw Bar
100 Cacao Raw Bar
Maca Raw Chocolate Bar
Spirulina Raw Chocolate Bar
Nube Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans
Ginger Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans
Banana Covered Cacao Beans

Pascha (v)
55% Cacao Bar
70% Cacao Bar
85% Cacao Bar
55% Cacao Bar with Goldenberries
55% Cacao Bar with Cocoa Nibs
85% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Chips
100% Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Baking Chips
55% Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips

Plamil (v)
Dairy-Free Chocolate Drops
Dairy-Free “Milk” Chocolate Bar
Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate
Free From Luxury Chocolate
Free From Baking Chocolate Catering Drops
No Added Sugar Chocolates

Poco Dolce
81% Cacao Bittersweet Bar
Olive Oil & Sea Salt Bar
Bittersweet & Sea Salt Bar
Hazelnut Bar
Mayan Chile Bar
Peanut Butter Bar
Five Spice Bar

Premium Chocolatiers (v)
Choco No No’s
Milkless Chocolate Bar
Mini Peanot Cups
No Whey!
Peanut Butter No No’s
Peanot Cups
Premium Dark Semisweet Chocolate Bar
White Chocolate Bar

Pure7 Chocolates
Stevia Pure7 Dark
100% Pure7 Dark

Raaka (v)
71% Dark with Sea Salt Bar
Coconut Milk (60% Cacao) Bar
Maple and Nibs (75% Cacao) Bar
Yacon (79% Cacao, Cane Sugar Free) Bar
Lapsang Chai (66% Cacao) Bar
Congo 75% Bar
Vanilla Rooibos (67% Cacao) Bar
Mint & Nibs (56%) Bar
Best of First Nibs: Earl Grey (67%) Bar

Rawmio (v)
Sour Cherry and Almond Chocolate Bark
Hazelnut and Fig Raw Chocolate Bark
Super Trail Mix Raw Chocolate Bark
Active Superfood Raw Chocolate Bark
Sprouted Cereal Raw Chocolate Bark
Chocolate Covered Figs
Chocolate Covered Golden Raisins
Chocolate Covered Mulberries
Chocolate Covered Sprouted Almonds
Chocolate Covered Sprouted Hazelnuts
Chocolate Covered Sweet Cherries
Dark Chocolate Hearts
Mint Chocolate Hearts
Orange Chocolate Hearts
Organic Raw Chocolate Truffle Cake

Rescue Chocolate (v)
Calico Coconut Rum Bar
Fakin’ Bacon Bar
The Fix Bar
Forever Mocha Bar
Foster-iffic Peppermint Bar
Mission Feral Fig Bar
Peanut Butter Pit Bull (bar and mini) Bar
Pick Me! Pepper Bar
Robust Rescue Healthfully Dark Bar
Salted Caramel Bow-Wow Bon Bons Bar
Like White Bar

Righteously Raw (v)
80% Acai & Cacao Superfood Bar
83% Pure Dark Cacao Bar
90% Cacao Caramel Bar
90% Cacao Goji Bar
Maca Superfood Bar
Rose Maqui Superfood Bar
80% Cacao Synergy Spice Bite
82% Divine Mini Bite
83% Cacao Pure Dark Bite
Maca Superfood Bite
Rose Bite
Coconut Macaroons
Raw Cholatl

Rose City Chocolates (v)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles
Chocolate Cordial Cherries
Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Pretzels
Chocolate Mints
Tropical Paradise
Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate Bark
Chocolate Marzipan
Artisan Chocolate and Nuts
Artisan Earthly Delights Clusters
Artisan Caffeine Clusters

Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates (v)
Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts (mini tub)
Chocolate Melk Caramel Bites (large tub)
Hazelnut Butter Bites (small tub)
Organic Chocolate Mint Mills (small tub)
Organic Fair Trade Hazelnut Butter Bites (large tub)
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Almond Butter Bites (small tub)
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Mint Bites (small tub)
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Orange Bites (small tub)
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites (small tub)
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Dark Chocolate Bites (large tub)
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Extra Dark Chocolate Bites (small tub)
Organic Mint Mills (large tub)
Organic Raspberry Bites (small tub)
Organic Vegan Almond Butter Bites (large tub)
Organic Vegan Chocolate Caramel Bites (small tub)
Organic Vegan Peanut Butter Bites (large tub)
Salted Caramels, Dark Chocolate (4 pack)
Salted Caramels, Melk Chocolate (4 count)
Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate with Almond Bar
Dark Chocoalte with Espresso Bar
Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Bar
Dark Chocolate with Creamy Caramel Bar
Extra Dark 70% Chocolate Bar
Melk Chocolate Bar
Melk Chocolate with Almonds Bar
Melk Chocolate with Almond Butter Bar
Melk Chocolate with Creamy Caramel Bar
Melk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Bar
Eli’s Earth Celebrate Bar
Eli’s Earth Dream Big Bar
Eli’s Earth Treasure Bar
24 Piece Valentine Assortment
Chocolate Heart Lollipop
Cupids Kisses Hazelnut with Coconut
Dark Chocolate Valentines Nuts and Chews
Half Foil Heart Filled with Hearts of Cherry
Hearts (large tub)
Limited Edition Valentine Truffle Birdie Box
Melk Chocolate Valentines Nuts and Chews
Melty Truffles in Valentine Box
Organic Fair Trade Melk Chocolate Heart Filled with Chocolates
Organic Fair Trade Melk Chocolate Valentine Tote Bag
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Dark Chocolate Heart Filled with Dark Chocolates
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Dark Chocolate Valentine Tote Bag
Organic Hearts of Cherry Gift Tote
Raspberry Truffle Hearts (large tub)
Valentine Heart in Bag
Almond Butter Bunny
Easter Peanut Butter Bite Tote
Easter Caramel Bite Tote
Half Foil Egg Filled with Peanut Butter Eggs
Large Filled Bunny with Fruity Bears
Organic Fair Trade Melk Chocolate Bunny in a Basket
Organic Fair Trade Melk Chocolate Eggs (full tub and bag)
Organic Fair Trade Melk Chocolate Sitting Bunny
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Dark Chocolate Basket with Bunny
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Dark Chocolate Eggs (full tub and bag)
Organic Fair Trade Vegan Dark Chocolate Sitting Bunny
Organic Peanut Butter Chocolate Filled Egg Box
Organic Peanut Butter Crunch Egg
Organic Vegan Melk Caramel Filled Egg Box
Small Smiling Bunny
Vegan Melk Chocolate Easter Eggs Tote
Halloween Bite Box
Halloween Orange Bites (small tub)
Halloween Peanut Butter Bites (small tub)
Pumpkin Spice Bites (large tub)
Skull Lollipop
Christmas Nuts & Chews Assortment-Dark
Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Winter Wonderfuls (small tub)
Organic Fair Trade Mint Bite Tote
Organic Fair Trade Red Raspberry Tote
Organic Fair Trade Snowman Tote
Organic Fair Trade Winter Wonderfuls (large tub)

Sugar Plum Chocolates
Purely Peach
Purely Banana
Purely Pomegranate
Edley Organics Handcrafted 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate Dream Almond
Dark Chocolate Dream Pure Dark
Dark Chocolate Dream Rice Crunch
Dark Chocolate Dream Raspberry
Sweet Chocolate Dream Creamy Sweet
SunSpire Vegan Carob Chips

50% Cacao Nibs
65% Cacao Nibs
70% Cacao Nibs
70% Kickin’ Coconut Chocolate Bar
70% Quirky Quinoa Chocolate Bar
85% Dark Chocolate Bar

Taza Chocolate (v)
85% Super Dark
Spiked Eggnog
Cacao Puro
Chipotle Chili
Guajillo Chili
Salted Almond
Maple Pecan Bar
Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Bar
Peppermint Stick Bar
95% Wicked Dark Bar
Sea Salt & Almond Bar
Coco Besos Coconut Bar
Cacao Crunch Bar
Toffee, Almond, & Sea Salt Bar
Raspberry Crunch Bar
Almond Crunch Tazitos
Coconut Crunch Tazitos
Crispy Crunch Tazitos
Hazelnut Crunch Tazitos
Chocolate Covered Almonds
Chocolate Covered Cashews
Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
Chocolate Covered Nibs

Tea Room Chocolates
Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with a Mayan Pepper Chai
Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Green Earl Grey Tea
Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Red Raspberry Rooibos
Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Almond Caramel
Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Lapsong Souchong Tea
Extra Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Green Mate Tea, Star Anis & Nibs
Extra Dark Chocolate Bar Infused with Organic Premium Arabica Espresso

Dark Chocolate “Chocolatey” 70% Bar
Dark Chocolate “Nutty” 65% Cacao Bar
PureNotes Dark “Bright” 67% Bar

Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar
Cherry & Almond Bar
Chile Dark Chocolate Bar
Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar
Fig, Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar
Ghost Chile Dark Chocolate Bar
Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar
Mint Dark Chocolate Bar
Orange Dark Chocolate Bar
Pure 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Pure 85% Dark Chocolate Bar
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar
Salted Dark Chocolate Almond Bar
Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar
Almond Kids’ Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar
Raspberry Kids’ Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar
Classic Coconut Bites
Coconut Mint Bites
Coconut Salted Almond Bites
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Trader Joe’s
70% Dark Chocolate Bar
Pound Plus Bittersweet Bar
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
The Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar

Café Au Lait Bar
Dark Chocolate Bar
Mint Nib Crunch Bar
PB & J Bar
Chocolate Almond Cranberry Rocher
Chocolate Almond Dragee
Chocolate Corn Nut Dragee
Chocolate Fig Dragee
Chocolate Raisin Dragee
Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger

Fine Dark Bar
Fine Dark Orange Bar
Rice Choc Bar

Coconut Ash and Banana Chocolate Bar
Reishi Mushroom and Walnut Super Dark Chocolate Bar
Guajillo and Chipotle Chili Chocolate Bar
Pomegranate and Goji Super Dark Chocolate Bar
Match Green Tea and Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate Bar

Wei of Chocolate (v)

v = 100% vegan company


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Vegan Chocolate Cake {Recipe}

By Peter Tatchell | February 8, 2018

Cruelty-free chocolate cake with raspberries is pretty much the best thing ever.

As well as being a civil rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell is a notorious dark-chocolate cake lover who also just so happens to be a Veganuary supporter. With this recipe, we’re sharing his passion for all things chocolate and cake. Try this delicious, moist dessert, and decorate it however you choose!

Serves 12

What You Need:
For the cake:
2½ cups self-rising flour
2 cups sugar
⅔ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups warm water (or use coffee to make it a mocha cake)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
⅔ cup vegetable oil
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
12 raspberries

For the fondant:
1 cup vegan margarine
¾ cup cocoa powder
⅓ cup non-dairy milk
4½ cups powdered sugar
For the glaze:
½ cup sugar
4 tablespoons vegan butter
2 tablespoons non-dairy milk
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

What You Do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. For the cake, into a bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt with a fork (make sure the mixture is blended well). Add water, vanilla, oil, and vinegar, and mix together well.

  3. Split the mixture in half, and transfer to two 8 x 8 cake tins.

  4. Place in oven and bake for approximately 25 minutes, or until a knife comes out clean. Cool both cakes on a rack (approximately 2 hours).

  5. For the fondant, into a bowl, cream together margarine, cocoa, and milk. Stir in sugar until stiff. Cover one cake with the fondant and place the other cake on top.

  6. For the glaze, into a small saucepan, bring the sugar, margarine, milk, and cocoa to a boil. Stir frequently, then reduce the heat to a simmer for two minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, and stir for another five minutes.

  7. Add vanilla, stir, and pour mixture onto the cake. The glaze dries quickly, so spread it immediately, then add raspberries. Let cool for 1 hour before serving.

Photo courtesy of Chris Shoebridge

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General Mills Invests $17 Million in Vegan Meal Program


Jill Ettinger in Browse All News 2 days ago

General Mills Invests $17 Million in Vegan Meal Program

General Mills Invests $17 Million in Vegan Meal Program

Minnesota-based food giant General Mills has announced plans to invest in Urban Remedy, a California-based company specializing in plant-based ready-to-eat meals and cold-pressed juices and drinks.

The $17 million round of Series B funding comes via 301 Inc., the General mill investment group.

“Through retail stores, branded kiosks, and direct-to-consumer delivery, Urban Remedy excels at providing convenient access to organic products,” John Haugen, vice president and general manager of 301 Inc., said in a statement.

General Mills, isn’t new to the natural marketplace. The maker of Cheerios owns several natural channel brands including Annie’s Homegrown, Cascadian Farms, Lärabar, and Muir Glen.

Urban Remedy said the partnership works because of a synergy between the companies.

“Having a partner that’s aligned with us not just on the values of the company but also in the vision of how we want to grow it, [was] huge for us,” said Urban Remedy CEO Paul Coletta. “Money is cheap today, there’s a lot of options out there for great businesses.”

Growth in the plant-based sector is being propelled by mainstream brands like General Mills, Nestlé, and Tyson Food recognizing the opportunities to expand categories and reach a market open to new options better for their health, the planet, and the animals.

General Mills Invests $17 Million in Vegan Meal Program

Tyson made headlines after it announced in 2016 that it would be investing in Beyond Meat, the Southern California startup making meat products from plants. Beyond Meat is best known for its Beyond Burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like meat.

Nestlé made headlines late last year when it acquired another California company, Sweet Earth Foods, which makes vegan and vegetarian frozen burritos, entrees, seitan, and more.

Urban Remedy is making a name for itself in the Bay Area with refrigerated kiosks located inside select Whole Foods Markets. The branded kiosks sell prepared meals and drinks.

“We’re going to grow really responsibly from here,” Coletta said.

“As long as the consumer is telling us they want, we’re up for the challenge.”
general millsplant based foodvegan companies
Jill Ettinger :Senior Editor, LIVEKINDLY | Featured in VegNews, The Huffington Post, MTV, Reality Sandwich, EcoSalon, and Organic Authority. Los Angeles, CA | Contactable via:

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16 New Vegan Holiday Products at Trader Joe’s | PETA

Lemony Blondies

The Magick Kitchen

White brownies (or blondies, as they are known) are delectable little tray bakes.

These blondies are so moist because of the inclusion of aquafaba and gram flour. The aquafaba adds the air, while the gram flour and none-dairy milk create the egg-like binding (it also gives them the normal yellow cake hue that eggs create). Together, they replace two large eggs and add richness and flavour.

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Petition: Ask Pizza Hut to Offer Vegan Cheese in the US!, United States

The FullyRaw Persimmon Nog! 

Thanksgiving Side Dishes That You Need to Make ASAP | peta2

Vegan green bean casserole…

Super Easy Vegan Pies to Make or Buy | peta2

Both Claim Jumper and Marie Callender’s are Brands you’ve heard of or seen in your grocery store freezer, but did you know that many of their pies are actually Vegan?!

Vegan Thanksgiving ‘Turkeys’ and Roasts | peta2

Tons of compassionate vegan food companies make some seriously delish vegan turkey and it’s available at countless grocery stores across the country, including many Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Publix, Target and Korger locations.

Dreams Do Come True! You Can Now Get Vegan Cookies That Boast 12 Grams of Protein | One Green Planet

Michelle Neff
November 15, 2017

High protein cookies!? Yep, it’s a thing, thanks to vegan brand No Cow. No Cow recently revealed their new high protein, low sugar, and 100 percent dairy-free cookies and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. The yummy cookies boast 12 grams of protein and will be available in four flavors including, peanut butter, chocolate chip, double chocolate, and snickerdoodle. They will also be releasing new flavors of their flagship protein bars that offer 20 grams of protein each and only 1 gram of sugar!
You’ll be able to find the new No Cow products in stores nationwide starting November 2017, all with a new logo and updated packaging. 


No Cow, formerly known as D’s Natural, was founded in 2015 by Daniel Katz after he realized he had a dairy sensitivity. “I created the No Cow Bar from a personal need and it has since acted as the inspiration for our mission here at No Cow- to create high-protein, dairy free, and ridiculously low sugar products that people love,” Daniel said in a press release.
This commitment to expanding protein to include plant-based options is undoubtedly a great move for the planet. The industrial animal agriculture system is one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet and we need to start shifting away from animal proteins and towards plant-based alternatives, if we want to create a truly sustainable food system that will be able to support our growing population. With this in mind, seeing all of the new plant-based alternatives coming to the market to meet virtually every consumer’s needs and wants is extremely heartening.

Looks like the question of where you get your protein from if you eat plant-based foods, is quickly going out of date!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge  Recipe [Vegan, Gluten-Free] 

Larice Feuerstein
November 3, 2017 

It’s an edible cookie dough in a rich, fudge-y form that is easy to make with your kids! This dairy free and egg free cookie dough fudge is made with 7 simple ingredients, that you can find pretty much everywhere. You don’t need any special equipment, just a bowl and a spoon. Best of all there is no cooking or baking required, just mix and set for a bit in the freezer.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge [Vegan, Gluten-Free]


1/4 cup natural, smooth nut butter
1-2 tablespoons maple syrup
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted or softened
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup oat flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 handfuls of vegan chocolate chips


Combine the nut butter, maple syrup, coconut oil, and vanilla extract in a medium bowl.
Add in the oat flour and salt and combine again. Fold in the chocolate chips.
Use a spatula to scrape the mixture into a parchment-lined, tiny container or you can scrape into silicone ice cube trays, those also work very well.
Cover and freeze until firm, about 20 minutes or so.
Eat straight from the refrigerator or freezer (storing in the refrigerator will keep them slightly softer).

Nutrional Information
Per 1/8: Calories: 98 | Carbs: 10 g | Fat: 6 g | Protein: 2 g | Sodium: 24 mg | Sugar: 4 g

Top Vegan Finds at Walmart




Save money and live better with these tasty vegan products!

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Whole Foods Launches Nationwide Holiday Vegan Menu!!!

The Vegan Treasure Hunter

If you’re a frequent Whole Foods shopper, you probably know that they offer some pretty tasty vegan options at their hot bar. If you haven’t tried their chicken fried tofu, please put that at the top of your To-Do list!

Last week, Whole Foods announced that they will be launching a new, vegan menu for the holidays! The festive dishes were created by Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby, the culinary plant-based geniuses behind the super swanky VEDGE restaurant in Philadelphia.

According to VegNews, this special holiday menu will include “mustard-glazed cauliflower, lentil-mushroom stuffing, “cheesy” rutabaga and potato mash, sauerkraut-roasted rainbow carrots, and chocolate toffee miniature cake. The vegan menu will also be available to order online from November 1 until November 6, and the promo code “VEGAN” will discount the price by $5.”

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have some unique dishes this holiday season…

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Samhain Baked Apples ~Vegan Recipe

Actual whole apples baked in a vegan pastry shell and stuffed with rich dried fruit.

Source: Samhain Baked Apples

We’re All Screaming for Halo Top’s New Vegan Ice Cream Line! | One Green Planet

Michelle Neff
September 29, 2017

I scream, you scream, we all scream for (vegan) ice cream! We are excited to share the news that Los Angeles-based, low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top Creamery’s is launching all-new vegan ice cream flavors. The coconut milk-based line includes seven flavors: Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate, Oatmeal Cookie, Sea Salt Caramel, Caramel Macchiato, Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate Covered Banana. The flavors sound so yummy!
The new dairy-free line will be hitting shelves in mid-October. Yes, please!

With Häagen-Dazs and Breyer’s already in on the vegan ice cream game, not to mention Ben and Jerry’s line of vegan ice cream flavors, we aren’t surprised to see Halo Top coming out with their own line. In fact, Halo Top CEO Justin Woolverton told VegNews, “The number one request that we get from our fans is to make a non-dairy and vegan-friendly version of Halo Top.”

Consumer demand for milk alternatives is on the rise. People are becoming more concerned about their own health and are also coming to realize the impact that their food choices have on the planet and animals. As a result, they are actively looking for alternatives that can not only replace the traditional animal products they grew up with – but also surpass them in taste and quality as well. With the entire plant-based milk market expected to reach 16.3 billion in 2018, it seems like a total no-brainer that Halo Top would want to offer their own awesome non-dairy ice creams to meet this rising opportunity.

We can’t wait to try Halo Top’s new vegan ice cream flavors! To learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices as well as trends and developments in the plant-based food space, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.
Image source: Halo Top Creamery/Facebook