“Video” SeaWorld and Humane Society CEOs on ending orca breeding

Petition · Support Animals: End SeaWorld’s dolphin breeding program! ·



Free Lone Orca Stuck in Tank for 45 Years

Lolita the orca has been in captivity since 1970 and has been alone since 1980 at the Miami Seaquarium, which announced it will keep Lolita in her tiny tank and continue her shows. Sign this petition and demand Lolita be released to a seaside sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her days happily among other orcas.

Source: Free Lone Orca Stuck in Tank for 45 Years

Cancel Musician Performance at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is putting on a concert series to distract from ongoing controversy over its despicable treatment of marine animals. This Saturday, Christian singer Michael W. Smith is scheduled to perform. Urge him to cancel.

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Act Now to End Orca Captivity in the U.S.


#IStand WithTilly Send Her To A Sanctuary

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Stop Popular Christian Band From Performing at SeaWorld

A popular Christian band is planning a performance at SeaWorld despite the park’s notorious reputation for animal cruelty. Demand that MercyMe remove its support from SeaWorld’s desperate attempt to increase attendance.

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Keep SeaWorld Out of the Middle East


SeaWorld is seeking to build a new amusement park in the Middle East. Please sign this petition to demand that majestic orcas are protected from a life of captivity in Dubai.

Source: Keep SeaWorld Out of the Middle East

Release Confined Orca Whales to a Sanctuary

SeaWorld has been abusing orca whales for years. These whales are separated from their families, confined to tiny tanks, forced to breed, and then used as props to entertain gullible audiences. Urge SeaWorld to release its orcas to an accredited sanctuary now.

Source: Release Confined Orca Whales to a Sanctuary

Urge Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to End Partnership With SeaWorld | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA

Tell Rudolph to stop promoting animal abuse at SeaWorld!

Source: Urge Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to End Partnership With SeaWorld | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA

Stop SeaWorld from Imprisoning More Orcas

SeaWorld is planning to take more orcas into captivity under the guise of conservation. Tell SeaWorld to leave these majestic creatures where they belong: in the wild.

Source: Stop SeaWorld from Imprisoning More Orcas

Success: Breeding of Orcas at SeaWorld Banned

orca-sw-e1437614676113The California Coastal Commission has banned the orca breeding program at the San Diego SeaWorld. The 11 orcas currently held captive at this facility will most likely be the last to ever be confined in these tanks. Sign to applaud the ban on captive breeding of orca whales.

Source: Success: Breeding of Orcas at SeaWorld Banned

End Fishy SeaWorld Promos | Take Action |

Will you help solve the mystery to help orcas?

Source: End Fishy SeaWorld Promos | Take Action |

Urgent: Help Stop SeaWorld’s Plans to Continue Keeping Orcas in Tanks;jsessionid=0D53DC00B8FB90917DDC3FFBCF3EB6F5.app330a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6111&autologin=true&utm_campaign=092615%20Advocacy%20Digest&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=Alert

Help the World’s Loneliest Orca | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA

Help the World’s Loneliest Orca | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA.

Applaud Marisa Miller for Standing Up Against Sea World

Applaud Marisa Miller for Standing Up Against Sea World.

Beluga Whale Killed at Sea World Deserves Justice

Beluga Whale Killed at Sea World Deserves Justice.

7/2/15 – New Petition To Free ‘Lolita’ – Please Sign and Crosspost.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


lolita pool

7/2/15 – there is a new petition which has started to free Lolita

– here is the link; please make sure you sign and pass on to everyone that you are able

– Thanks SAV.


and pass on to all that you know !!

lolita pool

 In this dump since she was captured in 1970 – FREE HER NOW

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Save Orca From Torturous 35-Foot Pool


Suave Orca From Torturous 35-Foot Pool.

Breaking: Panama Jack ending partnership with SeaWorld

Better PR Will Not Solve SeaWorld’s Problems

The Earthist Chronicles

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.51.39 AM

SeaWorld already doubled down on its killer whale captivity model by pledging to invest tens of millions of dollars in bigger tanks. And now it is doubling down on the idea that better PR can defuse growing doubts about using killer whales for entertainment:

SeaWorld is working aggressively on improving its image as it continues to fend off criticism over its whales in captivity.

The company is disputing animal-rights activists online, soliciting fan support and trying to call more attention to its work with animals — such as rescuing underweight orphan manatees.

SeaWorld is making these efforts amid declining attendance and lingering controversy intensified by last year’s anti-captivity “Blackfish” documentary. The company said in an earnings report last week that negative publicity contributed to an overall third-quarter attendance decline.

“I think we’ve just realized we have to do a better job of telling our story, sharing the good work we…

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Charges against Seaworld and dolphin and whale rights filed This week (yesterday)

SeaWorld San Diego President says SeaWorld has “no intention of allowing anyone to close all zoos and aquariums”

Stop SeaWorld

Unfortunately SeaWorld is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary. John Reilly, the President of SeaWorld San Diego, says that SeaWorld is not “backing down,” and that he’s “very proud.” He claims that the animal care at SeaWorld can help animals, that would otherwise be threatened in the wild, “flourish.” I find it hard to believe that the animals at SeaWorld “flourish” while they are in captivity. Do you?

SeaWorld President: ‘We’re Not Backing Down’ Amid Calls for Closing

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Pressure for American Express to end partnership with SeaWorld

Stop SeaWorld

The Sum of Us organization has a petition to get American Express to cut all ties with SeaWorld. American Express and SeaWorld entered into a multi-year partnership earlier this year, making it the official card of SeaWorld. After the controversy of Blackfish, Southwest Airlines ended their 26 year partnership. Is American Express next?

American Express — don’t be complicit in SeaWorld’s torture of orcas

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Blue World

Stop SeaWorld

SeaWorld has announced that they are expanding their pools. This costly alteration, named Blue World, is not expected to be opened until 2018. The expansion is said to be caused by the profit decline the company has been facing since the film Blackfish. With the change, it seems that SeaWorld is admitting that the environment is clearly unhealthy for the whales and they need more space. SeaWorld is still denying that Blackfish has anything to do with their decision, but with the rapid decline of ticket sales, they had to attempt some damage control. Although they are trying to make the space for the orcas more comfortable, they are still in captivity. As long as SeaWorld continues capturing and keeping animals in captivity and using them for entertainment purposes, they will be facing backlash.

SeaWorld Hopes New Orca Habitats Will Stem A Tide Of Criticism

Visitors watch an orca performance at SeaWorld in San Diego this year. The company has seen attendance slip in the year since the release of a documentary film critical of the company's captive whale program.

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“Video”One Year Later After Blackfish ~ SeaWorld Goes on Offensive


SeaWorld to upgrade killer whale habitats

Sea World’s profits fall $42MILLION below Wall Street’s expectations after devastating Blackfish documentary (USA)

The ocean update

  • Revenue declined 1.5 percent to $405.2 millionand analysts expected $447.7 million
  • SeaWorld shares dropped $8.41, or 30 percent, to $19.74 in midday trading and the stock is down 31 percent this year
  • A documentary last year called Blackfish suggested that the company’s treatment of the killer whales provokes violent behavior from them
  • No human has ever been injured by a killer whale in the wild but they have been killed their trainers when in captivity

Killer whales have never been violent towards humans in the wild but they have in captivity Killer whales have never been violent towards humans in the wild but they have in captivity

August 14th, 2014. Shares of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. (SEAS) fell Wednesday after the theme park operator reported second-quarter profit and sales that missed Wall Street expectations and cut its outlook for the year.

The Orlando, Florida-based company also said it believes attendance during the period was hurt by negative publicity surrounding its treatment of killer whales, which are trained…

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Sea Shepherd’s Open Letter …. SeaWorld!!

It Is What It Is


~~August 15, 2014~~ 

Sea Shepherd’s Open Letter to SeaWorld: More than Bigger Tanks, Orcas Need the Ocean

Dear SeaWorld,

Your stocks are dropping by the day. You’re bleeding financially in the wake of the powerful documentary “Blackfish” and, more importantly, the public’s growing realization that confining intelligent cetaceans to cruel and small tanks and forcing them to perform is just plain wrong. As the backlash continues, there is a better move forward – and a better use of your money – than your plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build bigger orca tanks.


As a company responsible for the care of animals, with any steps that you take, you should be asking yourselves “Would this change be better for the animals? Would they want this,” as Sea Shepherd’s Founder Captain Paul Watson says. Yes, bigger tanks, giving these massive orcas more room to swim, would…

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USA: Could This Penalty Spell the End of Killer Whales Swimming With Trainers?

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



(Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Reproduced from:–hit-with-fine-mishandling-killer-whales?cmpid=tpdaily-eml-2014-07-25

Could This Penalty Spell the End of Killer Whales Swimming With Trainers?

Miami Seaquarium, the last U.S. aquatic park to let employees work in the water with whales, was hit with a fine for putting workers at risk of death.

July 25, 2014 By David Kirby

David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, Death at Seaworld, was published in 2012.

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued the Miami Seaquarium a citation for allowing killer whale trainers to come into dangerously close contact with its sole orca, Lolita.

OSHA made a similar move against SeaWorld Florida after the 2010 killing of trainer Dawn Brancheau by the 12,000-pound whale Tilikum.

Though Miami Seaquarium could challenge the violation in court, the penalty could herald the end of trainers performing water shows with killer whales in the U.S.

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