Petition: Save Thousands of Penguin Chicks from Starving to Death


Petition: Save 200 reindeers from HS2 plans at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge!

Petition: Take Action: Historic Opportunity to Protect Menhaden

Urge the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to protect the most important fish in the sea

Petition · Rep. Bob Steinburg: Shark Attack -Demand NC Lawmakers Repeal “Chumming For Children” ·

Save Giant Panda Habitat

While the giant panda is slowly growing as a species after years of near-extinction, their habitats are shrinking and becoming more fragmented due to the building of roads. Shrinking habitat and isolation could negatively impact the species’ return from the brink. Sign this petition to demand these habitats be protected from further destruction.

Source: Save Giant Panda Habitat

5 Biggest Threats To Our Oceans – and what we can do about them

Petition: Stop Japan From Slaughtering Whales for ‘Research’

Nearly  200 whales were killed by Japanese whalers this year, including a number of endangered whales. Sign this petition to call for the end of this cruel and barbaric practice that slaughters these majestic cetaceans and puts them at risk of extinction.

Source: Stop Japan From Slaughtering Whales for ‘Research’

Be a Voice for Wildlife in the Borderlands 091817 – Defenders of Wildlife

Petition: Protect Right Whales from Poor Fisheries Practices

8 Right Whales have died in less than 2 months in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. 

These deaths were completely  avoidable.

Petition: Tell ‘Legal Sea Foods’ restaurants to STOP selling Faroe Islands salmon!

Petition: End the Illegal Asian Elephant Trade in Laos

Petition: Ban Shark Finning in Singapore

Petition: Tell Congress: Protect Marine Life From Dangerous Seismic Blasting

Petition: URGENT: Defend Papahānaumokuākea: The world’s largest ocean refuge

Petition: Save Australia’s Sharks!

Take Action-Flying Dolphins to China?!

Petition: Carnival Cruise Lines: Stop Supporting Cruelty to Sea Turtles

Petition · Sign: No Air Force Bombing of Whales and Dolphins! ·

Petition: Oppose the “War on Wolves” Act

Speak out for Chile’s Humboldt penguins! – Rainforest Rescue

Gorillas in danger: save Kafuga Forest Reserve! – Rainforest Rescue

Stop the sellout of Liberia’s unique forest heritage! – Rainforest Rescue

Save the Noah’s Ark of the South Pacific! – Rainforest Rescue

Uganda: stop the destruction of Buvuma Island – Rainforest Rescue

Stop trashing the habitat of more than 1,000 orangutans! – Rainforest Rescue

Petition: Defend the Amazon Reef from Oil Drilling

URGENT Petition: Dolphins At Risk of Death in Drift Gillnets – The Animal Rescue Site

Petition update · Red Alert: Help get to 75K signatures! ·

Stop the Massacre of Bears and Wolves in Slovenia – ForceChange