Compensate Family of Tiger Mauling Victim

The family of an animal keeper mauled by a tiger has accused his employers of negligence. Sign this petition to demand they receive compensation.

Source: Compensate Family of Tiger Mauling Victim


✅ Las Vegas – @3:11 Glass being broke out or SNIPER FIRE? Listen before first Shots #DNN – YouTube

Petition: Take Military-Style Assault Weapons Off Our Streets

Now at 60 Dead and over 600 injured and it was all completed within  9 minutes.

Anti-poaching activist shot dead in Tanzania; motive unclear

Punish Children’s Band That Allegedly Slaughtered Goat

Members from the band The Blue Lions allegedly filmed themselves decapitating an innocent goat. Men can be heard chanting in the video as they hold the poor animal down and gruesomely cut its head off. Sign this petition to demand that these people be punished for this disgusting act of animal cruelty.

Source: Punish Children’s Band That Allegedly Slaughtered Goat

New Mexico’s A Step Closer To Banning Coyote Killing Contests | Care2 Causes

Petition at Bottom. Please Sign….Let’s make this happen!

Petition · Representative Ryan Zinke: USFWS Lead Ban is about Saving Wildlife not the 2nd Amendment ! ·

Pronghorn Deaths Blamed on Japanese Yew | Idaho Fish and Game

Idaho » Department of Fish and Game

Restore Boise River WMA
Black’s Creek Range

Press Release
Pronghorn Deaths Blamed on Japanese Yew
By Evin Oneale, Regional Conservation Educator
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 – 5:00 PM MST

Just two weeks ago, a group of eight elk died in the Boise foothills after feeding on Japanese yew plants. This week, a herd of 50 pronghorn antelope have been found dead in the town of Payette, victims of the same toxic shrub.

The pronghorn were reported to Fish and Game staff early Tuesday afternoon, January 17th; conservation officers located the 50 animals in one large scattered group later that day. Cause of death was not immediately evident, and four of the carcasses were transported to the Fish and Game Health Laboratory for evaluation.

Fish and Game wildlife veterinarian Dr. Mark Drew confirmed the cause of death on Wednesday. “All four animals were in good body condition, but with congested lungs and kidneys,” Drew noted. “All had Japanese yew twigs and needles in their esophagus and rumen; cause of death was yew toxicity.”

Earlier in the week, a larger herd of pronghorn bedded on an ice jam in the Snake River, crossing to the Idaho side on Monday near Centennial Park. They then moved south along the river towards Payette Pond. “There are a number of residences along this route where they may have encountered the shrub,” Fish and Game conservation educator Evin Oneale said. “Like other big game species that graze on Japanese yew, they died quickly after ingesting the plant.”

Japanese Yew or Taxus cuspidate is a common landscaping shrub, despite the fact that its soft, waxy needles are fatal to a variety of species, including elk, moose, horses, dogs and even humans. In some locations, this year’s winter weather is pushing big game animals into more urban neighborhoods increasing the likelihood that Japanese yew plants will be encountered.

Because of the risk to big game animals, the department urges homeowners to inventory their property and remove and landfill any Japanese yew that might be growing at their residence. Alternatively, the plants can be wrapped with burlap to prevent access by big game animals.
Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana)

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Mom of accused cop killer in Hattiesburg: ‘The drugs had him ‘ – LA Times

Cat Cruelly Shot in Owner’s Backyard Deserves Justice

A cat was violently shot and killed in her owner’s backyard. The owner heard her innocent pet’s agonizing cry before the cat collapsed. Please sign this petition demanding that the cold-blooded cat killer be found immediately and brought to justice.

Source: Cat Cruelly Shot in Owner’s Backyard Deserves Justice


Man accused on social media of killing Pedals didn’t do it, state confirms |

Petition · Keep Charles Manson Cult Serial Killer Charles “Tex” Watson From Getting Parole ·

Petition: Demand A Stop To Baby Calf Killing!

                                    Please Sign By October 30, 2016

Petition · Washington state Fish and Wildlife Director Jim Unsworth: Stop the killing of endangered wolf pack in Washington ·

Bow Hunting Wild Horses |

June 28, 2016

Cooma, Australia – A photo of a person known only as “Big John” posing with a dead Brumby stallion has gone viral. In the photo, John is seen posing with his bow and arrows, holding the deceased horse’s head up. He claims to have killed the wild stallion with a single shot at 135′. A bloody wound is visible behind the front leg.

Hunting wild horses is not illegal in Australia. Proponents of hunting, or culling as they refer to it, point to the fact the Brumby is a non-native species that is invasive and destructive to the environment. Earlier this year, the Australian government released details of their plan to kill 90% of the Brumby population in the Snowy Mountain region. The wild horses in this region were made famous by the movie The Man From Snow River.

Opponents of the culling point ask a simple question: “What damage has been done by the Brumbies in the last 150 years they have lived in the wild?” With the Brumby’s international recognition, steady mind and willing disposition, capturing and retraining is the method of population control many opponents of hunting would prefer

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Petition · Stop the Cormorant Slaughter on Oregon’s East Sand Island! ·

Petition update · Help us bring justice to 200 killed geese ·

Petition update
Help us bring justice to 200 killed geese
Global Conservation Group

Jun 30, 2016 — This week, we asked you to take action with us to urge a Wisconsin city not to kill 200 geese.

This morning, hundreds of babies saw their mothers brutally killed right in front of their eyes. Their lifelong mates saw their partners brutally killed right in front of their eyes. All because some in the city deemed them a “nuisance.”

We are very disappointed in Oconto Falls city officials for moving forward with the unnecessary brutal killing of 200 geese this morning. They knew we wanted to meet with them at 1:00pm to discuss the matter in person, however they decided it was best to kill the animals before our staffers made the three hour drive to their city. In addition, city officials received thousands of phone calls and emails this week politely urging them to explore more humane methods. Rather than listening to them, they actually hung up on our phone calls. Our organization even offered to cover all expenses for any humane options if the killing was called off.

In an effort to make it clear that these actions will not be tolerated, Global Conservation Group just approved the most aggressive campaign in our history against the City of Oconto Falls. We will boycott the city, place advertisement campaigns all around the country, and file hundreds of FOIA (open records requests) to look through all the city’s emails, phone logs, council meeting transcripts and more to determine if they had a financial incentive to kill all these innocent animals. After all that, we will file lawsuits, issue national press releases, and file criminal complaints against those who allowed the killing to move forward despite steep opposition from the community and the world.

Help fund our campaign and investigation. Please consider making a contribution to ensure this brutal slaughter never happens to another group of animals again. Please chip in here:


Jordan W. Turner
Global Conservation Group


URGENT: Wis. City Plans to Kill 200 Geese Tomorrow!
Petition Closed
44,775 supporters
5,225 needed to reach 50,000

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petition: India’s ‘Lust for Killing’ Wildlife Needs to Stop


Prosecute Person Who Fed Fox Cub to Hounds


Video footage has emerged showing a man feeding a fox cub to baying hounds. Demand that those responsible be prosecuted.

Source: Prosecute Person Who Fed Fox Cub to Hounds

Disney beaches reopen, state believes it caught killer gator | WPMT FOX43


ORLANDO, FL – JUNE 18: Newly installed signs warn of alligators and snakes on a closed section of beach following the death of a 2-year-old boy who was killed by an alligator near a Walt Disney World hotel on June 18, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Lane Graves, who was visiting Disney World with his family from Nebraska, died after he was pulled into the lagoon by an alligator on Tuesday. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

ORLANDO, FL – JUNE 18: Newly installed signs warn of alligators and snakes on a closed section of beach following the death of a 2-year-old boy who was killed by an alligator near a Walt Disney World hotel on June 18, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Lane Graves, who was visiting Disney World with his family from Nebraska, died after he was pulled into the lagoon by an alligator on Tuesday. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Walt Disney World reopened its beaches to guests Thursday, a source at the Florida theme park with knowledge of the situation told CNN.

The move comes more than a week after an alligator snatched a boy, Lane Graves, from a beach behind the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, killing him.

The beaches will open one hour after sunrise and will close an hour before sunset, the source said. (The alligator attacked the Nebraska 2-year-old shortly after 9 p.m. on June 14.)

Beaches also will include signs and temporary barriers “to further promote safety at our resort and we continue to work on permanent, long-term solutions,” the source said.

On Tuesday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced that it was no longer hunting alligators in the Seven Seas Lagoon where Lane was killed.

“The FWC is confident that the alligator responsible for the attack has been removed,” the commission said in news release. “The conclusion took into account the proximity to the attack site of removed alligators and witness descriptions.”

Following Lane’s death, the FWC began monitoring the waters and trapping gators in hopes of finding the reptile responsible or eradicating the area of all alligators matching the witnesses’ descriptions.

Past experience dictates that the alligator responsible would have remained near the site of the attack, and trappers located two alligators “in close proximity to the incident location,” the statement said. Commission experts concluded that both animals were capable of inflicting the wounds that Lane suffered.

Attempts to confirm via DNA analysis were unsuccessful because Lane’s wounds tested negative for animal DNA and no comparison could be made, the commission said in its statements.

“During the investigation, trappers humanely removed six alligators from the area,” the statement said. “Round-the-clock monitoring and trapping efforts have not produced alligators of the size capable of the attack since June 16.”

Since the attack on Lane, a debate has raged over whether Disney should eradicate alligators at its resorts and over whether there should have been better signage at the beach where the boy was taken.

While experts agree the former is an impossibility — given alligators’ mobility and the vast acreage of water on Disney property — the latter poses an interesting argument.

The latter poses an interesting argument. Roughly a 10-minute walk from the Grand Floridian, at a vacation center for the U.S. military called Shades of Green Resort, there was a small pond next to a golf course. There, a sign warns visitors to stay away from alligators.

Adjacent to the Grand Floridian was another beach with a sign warning visitors not to swim. It also says, “Please do not feed the wildlife. Feeding changes their natural behavior and may be harmful to their health.”

Yet while the signs at the Grand Floridian warned visitors against swimming, there was no mention of wildlife, let alone alligators. A senior Disney source told CNN that that would be changing, and alligator warnings will be posted on all resort waterways.

Disney shut several beaches at its resorts following the attack. Signs were posted, and security guards asked visitors to remain on nearby sidewalks.

Justice for Shark Killed for Photo Opportunity




Tourists and lifeguards then used the shark as a prop and began to take photos with it. Some were holding the shark down as others sat around it. One man (pictured) held the dying creature's tail fin in the air as he posed for a photo.

A group of tourists and employees allegedly dragged a shark out of the ocean and posed for pictures with the creature’s lifeless body. Demand that these cruel and inhumane individuals be punished for murdering such a precious creature.

Source: Justice for Shark Killed for Photo Opportunity

Lions Needlessly Murdered by Zoo Deserve Justice


Two lions were shot and killed by zoo staff when a man broke into their enclosure to allegedly incite them to attack him. Security could have acted faster to stop the man or used tranquilizers to pacify the animals. Demand that authorities to investigate this incident and acknowledge the cruelty and danger of keeping wild animals captive.

Source: Lions Needlessly Murdered by Zoo Deserve Justice

Petition update · More executions to be scheduled for next week! ·


Greg Abbott: Fire Carter Smith!
by Alan Warren · 3,091 supporters
Petition update
More executions to be scheduled for next week!
Alan Warren
San Antonio, TX

Apr 28, 2016 — Do you want to attend?

Carter Smith’s TPWD is planning on another round of unnecessary deer executions next week about 1 hour from San Antonio.

Would you like to join me at the ranch when the Death Squad arrives and the executions take place?

I hope so!

Be advised that these executions will sicken you and you will never be the same again. Never.

Want to see healthy deer killed, have their heads cut off like Isis Terrorists do to humans and see how they dispose of the deer bodies?

How will you react? Will you cry? Will you throw up? Will you plead to the Death Squad to NOT do the unthinkable?

Or will you sit back and do nothing and allow the Reign of Death from Carter Smith to continue to march through rural Texas?

It will be bloody and emotional for all (except for the Government appointed executioners).

For them? It’ll be business as usual. As they say… “It’s nothing personal. I’m just doing my job.”

This may be your only chance to show your disgust in person. There is strength in numbers and I’m hopeful we can get an Army of people that tell Carter Smith (and Governor Greg Abbott) that Enough is Enough!

Carter Smith MUST see that the rogue actions of his TPWD are unacceptable and they must stop now!

Carter Smith and Governor Abbott….You know that there is a LIVE TEST alternative to killing these animals! The deer did nothing wrong.

Your monstrous and inhumane acts must stop immediately!

If you want to see first hand, just how our “trusted State Agency” continues to kill healthy deer and relentlessly assault Texas landowners, please Post in the Comment section of this Petition and include your email address.

Once a date and time for next weeks executions is set, I will let you all know.

Thank you for caring and for standing up for what is right.

I await hearing from you.

Alan Warren


Carter Smith doesn’t think you are aware of what is going on
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3,091 supporters
1,909 needed to reach 5,000

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Justice for Disabled Dog Killed By Police

Police claim a disabled pet dog charged them during a home sweep, forcing them to shoot. However, the dog’s autopsy reportedly shows that the elderly dog was incapable of this attack and instead was running away when he was killed. Demand the police stop killing innocent pets.

Source: Justice for Disabled Dog Killed By Police

Justice for Iditarod Dog Killed by ‘Black Out Drunk’ Snowmobiler

One Iditarod sled dog was killed and three others were wounded after a snowmobiler plowed into them at high speed. Demand justice for these innocent dogs by seeking the maximum penalty for this callous person.

Source: Justice for Iditarod Dog Killed by ‘Black Out Drunk’ Snowmobiler

OCEANCARE | Trophy hunting



Only 12 more signatures needed to reach the goal

Pets Allegedly Tortured and Killed Deserve Justice

Two pet rabbits and a cat were reportedly tortured and murdered by a man who later dug the bodies up to inflict more cruelty. He also reportedly admitted to fantasizing about killing family members. Demand that this man be put behind bars if found guilty so that no more innocent lives are stolen.

Source: Pets Allegedly Tortured and Killed Deserve Justice

Prosecute KKK Members for Stabbing

KKK members stabbed three counter protesters at a rally in California. Urge law enforcement to prosecute the klansmen with deadly assault charges.

Source: Prosecute KKK Members for Stabbing