A.G. Schneiderman And Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini Announce Takedown Of Major Dogfighting Ring | New York State Attorney General

A.G. Schneiderman And Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini Announce Takedown Of Major Dogfighting Ring
“Operation Bloodline” Results In Rescue Of 36 American Pit Bull Terriers, Three Felony Arrests For Breeding And Training For Profit

SUFFOLK COUNTY – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini today announced the takedown of a major dogfighting ring in which the defendants are alleged to have actively engaged in breeding and training American Pit Bull Terriers (“Pit Bulls”) for profit. The investigation, dubbed “Operation Bloodline,” resulted in the rescue of 36 pit bulls and three felony arrests.

“Dogfighting is an obscenely vicious and cruel form of animal abuse that tortures animals and endangers the safety of the public. It’s barbaric, despicable, and illegal,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “No animal should be forced to fight to the death for human entertainment and profit, or bred and trained for that purpose. We’re committed to ending this vicious blood sport, and will continue to hold abusers accountable.”

“The Suffolk County Police Department will continue to seek out such depraved individuals who have the mistaken belief they have the right to beat, maim and murder innocent animals,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy D. Sini said. “There is no place in our county or society for such inhumane acts of abuse towards any animal and especially for profit. Our department is committed to seek out perpetrators involved in dog-fighting and animal cruelty and to work with our state and local law enforcement partners to bring charges to the fullest extent the law allows. And I especially thank Attorney General Schneiderman for his leadership on this important issue.”

The Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force and the Suffolk County Police Department were assisted in their investigation by the New York City Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad (“ACIS”), as well as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), which offered their expertise in evidence collection and the removal and sheltering of the rescued animals, and the Town of Babylon Department of Environmental Animal Control (DEAC), which also provided shelter for some of the rescued animals.

Beginning in March 2017, the Attorney General’s Organized Crime Task Force (OCTF) and the Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD) launched “Operation Bloodline” following reports of dogfighting on Long Island. 

Beginning on September 28th and continuing through yesterday evening, investigators executed search warrants at two Suffolk County locations: 38 Birch Street and 135 Irving Avenue, both in Wyandanch, seizing evidence and rescuing the 36 pit bulls (ranging in age from one week to seven years). Prosecutors allege that the dogfighting ring had been operating at those locations and elsewhere in Suffolk County since at least March, when they first began the investigation.
Richard Davis, 34, of 38 Birch Street, Martin Newkirk, 49, of 135 Irving Avenue, and Taikeem Wheeler, 26, of 165 N. 26th Street, in Wyandanch were arrested yesterday and arraigned today on complaints charging each of them with multiple felony offenses of Prohibition of Animal Fighting in violation of New York State Agriculture and Markets Law §351(2)(b), Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree, and other Animal Cruelty crimes. The defendants are alleged to have each operated a so-called kennel that actually served as staging ground for the dogfighting ring: Davis operated the Roll Right Kennel on Birch Street; Newkirk operated the Rise ‘n’ Shine Kennel on Irving Avenue; and Wheeler operated the Across the line Kennel on North 26th Street. 

“Dog fighting is a barbaric act that exploits the trusting nature of innocent animals and condemns them to a life of violence and suffering for human profit,” said Matt Bershadker, president and CEO of the ASPCA. “We are thankful for our partners in prosecution and law enforcement for continuously increasing their commitment to eradicating this inhumane blood sport, which tragically persists in the dark corners of our society.”
As a result of this investigation, 14 pit bulls were rescued from Davis’ 38 Birch Street home; over 20 pit bulls were rescued from Newkirk’s 135 Irving Avenue home; and two pit bulls were rescued from Wheeler’s 165 N. 26th Street home. Over half of the dogs rescued are puppies.

All 36 of the pit bulls were found virtually imprisoned in deplorable conditions, often tethered to heavy chains and segregated from one another, with no visible food or drinkable water, and with injuries consistent with earlier fights. One had an untreated broken front leg and another was significantly underweight. Virtually all of the adult pit bulls had fleas, dirty coats, and long claws, evidence of their solitary life on hard ground and indications of rarely having ever been walked. The majority of the pit bulls were found with numerous bite wounds that left scars; none appear to have been treated by a veterinarian. 

While veterinary medical supplies were seized at each of those premises, no veterinary records were located at either location, as dogfighters themselves usually treat their dogs’ injuries as not to arouse suspicion of their illicit dogfighting activities. Almost all of the pit bulls seized pursuant to the search warrants had been isolated from one another; they were tethered to heavy chains, were singularly crated, and/or were segregated in their own kennel. These past injuries and conditions are indicative of training pit bulls to engage in dogfighting, in part, by severely limiting their ability to socialize with other pit bulls unless they are engaged in a fight or breeding. Additionally, prior to the actual fight, owners often engage pit bulls in a ten-minute “bump” or “roll” in order to test a younger dog to see if it is a “game dog.”
Police recovered numerous items of dogfighting paraphernalia at 38 Birch Street and 135 Irving Avenue that demonstrate the sophistication of the alleged training and breeding of these dogs by Wheeler, Davis, and Newkirk. Those items include bloody breaking sticks (which are designed to separate pit bulls when one’s jaw becomes latched in a grip on its opponent while engaged in dogfighting), as well as numerous heavy chains, double-thick dog collars, weighted dog vests, treadmills, and performance-enhancing dietary supplements. These items are often used to build strength in a pit bull’s neck and shoulders, to control its weight, and to increase its endurance and stamina, as a dogfight to the death can last longer than an hour.

Dog fighters often make their money by selling dogs from strong “bloodlines,” descended from other successful fighters. Many of the pit bulls rescued in this case were of the RedBoy, Jeep, and Beast bloodlines, which are well-known bloodlines that dogfighters attempt to pass on through breeding, for the sole purpose of developing future pit bulls that are aggressive and willing to engage in dogfighting. Several were infected with a red blood cell parasite known as Babesia gibsonii, which is substantially more prevalent in fighting pit bulls.

Unfortunately, two of the dogs had to be euthanized because they had been attacked by their mother. A third dog, named Sophie, had been so abused and tortured that the ASPCA determined that she had become a threat to humans and had to be euthanized as well. Wheeler allegedly touted Sophie’s prowess as a dogfighter, citing her bloodline as the daughter of one of his other pit bulls who had won multiple fights.

The rest of the dogs are currently being sheltered by the ASPCA in order to allow them to heal and hopefully be retrained and adopted.
Dogfighting is a crime in all 50 states. In New York, dogfighting and the breeding and training of dogs for that purpose are felonies, and each charge carries a maximum penalty of four years in jail and a fine of $25,000. Breeders of pit bulls sell the offspring of fighting pit bulls for upwards of $1,600 per puppy. The fights themselves are often to the death, with owners and spectators placing bets on the outcomes.

In May 2013, the Attorney General announced his Animal Protection Initiative, which included the goal of shutting down underground animal fighting rings across the state. New Yorkers can provide anonymous tips about potential animal fighting rings or report animal abuse by calling 1-866-697-3444. For more information on Attorney General Schneiderman’s Animal Protection Initiative, visit http://www.ag.ny.gov/animals. 

The charges are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.
This case was investigated by OAG OCTF Investigator Derek Stevens, under the supervision of Supervising investigator Paul Grzegorski and Deputy Chief Christopher Vasta and Chief Dominick Zarrella, as well as SCPD Detective Philip Alvarez, under the direction of Police Commissioner Timothy Sini. The case is being prosecuted by OCTF Assistant Deputy Attorney General Thomas Luzio, under the direct supervision of OCTF Deputy Diego Hernandez. Deputy Attorney General-In Charge Peri Alyse Kadanoff runs the Organized Crime Task Force.
Attorney General’s Press Office: (212) 416-8060


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Petition update · WE HAVE A VICTORY! · Change.org

Help save mom’s home!

138K supporters
Petition update
Save Mom’s Home

Nov 12, 2017 — After a long and uncertain summer, we are extremely happy to report that we have reached a settlement deal with Wells Fargo. Mom’s house is now foreclosure free and she will be able to spend the rest of her life in her home!

This is a hard won dream come true for our family and we could not have come this far without your generous support. We thank each and every one of you who signed our petition and donated funds to help save Mom’s home. You made a difference!

We give special thanks to The Foreclosure Resisters who flew us down to Florida to attend the Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting this past April where we made our personal appeal to CEO, Tim Sloan. Our presentations made a convincing argument whereby Mr. Sloan was moved to offer his pledge to work with us to Save Mom’s Home.

Together we have shown action can create a miracle!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Mom’s Family

Urgent: We Are Close To Finalizing A Deal With Wells Fargo But We Need Your Help To Make It Happen.


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Petition · Justice for Glamour, the ‘Miracle Dog’ Shot, Beaten and Left for Dead · Change.org


Petition Update:Dog Salon Shuts Down After Owner Is Accused Of Dragging And Choking Dog To Death | Care2 Causes

By: Judy M.
Paw’sh (“Posh”) Paws in Cumming, Georgia, called itself a dog grooming business, but dogs seemed to be subjected to more of a nightmare than a pampering experience.
Earlier this month, the Cumming Police Department had their first-ever case of felony animal cruelty, when they arrested Michelle Root, the owner of Paw’sh Paws.

Root now faces several charges, including a felony, related to her alleged role in the recent killing of Meko, a dog in her care, and another charge of alleged abuse that led to the death of a dog in 2016.

Meko, a three-year-old Portuguese water dog wheaten terrier mix in perfect health, was brought into Root’s facility to be groomed on October 7. Eric Francis, a friend of the dog’s owner, went to pick Meko up later in the day and was informed that Meko had had a seizure and needed to be rushed to an animal hospital, which pronounced him dead.

The “seizure,” however, was allegedly a cover-up.
Love This? Never Miss Another Story.

After Meko’s death, an employee of the boutique reported to the police that the dog had been beaten and choked to death by Root.
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“Allegedly the owner had the dog by a leash and was kicked multiple times in the side of the head and the dog was drug across the pet salon and was hit up against the table and washtub and was hung by the leash very gruesomely,” Deputy Chief Aletha Barrett of the Cumming Police told Fox5.

Another report, this one obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, stated that Root kicked and choked Meko and then “dragged Meko to the front of the store, banging Meko against the washer and other objects before throwing Meko on the table and attempting to finish Meko’s grooming.”

When Sean Scott, a Georgia resident, heard about this extreme cruelty, he was heartbroken and furious. Determined to ensure that no more animals would have to suffer at Root’s hands, he started a Care2 petition demanding that the Cumming City Council and the Georgia Department of Health shut down Paw’sh Paws.

“This hurts me to my core. There is no excuse or rationality for brutalizing and killing someone’s pet,” Scott wrote in his petition.

Plenty of Care2 members agreed with him, and his petition gathered over 78,000 signatures.

“Pet owners bring their dogs to their groomer expecting to be able to trust that their family member is in good hands and it sickens me to see that this woman could treat a dog this way,” wrote Dayna Y. from Georgia.

“She needs to be prosecuted for cruelty, pay a fine and go to jail. Also, she should never be allowed to own a pet store again and Paw’sh Paws should be closed for good,” added Nancy T., also from Georgia.


Thanks to all those Care2 members who signed Scott’s petition, as well as the numerous activists who called police and other victims who shared their previous problems with the salon, Paw’sh Paws is now closed.

Care2 has created numerous successful petitions that seek to bring animal abuse to light and shut it down, including the cancelation of four cruel sheep races in the U.K. If you have an issue that is deeply troubling to you, as this one was to Sean Scott, why not create your own petition? Check out these guidelines and you’ll see how easy it is to get started. Pretty soon Care2 members will be signing up to support you!

Photo Credit: Care2
Care2 Team Blog


Justice for Pelican Found Dead and Bound in Wire

A dead pelican was found bound in wire and electrical tape. The circumstances behind the death are as of yet unknown, but it is suspected that the bird was intended to be sold or traded, which is illegal. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent bird.

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Punish Man Who Allegedly Chained Sick Dog Outside Without Food, Water, or Shelter

A dog suffered terribly when he was allegedly chained outside without access to food, water, or shelter. The dog reportedly had an ear infection so severe that his eardrum swelled shut. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Source: Punish Man Who Allegedly Chained Sick Dog Outside Without Food, Water, or Shelter

Justice for Family Dog Allegedly Shot to Death By Neighbor

A golden retriever named Walle was allegedly shot by a neighbor for attacking his chickens. The man reportedly fired five times, killing the young dog on the scene. Sign this petition to demand that the police conduct a full investigation and punish Walle’s attacker if he is found guilty of using excessive force.

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Compensate Family of Tiger Mauling Victim

The family of an animal keeper mauled by a tiger has accused his employers of negligence. Sign this petition to demand they receive compensation.

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Prosecute Dog Owners Who Abandoned Tethered Pets to Drown in Hurricane

Twenty-six dogs were tied up and abandoned in the path of Hurricane Irma. The dogs were chained to trees and cars and had no way of escaping the deadly storm. Demand justice for these poor dogs by finding and prosecuting their abusive owners.

Source: Prosecute Dog Owners Who Abandoned Tethered Pets to Drown in Hurricane

Moore County Man Charged in Fourteen-Count Dogfighting Indictment | OPA | Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice

Justice News
Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Moore County Man Charged in Fourteen-Count Dogfighting Indictment

Today a federal magistrate judge unsealed a superseding indictment charging Brexton Redell Lloyd, 54, of Eagle Springs, with one count of conspiracy and thirteen counts of violating the animal fighting prohibitions of the federal Animal Welfare Act, announced Acting United States Attorney Sandra J. Hairston for the Middle District of North Carolina, and Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey H. Wood for the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division.

The charges returned today pertain to pit bull-type dogs allegedly kept by Lloyd at his residence in Eagle Springs. The Defendant allegedly possessed and trained the dogs for fighting ventures and conspiring to commit these acts throughout the United States. The dogs were seized by federal authorities in a search warrant executed in March 2017.

This case is part of Operation Grand Champion, a coordinated effort across numerous federal judicial districts to combat organized dog fighting. The phrase “Grand Champion” is used by dog fighters to refer to a dog with more than five dog-fighting “victories.” To date, approximately one hundred dogs have been rescued as part of Operation Grand Champion, and either surrendered or forfeited to the government.

The federal Animal Welfare Act makes it a felony punishable by up to five years in prison to knowingly sell, buy, possess, train, transport, deliver, or receive any animal, including dogs, for purposes of having the animal participate in an animal fighting venture. Under federal law, an animal fighting venture means “any event, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, that involves a fight conducted or to be conducted between at least two animals for purposes of sport, wagering, or entertainment.”

This part of Operation Grand Champion was investigated by the United States Department of Agriculture, Office of the Inspector General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in coordination with the Department of Justice, with assistance from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and the Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

The government is represented by Assistant United States Attorney JoAnna G. McFadden of the Middle District of North Carolina and Trial Attorney Erica Pencak of the Justice Department’s Environmental Crimes Section, Environment and Natural Resources Division. The Humane Society of the United States assisted with the care of the dogs seized by federal law enforcement.

An indictment is an allegation based upon a finding of probable cause by a grand jury. A defendant is presumed innocent unless and until convicted.

If convicted, the defendant faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine per count. The investigation is ongoing.


Environment and Natural Resources Division
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Updated September 28, 2017
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Petition: Charge Killer of Tiburon Doe and Fawn with Animal Cruelty


Petition: Justice for Kaoru, the Therapy Dog Killed by a Hunter


UPDATE: Judge Rules UniverSoul Circus Must Stand Trial | PETA’s Blog | PETA

Written by PETA | January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017 UPDATE: Yesterday, the Superior Court of the District of Columbia ruled that UniverSoul Circus must stand trial for alleged violations of the District of Columbia’s Consumer Protection Procedures Act. Judge Marisa Demeo found that plaintiff Melanie Sloan has legal standing to assert her claims based on her testimony that she bought tickets to the circus after reading UniverSoul’s Animal Rights Policy Statement and that she “wouldn’t have bought the tickets had I known this [statement] was a lie.”

In her ruling, Judge Demeo noted that UniverSoul Circus had presented no evidence to support its claim that it works closely with government agencies “to ensure that [its] commitment to a high standard of animal care is upheld.” She wrote, “The Court finds that a jury would not be able to find that Defendants did indeed work with such agencies as there is no indication in the record of such work.”

Commenting on the evidence, she also noted that UniverSoul Circus “concedes that Larry Carden, one of the vendors touring with the Circus when Sloan purchased her ticket, was cited for animal abuse while touring with the Circus.”

“I am very pleased that the court threw out the circus’s attempt to have this case dismissed. At trial, I will have the chance to show that UniverSoul is deliberately attempting to deceive parents like me by pretending to care about animals and yet uses exhibitors who treat them badly.”

– Melanie Sloan

Sloan’s lawyers stated that “the law entitles consumers…to truthful information, and the substantial evidence in the case shows that UniverSoul Circus has not been truthful about the neglect and mistreatment that animals exhibited in its shows have suffered.”

April 18, 2016 UPDATE: UniverSoul Circus lost its motion to dismiss a lawsuit concerning the treatment of elephants, tigers, and other animals forced to perform in its shows. According to the court, the plaintiff, a Washington, D.C., mother, provided numerous instances in which animal exhibitors have received citations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture while working with UniverSoul, demonstrating that at least some of UniverSoul’s public assertions may be misrepresentations that constitute violations of the D.C. consumer fraud law, the Consumer Protection Procedures Act.

Originally posted August 12, 2015:

On behalf of Washington, D.C., resident Melanie Sloan and others, PETA Foundation lawyers have filed a lawsuit in Superior Court of the District of Columbia against UniverSoul Circus alleging a campaign of deceit aimed at hoodwinking compassionate people, who want to do nothing of the kind, into supporting and perpetuating the abuse of animals.
A trainer hired by the UniverSoul Circus brandishes a bullhook.

A trainer hired by the UniverSoul Circus brandishes a bullhook.
The lawsuit details how Sloan—a legal and communications professional and longtime supporter of animal rights—purchased UniverSoul tickets for herself and her daughter on the basis of dishonest information on the circus’s website. But she discovered that UniverSoul used animals provided by exhibitors with long histories of federal Animal Welfare Act violations, so she and her daughter stayed home on the day of the show. She is now suing UniverSoul on behalf of anyone who bought tickets to the D.C. shows as a result of misleading information provided by the circus.

“UniverSoul knows that kind people like Ms. Sloan will not buy tickets to circuses that mistreat animals, so it deliberately promotes itself as something it is not: a champion of animal rights,” says Martina Bernstein, PETA Foundation director of litigation. “PETA is calling for UniverSoul to make good on its empty animal-welfare claims and end the use of tormented wild animals in its shows.”

Sloan stated, “As soon as I learned UniverSoul mistreats animals, I cancelled my plans to attend the circus. I can’t teach my daughter about the importance of treating animals humanely, but then take her to a show where they are abused.”

On its website, UniverSoul proclaims that none of its animal suppliers has ever been cited for animal abuse while performing with the circus, but PETA has documented that many of them have been cited by U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors while on tour with UniverSoul. For example, its elephant suppliers, Jorge and Louann Barreda, have been cited for failing to maintain a program of adequate foot care for elephants. (Foot problems are one of the leading reasons why captive elephants are euthanized.) And notorious big-cat exhibitor Mitchel Kalmanson has been repeatedly cited for keeping big cats in cramped transport cages and not letting them out to stretch their legs. One citation was for confining the animals that way for 24 hours a day for at least four to seven weeks at a time. Kalmanson has also been cited for failing to provide animals with veterinary care—including for a limping tiger whose ailment, inspectors noticed, had gone “unrecognized and undiagnosed”—as well as for keeping a chain fastened around a tiger’s neck, causing risk of “injury or strangulation.”

Demand Justice for Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death

A graphic video of men repeatedly running over a defenseless bear was posted in Russia. It shows the men going after the bear as it tried to escape through the snow, and then continuing their cruelty until they were sure it was dead. Sign this petition to demand justice for this bear.

Source: Demand Justice for Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death

Find Thief Who Stole a Disabled Falcon from a Wildlife Rehab Center

Buster, an American Kestrel Falcon, was stolen from a wildlife rehabilitation center. Buster was on a special diet that prevented him from living in the wild and requires him to be given special care. Sign this petition to demand that the police find Buster and return him to his worried caretakers.

Source: Find Thief Who Stole a Disabled Falcon from a Wildlife Rehab Center

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Oh Karma… Trophy Hunting Italian Vet Meets His Demise While Hunting Wild Birds | One Green Planet

Oh Karma… Trophy Hunting Italian Vet Meets His Demise While Hunting Wild Birds

Michelle Neff
December 15, 2016

A veterinarian who posed next to a lion he had killed recently died after falling off a 100-foot ravine while shooting birds. For a story like this, one would probably assume that we would take some sort of almost celebratory stance in the face of a hunter facing karma, but we’re kinda not going to go there. A man is dead, lions are being hunted for trinkets and the entire thing is pretty much awful.
Luciano Ponzetto is a veterinarian who received massive backlash after posting this photo.

After posting the photo of him with the lion, Ponzetto was forced to step down as medical director of a kennel business, even though he felt he “did nothing wrong.” Sadly, this is a fallacy that many trophy hunters believe, but it doesn’t change the fact that African lions are highly endangered in the wild. According to a report in National Geographic, “Approximately 600 lions are killed every year on trophy hunts, including lions in populations that are already declining from other threats.” It is easy for trophy hunters to see their kill as “just one animal,” but that fails to recognize that these animals exist in an ecosystem. Adult male lions are the favorite of hunters because of their prowess, but males play a very important role in stabilizing the pride. Reportedly, the death of a male lion, “can lead to more lion deaths as outside males compete to take over the pride.”
Further, the practice of “canned” hunting has gained traction in the past few decades. Here, lions are bred in captivity for the sole purpose of being auctioned off to trophy hunters who gun them down within the safety of an enclosure that animals have no hope of escaping from. According to Born Free USA’s Adam Roberts, despite the fact that lions have experienced a rate of decline of 50 percent in the past three generations, the trade in lions continues to rise — from 5,418 declared exports of lion specimens from 2003-2007 to 9,400 from 2008-2013 — elevating the threat that international trade represents for the species. With this in mind, it is never okay to glorify the killing of a lion for the sake of our entertainment.

While we can definitely understand the sentiments of those who regard Ponzetto, and those like him, with fury, we don’t celebrate anyone’s death (human or animal) and see the entire situation as utterly senseless. Ponzetto passed away after falling down a 100-foot ravine while shooting birds. Yes, it might seem karma-tic, but the fact is, he should have never been in that situation in the first place. We have to ask ourselves if the “thrill of the hunt” is really worth risking your own life – while deliberately taking that of another.

Here’s a novel concept that can keep this situation from happening in the future. Let’s leave the wildlife alone. Instead of going to shoot big game, why not take a trip to simply appreciate these animals in their natural state? You can also support organizations like the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the World Wildlife Fund who are working towards conservation – without killing.

Petition: We Demand Full Prosecution for Hunter who purposely shot and killed man’s two pet dogs.


Petition update · Charles Manson killer Leslie Van Houten’s parole denial appeal is going to the Supreme Court · Change.org



Keep Charles Manson Cult Murderer Leslie Van Houten from Early Prison Release

by Debra Tate · 144,340 supporters
Petition update
Charles Manson killer Leslie Van Houten’s parole denial appeal is going to the Supreme Court
Debra Tate

Nov 15, 2016 — Charles Manson killer Leslie Van Houten’s parole denial appeal is going to the Supreme Court for review- a decision is expected by December 30, 2016! An article can be found at- http://www.cielodrive.com Please help spread the word & share http://www.noparoleformansonfamily.com – Debra Tate (Sister of Sharon Tate)


Charles Manson Killer Leslie Van Houten’s parole appeal going to the Supreme Court
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Heroic Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Endangered Gorillas – Demand Justice

A conservation ranger was shot dead while protecting the critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla. Demand that the perpetrators of this heinous act are found and punished harshly.

Source: Heroic Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Endangered Gorillas – Demand Justice

Petition · New York State Department of Corrections Parole Board: Keep Linda Demers’ Murderer Behind Bars · Change.org


Justice for Special Needs Boy Set on Fire

A special needs boy was allegedly set on fire and nearly burned to death by a group of bullies he thought were his friends. He is in serious condition, with burns all over his body and his organs failing. His family believes the bullies planned the attack far in advance. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent child.

Source: Justice for Special Needs Boy Set on Fire

Toddler Raped, Beaten, and Killed Deserves Justice

A toddler was raped and beaten so severely that she died from her injuries. The 10-month-old girl was found naked and bleeding on her basement floor. Demand justice for this innocent girl.

Source: Toddler Raped, Beaten, and Killed Deserves Justice

Find Criminal Who Gruesomely Cut Off Cows’ Ears

The ears of two cows were cut off and tied to a gate belonging to the owner of the animals. Whoever is responsible for this horrific act of cruelty is still on the loose. Demand the perpetrator be found and given the maximum penalty.

Source: Find Criminal Who Gruesomely Cut Off Cows’ Ears

Justice for Tortoise Set on Fire in Live Social Media Video



A tortoise was set on fire in a live Facebook video, allegedly to attract views. The teenager then reportedly threatened to kill the tortoise if his views didn’t increase. Demand that justice is served for this innocent tortoise.

Source: Justice for Tortoise Set on Fire in Live Social Media Video

Justice For Dead Dog Shot and Burned With Firecrackers

A Snapchat video reportedly showed a teen shooting a dead dog and shoving firecrackers into its body. He allegedly described it as ‘awesome’ and found it funny. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Justice For Dead Dog Shot and Burned With Firecrackers

Jusice for Dog Found With Tail Cut Off

A dog was reportedly found bleeding profusely after her tail had been cut off. The dog made a recovery and would be eligible for adoption, but is being held as part of a possible criminal case. Sign this petition to demand that her abuser be found and punished so she can finally go to a good home.

Source: Jusice for Dog Found With Tail Cut Off

Justice For Stray Dogs Tortured and Burned Alive

Two stray dogs died a painful and horrific death after they were set on fire. They were tied up in an abandoned lot and unable to escape. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Source: Justice For Stray Dogs Tortured and Burned Alive